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D4VEocracy #2

With the internet now coursing through his circuits, S4M makes his public debut as a presidential candidate. Meanwhile, D4VE’s campaign trail gets rough when scandal rocks his public image, forcing the planet to choose a side. But for app developer bro GL3NN, world domination might be just a click away.


“THE EXTREMISTS” part two! Believing heroes to be threats to the survival of any world, Lord Havok and the Extremists have already murdered the mightiest heroes from their home dimension. To save our Earth they’d kill thousands more, starting with the newly formed JLA. But eye-to-eye, are Havok’s and Batman’s goals that different? Billions of lives depend on the answer. 


IF YOU THINK YOU KNOW WILSON FISK, THINK AGAIN! WILSON FISK’s criminal past has tarnished his public image, but to move beyond it, Fisk must face the demons of his past…and convince the world he’s changed! Writer SARAH DEWEY has conflicted feelings about helping him turn over this new leaf…but is Fisk’s promise of complete transparency and a big (legal) pay day too good for Sarah to pass up? This is the Kingpin in all his brutal honesty…the man, the murderer, the criminal…and the good Samaritan?!


Years have passed and life on The Slab has changed. Aden and his friends explore a black market trading post, while Onica and Nkunda confront an entirely new force that has descended upon the planetoid.

Male Boxer Shorts Edited and Recolours by Julie J

Finally back with Sims 4 after finishing off some stuff for Sims 2
A new mesh for the males - the base game boxer shorts with er … slight edit and plain textures
More colours, original Maxis textures and patterns coming soon…

For everyday, swim, athletic and sleepwear
Teen through to Elder

Please observe TOU



Originally posted by bittercasblogger

SUMMARY: You and Sam meet during college and over the years feelings change for each of you

PAIRING: Sam Winchester x Reader


WARNINGS: fluff, a little bit of angst

A/N: This is for @sdavid09 winter challenge. I picked College AU and the song Bubbly. I’m sorry this is late. I hope you like it!

TAGGING: @ellen-reincarnated1967 @demondean-for-kingofhell @winchesterprincessbride @winchestersnco @jotink78 @skybinx-blog @iamdeanfknwinchester @16wiishes @s4m-w1nch3st3r5287 @mrswhozeewhatsis


“Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six!” the crowd chanted.

Sam stared at you, unsure of what was happening, but he knew that everything was changing. He took a step closer to you, bringing his hand up to your cheek.

Four Years Ago

You were walking along, looking down at the map every so often, to make sure that you were still headed the right way, Charlie had drawn it during Calculus class. You were nervous about meeting her other roommates, but you couldn’t study in your dorm room anymore, not since your roommate decided that it was party central. Charlie lived with two other people-guys and knew she was wanting to even it out a little.

Coming up to the small, in need of a paint job, white house, you gave yourself a silent pep talk and stepped onto the porch. Chuckling at the sign above the door that simply said “Hot Geeks House”, that had to be Charlie’s doing. You went to knock at the door but suddenly found yourself staring at a blue t-shirt. You tilted your head back, cause yeah the guy was that tall and found yourself speechless.

He had shaggy brown hair, brown, no wait hazel colored eyes, you were unsure because they kept shifting colors like on a kaleidoscope, full lips that stretched across his ridiculously white teeth, as he stared down at you. “Can I help you?” he said in warm tone.

“Wow!” you breathed out, “Uh, yeah sorry. I’m Y/N Y/L/N, Charlie asked me to come by, to see the room you have for rent. You couldn’t stop staring at him, well up at him, truth was you only came to right under his pecs, which you could tell were straining against the cotton t-shirt.

“Right! Come on in! She’s in the kitchen torturing Kevin right now. I’m Sam,” he held his hand out to you.

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Male Undies-Swim wear by Julie J

New male undies which can also be swimwear and sleepwear
With new added bluge for male realism
Teen through to Elder - Works with Sliders

Normal TOU applies - Please don’t reupload or claim as your own or another creator’s work - No paysites/BackAlleySims/Adfly - Recolours welcome but do not include the mesh. Please link back for the mesh 


Sleigh Ride

SUMMARY: Sam plans a special evening for you. (I don’t want to give away to much :p)

PAIRING: Sam Winchester x Reader


WARNINGS: Extreme fluff, may cause cavities

A/N: This was written for @winchester-writes holiday song challenge. I am so late with this, please forgive me. My computer crashed and well let’s say it took me awhile to get something working again. Enjoy! I picked the song “Sleigh Ride” ( I went with Pentatonix’s version) and the object was hot chocolate.

TAGGING: @ellen-reincarnated1967 @demondean-for-kingofhell @winchesterprincessbride @jotink78 @winchestersnco @iamdeanfknwinchester @skybinx-blog @16wiishes @s4m-w1nch3st3r5287 @suchaprettylittlepsycho @mrswhozeewhatsis

If you want to listen to their version, you can find it here Pentatonix-Sleigh Ride

Sam had been planning this night for months. He was glad that they hadn’t had any hunts in the past few weeks, what was going to happen tonight, would definitely change things forever. Dean had been a huge help with keeping Y/N busy too, Sam thought gratefully. Even though Dean was a big baby when he was sick, it had been just the thing that was needed, you keeping him entertained with the “chick flick” movies that he claimed he didn’t like but all of you knew better.

Now, Sam was just waiting on you, he had told you nothing about the evening he had planned, just that you should dress warmly because you were going to be outside for a while. He was nervous and it showed. He kept pushing his hair back from his face, he was alternately licking his lips and biting his bottom lip, and he kept checking his pants pocket.

Dean chuckled at his little brother, “Dude, you’re worse than a teenage girl waiting on her prom date.”

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