After I had made my mountain tattoo & daddy i love you, I ended up making my this tattoo. This tattoo would go great with any female sim cause, I mean, girls do make the world go round ;)

  • 2 swatches
  • base game compatible
  • T.O.U
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Download 📁

How to install:

Unzip the downloaded files then go to your Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods/  then place the files in the Modes Folder!

City Living Blazer-Shirt-Sweater Top Mesh by Julie J (UPDATED)

I seperated this from the Maxis original to make a top seperate mesh

You need City Living for this to show in your game

Updated with one more recolour and females now tested

Please read TOU

Modelled with boots by Karzalee (Studio K Creations)
Poses by IMHO

Works with Sliders - More textures to come soon,

Teen through to Elder - Females can wear it too

DOWNLOAD - Updated with added recolour


Icon T-shirts, now for kids!

I’m sure someone has done something similar before but names are hard

Anyway! here are 21 kinda random swatches in red and white, there is some ice cream swatches in there too

All I ask in return is that you don’t re-upload, please!

Tag me if you use/any issues


Early Riser

Title: Early Riser

Summary: Sam likes to get up early, you do not. You decide to convince him to come back to bed.    

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Sam Winchester x female reader

Word Count:  1334

Warnings: explicit language, nsfw, explicit sexual content, smut, unprotected sex

Author’s Notes:  Written for the 100 Kinks List,  #33 - Morning Sex; requested by an anonymous requester

Originally posted by frozen-delight

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Property of Dean Winchester

Originally posted by weallneedcastiel

SUMMARY: You and Jensen are best friends, you accompany him to Nashville for the convention and drunken hijinks ensue!

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x (bestfriend!)reader

Word Count: 1810

Warnings: Some swearing

A/N: So i have been struggling with writing and what not, and the other day this idea hits me. I am basing it off the information that I saw about NashCon and it just grew to this fic. This would be my first attempt at writing a possible more than friends type fic based on the actual actor. I mean no disrespect to Danneel, we will just consider her happy with someone else for the purpose of this fic. Also a huge shout out to Daddy B aka @bigdaddymongoose, she is my rock and helps me out sooo much with writing!

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“C’mon you two, let’s hit another bar!” Jared laughed, drunk off his ass already.

You giggled, watching your best friend trying to walk unaided. His bow legs making the staggering all the more comical. Finally, he made it to your side, he threw an arm around you, almost knocking the two of you to the ground.

“I think Jay here has had enough,” you snickered.

After the tour of the Jack Daniels Distillery and all the free shots, then the dart throwing game with Jason and the guys and more shots imbibed. Next, Creation Ent wanting to celebrate Jay’s birthday during the Saturday Night Special concert with you guessed it more alcohol involved. Let’s just say when Jay sang Tennessee Whiskey, he was almost three sheets to the wind then. If Jared got his way, this would be the third bar you all hit.

Jensen started shaking his head, “No, I-I think we need more bars,” he grinned. “Me likey, more acl-aco-alc-,” he furrowed his eyebrows like he was concentrating, “drinks.”

You laughed, “I think everybody is done for the night. You two have a panel in the morning, remember?” You smacked Jensen’s hand away from your face as he tried to “boop” your nose. “Stop that!”

Jared just gave you “Sam’s puppy eyes”, “Nope, Pada-gigantor, those will not work on me. I am impervious to “Mr. Awesome,” you jerked a thumb at Jensen, “you don’t stand a chance my tall friend.”

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Daddy I love you 

Okay Okay! I might be getting ahead of myself after this will be my 3rd tattoo I’m releasing after Mountain & GRL PWR tattoo. I just love this tattoo so much because while I was making it, I was thinking of the simblrs who could use this for their stories. “Daddy I love you” was inspired by this picture. This tattoo could used in different ways, the death of a sim toddler/child (story wise) or just a dad loving their kid so much that he got their handwriting on his skin! ♡

  • 1 swatches
  • base game compatible
  • T.O.U
  • If you my custom content then reblog, like, and/or let me know!
  • If you end up using the tattoo, tag me! I’d love to see it! :)
  • Don’t hesitate to message me if something is wrong with the custom content!

Download 📁

How to install:

Unzip the downloaded files then go to your Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods/  then place the files in the Modes Folder!

Male Waistcoat-Shirt Revamp by Julie J

You need the Cool Kitchen Stuff Pack for this to show in game.

In game pic - Jeans and boots by karzalee (Studio K Creations)

Teen through to Elder - Everyday, Formal and Party Wear

Please honour TOU 


Temper Temper

Originally posted by daengerously-intaense

Summary: After several hunts leave you in a disgusting mess and your temper is flaring, you and the boys hit a restaurant for some much needed sustenance and things happen.

Pairing/Character: Dean Winchester x reader, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 1622

Warnings: None really

A/N: Written for Andi’s back in the game challenge. My prompt was: : “I’d die for you, kill for you, and if you take another one of my fries, I’ll just plain kill you.” it’s in bold.

Beta: the fabulous and wonderful @skybinx-blog Thanks again Leah! *muah*

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“Nonstop monsters. That’s what  my life had narrowed down to. For the last six weeks, the three of us had been zig zagging across the states involved in some of the weirdest and hardest hunts I  had ever come across. Let’s not talk about how it seemed like the supernatural asshats, seemed to have focused on me for the inevitable, disgusting ends they met.

So far, I had been ectoplasmed, been covered  by shredded okami, then there was that damn clown that had exploded leaving behind glitter-that I was still finding on me and my clothes and let’s not forget the demon who exploded thanks to Crowley’s snap of fingers and his “Sorry, pet, I just couldn’t listen to him prattle on anymore.” After all the supernatural messes, Cas had gotten me chased into a lake by a swarm of pissed off bees, because he thought they would be better off in a “happy” tree, leading up to tonight’s virtual shit show of being chased by a werewolf in the rain which is where we pick up our story fair readers. Hang on it’s about to get messy.”

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I Love Lucy

Title: I Love Lucy

Summary:  You only get to see Dean once every three or four months, whenever he rolls through town. This time around, he gets to meet your new dog, Lucy.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count:  1032

Warnings:  Fluff, coitus interruptus

Author’s Notes:  I don’t think Dean hates dogs, I just think he doesn’t want to own one. Anyway, this came to me the other night. It may or may not be inspired by real life events.

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The S4M double-barrelled over/under silent pistol was developed in the early 1970s. If is of the same type of special-purpose weapons as the MSP pistol, but is chambered for a more powerful special cartridge and differs in design.
The PZ Zmeya ‘captive-piston’ cartridge was developed in the mid-1960s. II features a thick-wailed case 62.8 mm long. The inside surface of the cartridge case is bottlenecked, while the outside surface is cylindrical. A special design of a percussion primer recessed deep into the case base, accommodating an extra striker, prevents the cap from bulging after the piston seals the expanding powder gases inside the case by sealing bleed-off holes. The cartridge uses the same 7.62 mm PS Mod 1943 assault rifle bullet weighing 7.9 g.
The PZ cartridge was first used in the S4 Groza pistol, followed by the S4M. The PZ round became the basis for PZA and PZAM special cartridges, differing in cartridge case design and shape.
The cartridges are fed into the chambers simultaneously using a steel two-round clop. The trigger assembly is cocked automatically, and the external finishing of the pistol prevents catching on clothes.

Yellow: Part 3

Previous Parts

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: Sam Winchester is fresh out of rehab after overdosing and scaring his family half to death. High school isn’t the best place to recover, but there’s something about the new girl that gets him through the day.

Tags: AU: High School, punk!sam, Dean is only one year older than Sam, Mary is alive, horribly awkward teenagers with big ole crushes on each other, Castiel is Sam’s therapist, FLUFF

Trigger Warnings: past drug abuse/overdose, self-harm mention, depression

Words: 2361

A/N: Finally, the Sam installment to my Punk AU collection. *Sam is more depressed than scary/angry*

Originally posted by supernaturalismykryptonite

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Here for the case?

Pairing : Dean x Reader, Sam
Word count : 1,275
Author : Mel

Part 2 of Say My Name.

It had been a long, and rather miserable year. Walking away from Dean had been hard. Heading to the bunker, had been hard. You had more than you could carry since you’d had a home, and couldn’t take everything with you. So you had grabbed what you needed, and left the rest. You got in your long ago abandoned car, and drove off.

You’d message Sam from time to time, just to let him know you were alive. If he tried to steer the conversation towards anything more, your phone went off and you’d not respond when it went back on.

The only time you spoke to him more than that, was when you got injured and needed to lay low for a few days. You had been gone four months, and he was just leaving with Dean for a hunt. He left the garage unlocked for you to sneak in after they left. It killed you, but you went. You expected everything to be different, but nothing had changed. Not even the room you had shared with Dean. He hadn’t even touched your things. He had left everything in it’s place, which made you tear up.

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Body Like a Back Road

Originally posted by theanxiouskid

Summary:  After a night at the bar, you ask Dean a question, and he tells you the difference between bar girls and you.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1133

Warnings: None

A/N: I’m backkkkkkkkk. So this idea has been in my head forever, the song “Body like a Back Road”, speaks to my inner Dean girl. Please be gentle, this is the first thing I have written in a while.

Beta: @reigningqueenofwords

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(tagged some Dean!girls) If you would like added or removed from my tags, please let me know!

Walking into the bar, you saw him right away. He always dominated your thoughts. Dean Winchester, best friend, bad ass hunter, lethal lothario, the definition of sex on bow legs and last but not least, the man you were secretly in love with.

Sighing heavily, you saw that of course the bar skanks were already vying for his attention. Resigning yourself to later listening to the wails from big breasted women started running rampant in your head. ‘Maybe I could get a different hotel without either of the boys asking why? Yeah, right.’  You spied an empty table and headed for it, ready to drown your sorrows. Sam had also found someone already, so now you got to be the awkward fifth wheel once they all joined you at the table, both bar skanks giving you the evil eye when you were introduced.

The waitress came over to get everyone’s order, not surprising to you when Dean’s Mensa candidate for the evening asked for a Shirley Temple. Rolling your eyes, you ordered a beer and three shots, knowing that you would need them. You snickered when even Dean looked at Honey or Cherry- ‘Honestly, who names their kids that?’ in stunned silence at her drink choice. Once the drinks were delivered, you wasted no time in throwing back the shots rapidly, and signaling the waitress for three more.

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Yellow: Part 7

Previous Parts

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: Sam Winchester is fresh out of rehab after overdosing and scaring his family half to death. High school isn’t the best place to recover, but there’s something about the new girl that gets him through the day.

Tags: AU: High School, punk!sam, cuddling, smut, fingering, hand job, feels

Trigger Warnings: past drug abuse/overdose, past drug addiction, self-harm mention, depression, bullying mention

Words: 3056

A/N:  *cough* Feedback really motivates me to write more!!! *cough*

Originally posted by wehunt-monsters-whatthehell

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GIF submitted by @bigdaddymongoose (Thanks to her, this GIF is what broke my writers block)

“Dammit Gemma! How do you talk me into this shit?” you gasped as you struggled to lift two hundred and fifty pounds of dead weight.

“Shut up sweetheart, we have to get him out of here before church is over. Now, lift with your knees, Y/N!” Gemma snapped.

You glared at your old man’s mother as you bent down to grab said dead weight’s feet again. “Tell me again, how he got dead?” you huffed.

Gemma blew out an exhausted breath as she dropped her half of dead guy and sat down on the picnic bench that was outside the clubhouse. “I found him this way,” you lifted an eyebrow, “Don’t look at me that way, I didn’t kill him!”

“So if you didn’t kill him and I didn’t kill him, why can’t we tell the guys?” you asked , taking a cigarette from her. 

“The club has to much other shit to worry about, between the Irish, the Aryan Brotherhood and Stahl,” she paused to light her own smoke, “ a dead body is just inconvenient.”

“Well, he doesn’t have ink, so I’m guessing not a rival MC, so civilian,” you groaned, “We can’t do this alone. This bastard’s heavy,” you looked down at him in disgust, “Who do you think we should get? Tig?”

Gemma nodded, “Tig. He knows a lot of hiding places for bodies.”

“Fine, chapel should be about wrapped up, I’ll go get him. You watch the lot,” you walked away murmuring about how Jax was going to kill you. 

Walking into the clubhouse, you sighed, the doors opened to the chapel and the Sons came strolling out. You were glad that Tig was the second one out, “Tig! Hey, Gemma needs your help with something!”

He paused to look at you, distrust plainly evident, “With what?”

You narrowed your eyes at him, “With something outside, asshole! Please?” If he made you beg, you swore to God that you were gonna kill him.

“Hey darlin’! Aren’t you going to come say hello?” Jax grinned at you. 

You smiled at him and leapt into his arms, your legs wrapping around his waist as you kissed him. “Does mom need my help?”

“Uh no, no! She was just trying to get some stuff ready for storage. I knew that you and Clay have a meeting in Oakland, so I thought Tig would be the best one to help,” you replied sweetly.

Jax narrowed his eyes at you, smacking his hand against your ass, smirking at your yelp, “You’re up to somethin’ sweetheart, I’ll get it out of you later. Tig go help ‘em.”

You smiled, not trusting yourself to speak, you turned quickly and grabbed Tig by his kutte and pulled him out the door. He had taken two steps outside when he saw the body and he froze.

“Nope, Hell no!” he all but yelled. You and Gemma both shushed him, “N. O. The last time I helped you two with a dead guy, I ended up with gun delivery for two weeks and missed out on all the pussy,” he just shook his head over and over. He started backing away with his hands up in the air.

“TIG! you shouted, “If you don’t help me, I swear to everything holy that I’ll tell Jax about you trippin’ balls on ‘shrooms, and that that is how I ended up with a black eye.”

He looked at you in surprise, “You wouldn’t! You know I thought you were one of those life size d-,’ his eyes narrowed as he watched you smirk, “You are one evil bitch, Y/N.”

You grinned at him, Gemma rolled her eyes, “Dead guy not staying fresh here?”

The three of you picked him up and were almost to the van, when the club doors opened, you looked at Tig who had just shut his eyes, “Dammit!”

“What the hell did you two do?!” Clay bellowed.

You and Gemma dropped the body and Tig fell backwards trapped under the guy. You spun around and started shaking your head, pointing at Gemma, “It was her, I had nothing to do with this one.”

“Traitor, she mumbled. “Clay I found the guy like this, we were just taking out the trash.”

Tig was yelling from under the guy, that he was heavy and smelled like he had shit himself and would someone please get him out from under him,

 Jax just shook his head at the three of you, “You’re all very unbalanced individuals.”

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