The alpha is them in the basement. The omega is them up in this very bright place. …And also, this is the end of the story, as far as what happened between them in [episode] 15. And how her knocking him out was actually a very benevolent act. An act of caring for him. Him coming clean here and not wanting to lie anymore. Especially not to her.
—  Scott Gimple on Rick and Michonne in “Conquer.”

I just realised there is something I really want for S4/5. 

John having a drinking problem and by some ill luck meeting Harry will he is totally plastered. Harry, of course, has been clean now for ages and I want her to give him hell for this. 

I’m going to need the opening scene of 5B to be the showdown between McCall’s Pack vs Theo’s zombie pack on the lacrosse field. I want the camera to pan to the bleachers where Deucalion & Peter are sharing a tub of popcorn as they watch on, providing snarky and condescending commentary, holding up cards that rank each swipe, snarl, & slam.  

Then the camera zooms in towards the bleachers and we catch a glimpse of Derek and Stiles passionately making out under the bleachers, oblivious to it all, save for a sign, that’s fallen from Stiles’ hand in favor of pawing at Derek, which reads: 

“I’m McCalling it now:

Scotty: Won

Theo: Done”