oh my gosh, how long has it been since i remade this blog? to be honest when i first decided to move blogs i thought for sure that only a few people would follow me here, but now there’s 550+ of you again and i’m honestly so amazed!! surely you all know by now that my activity has been very, very sporadic due to summer courses, book reports, and other personal things; i’d like to thank you all for sticking with my blog and i regardless! you guys make logging on everyday enjoyable, and i never would’ve gotten this far without your support! i adore you all! it’s been a pleasure to write with you, and if we don’t have a thread yet, i hope that our muses will get to interact sometime soon. without further ado, here’s my bias list ( in random order ): 

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The Vampire Diaries W i k i AWARDS  ♱2015♱

These awards, are set to only one PC. Meaning: you can only vote once with your laptop/desktop. So MAKE IT COUNT! or GO ON A BUNCH OF OTHER PC’S;)


The exciting news?!

We have a couple fan favorites in several of it’s categories ღ

Miss Bonnie Bennett A.K.A. Kat Graham ♥ 

If you love Bonsterr & want to vote for her in whichever category, I am sure Miss Kitty Kat would surely appreciate it ♡ 

Also, we have another fan fave! I’m sure you guys guessed.

Course you guys KNEW! How couldn’t you? He was one of the best parts of season 6!   

Just sayin’. 

Malachai ‘Kai’ Parker A.K.A. Chris Wood

And we all know why I am leaving this here. You all go and vote now. Chris adores each and all ☝  

You have until September 10th. Here is the LINK:






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Okay tagged as many as I possibly could think of at the moment at 8:40 AM without sleeping lol;) please pass it around lufflies xx


“Adore Delano, the drag persona of “American Idol” contestant Danny Noriega, took America by storm with her unique fierceness on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” But if you think a pretty wig and amazing makeup is all Adore has to offer, you’re dead wrong. Her album, “Til Death Do Us Party,” is an electro-pop romp through the party hard mind of Adore. Peaking at #1 on the iTunes charts & 58 on the Billboard charts she made drag history. Adore knows what cool is – and she isn’t afraid of arbitrary beauty standards. Her brand of punk attitude meets street couture princess is refreshing, no matter what part of pop culture you are entrenched in.” - www.adoredelano.com


Cinderella is the very last DP of Set One that isn’t on hold or sold yet. Grab her while you can! For just 5K you’ll receive both the DP and the lookbook link to her outfit. For an extra 500c you can add sparkling eyes, or for an extra 1k you can have her blink! 

Be on the look out for Set 2 which includes: Tiana, Pocahontas, Mulan, Rapunzel, Merida, Anna & Elsa

Please reblog! x