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I feel sorry for the actress who'll play Hinata in the live-action movie

True because she will be bombarded with hate or worse, fuckboys will probably have high expectations and they will be disappointed if the person who will be chosen has an average boobs. I mean, have you seen just how big Hinata’s boobs are? They’re sssoooo damn noticeable they couldn’t be just D. You just don’t see girls like that in RL with that huge boobs all the time. They are rare. I am guessing she’s in the F range and she has to wear customized bras cause the normal ones don’t fit her. Have you seen my icon? She’s lying down yet her boobs are still big. When females lie down, their boobs looks like they decrease in size. Hinata’s must have been huge that’s why it looks that even when she’s not standing.

Now, going back to the actress part, there will be a lot of disadvantages when you play the part of Hinata. However, there is an advantage. The actress does not have to memorize longer lines because she will just say, “Naruto-kun” most of the time.

I also came up with this:

Steps to look for an actress who will play Shitnata (A guide to amateurs)

1. Look for an actress who has a boob size larger than the D range cups.

2. If you couldn’t find find one, look for it in the porn industry. It doesn’t matter whether she could act or not. the character she will play is a cardboard anyway.

3. Once you have an actress, make sure that whenever she acts, the boobs are the emphasis. XD Yeah something like that.

To summarize, the actress who will play Hinata is doomed to have her reputation ruined. 

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Bellflower, white lilly, pansy, peony, orange rose, sunflower, sycamore, violet.

  • BELLFLOWER: gratitude 
  • LILY (WHITE): regret
  • PANSY: loving thought    
  • PEONY: shyness 
  • ROSE (ORANGE): fascination 
  • SUNFLOWER: admiration 
  • SYCAMORE: curiosity 
  • VIOLET: loyalty 

❥▐▒   ━━━ Katherine trilled at the sight of all these flowers strung neatly together with unfathomable magic. They were delivered by a squirrel and raccoon that had this worrying habit of constantly smelling the flowers (Katherine hesitantly–forcefully–pulled the blooms from their eager claws). She first had to stick her face into the colorful flowers, breathing deeply their fresh, glittering aroma. Oh, how she loved them! She hugged them to her chest like a little girl might, quickly running into her kitchen and seeking out her finest vase. Inside this vase were silly daffodils halfheartedly plucked from Big Root’s base because she did not want to find anything else, and frankly she had been putting it off.

Now, however, she hummed as she threw out the daffodils, which slopped to the floor (Kailash waddled over and slurped it up, hoping her mother did not notice). Katherine arranged the flowers prettily, quite liking the way the crystal of the vase tossed rainbows over the bright petals. She considered them carefully, reading the story from each carefully plucked root as if they were words.

“Oh, my secret admirer tells such a mournful story, does he not my petaled friends?” She cooed as she stroked each flower’s center as if giving them kisses with her fingertip. “But I see he tucked a little hope in there too.”

Description: Custom Nurgle daemon Prince… Made from my bits box. #amysnuggspaintingcompetition I forgot to add the paper with title, I hope this is OK? #warhammer40k #warhammer #40k #ageofsigmar #nurgle #chaos #chaosspacemarines #daemon #conversion #custom #painting #model #gamesworkshop #gw #citadel
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