The Kentucky Derby 1/2 - Elsa

The product of last night’s stream! Kentucky Derby Elsa!  The Kentucky Derby is one of many prestigious horse races held throughout the year in the US, most iconic for being the FIRST event of the year, where the rich and powerful gather for a luxurious time!But what’s more iconic about it is their HATS! Both men and women, come to the event with gorgeous to outrageous hats perched atop their heads! And this hat is hiding one fine lady!

Elsa and Anna’s family owns one of the horses participating in the race, a white stallion named North Wind. Not all too interested in the races, she’ll probably be interested when she finds out who North Wind’s jockey is!

Stay tuned next stream for Jack, jockey of North Wind!ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

i was tagged by yoongiaesthetic to do the exo bias list thingy !! (imma include previous members too cause i love them too much)

1. lay/kai

2. tao

3. kris 

3. d.o 

4. sehun

5. baekhyun

6. suho

7. chen

8. xiumin

9. luhan

10. chanyeol

this list keeps changing all the time but just know that 1) lay, kai & tao are awlays my favs and 2) chanyeol is always last

i’ll tag osmaniabiscuits browngirl zhangyaxeen 305heaux blesskimjongin kaisheaux sehunstrapqueen a1ssa + everyone who wants to do it just say that i tagged u!!