what the signs are excited for
  • aries:metal gear solid v
  • taurus:metal gear solid v
  • gemini:metal gear solid v
  • cancer:metal gear solid v
  • leo:metal gear solid v
  • virgo:metal gear solid v
  • libra:metal gear solid v
  • sagittarius:metal gear solid v
  • capricorn:metal gear solid v
  • aquarius:metal gear solid v
  • pisces:metal gear solid v

Once Upon A Time in Steveston (B Roll / behind the scenes) for 5x05

The alpha is them in the basement. The omega is them up in this very bright place. …And also, this is the end of the story, as far as what happened between them in [episode] 15. And how her knocking him out was actually a very benevolent act. An act of caring for him. Him coming clean here and not wanting to lie anymore. Especially not to her.
—  Scott Gimple on Rick and Michonne in “Conquer.”

METAL GEAR SOLID V: The Phantom Pain - Launch Trailer | PS4