Quick SPN fandom“stan” test...

How to know if you’re one of the dreaded “stans”, you ask?  There’s an easy test.  If your favorite character can never be in the wrong and you constantly shuffle the blame off to others, even only in part, for something that your favorite did wholly unto himself - you’re a stan.  So, yes, if you think anyone other than Castiel (& maybe Rowena) played a significant part in the “blame” for Lucifer running amok, you’re a stan.  If you think Castiel can be any kind of “innocent” after S6, you’re a stan.  If you think Sam was wrong to be angry in S9 because Dean’s decision “wasn’t that bad” - you’re a stan.  If you think Dean was wrong to be angry in early S5 because of Sam’s actions in late S4 - you’re a stan.  See how simple that is?

anonymous asked:

Not TD but it's a nice example of the clock theory - in the van going to the Sanctuary we see a tied-up grandfather clock & Jesus framed in front of it, at one point. The hands point to 9.30, so I went to look up Issue 93, and 96 - those issues cover the whole Jesus/Hilltop arc of 'A Larger World' :) If we're talking about fairy tale templates: Jesus' syrup trail is straight out of 'Hansel and Gretel' - & isn't that the Grimm story that plays out every time TF discover a new community?

I actually think parts of that clock do apply to TD. I posted about it today. (X) Interesting about the 9:30 though. We’ve seen quite a few 9s this season and I think they could point to S9. (If they pointed to S7 clear back in S4, then why not do that same thing now?) I also think they could point to episodes 8 and 9 this season. So conceivably this could be half way through episode 9. That one might be a bit more of a stretch, but I’ll be paying attention.

Of course Jesus is actually in the shot wtih the clock, so it could be an issue number and an homage to him. Or maybe more than one thing?

Good point about the syrup. I really wanted to come up with something that meant, but couldn’t think of anything. But you’re right: sticky breadcrumbs.

I’ve never done any metas on Hansel and Gretal, though I know others have. So what could this tell us? I don’t know what to forecast from it, but interestingly, H&G includes white birds and a cabin deep in the woods. Granted, there’s a homicidal hag inside, but still. These are symbols TWD has definitely employed.

We’ll have to keep an eye on this template after Daryl’s escape. :D Thanks so much for the great insights. Xoxo!