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Bronzing Powder (mega-pack) by MAC

            ** 27 Shades | 36 Swatches (The 9 Darkest Tones come with                                                                                 a corresponding alternative) **

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These Bronzing powders will appear in the “Blush” category and were formulated to work with any skin-tone.

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Culverton and AGRA

Culverton is repulsive, evil, and up to some creepy medical experimental shit, based on setlock + canon. His show was also on a hiatus, as setlock posters show us he’s “back.” We know we’re getting some AGRA history in s4, so there’s a decent chance their pasts are intertwined.

Speculation and crack for fun and profit…

Five years ago 

AGRA was on assignment to kill Culverton. Maybe for Mycroft. Maybe for no one but herself. “People like Magnussen should be killed. That’s why there are people like me.” And Culverton, apparently, qualifies as “people like Magnussen.” Even more repulsive, according to Mofftiss. 

Clearly, she fails. Culverton’s still alive, right? But AGRA is a badass at what she does. Hard to believe she just…can’t kill him. It’s more complex than that. Let’s say he knows she’s coming for him. Let’s say he sets a trap, like the one canon Culverton set for Holmes in The Adventure of the Dying Detective. A spring with an infected tip loaded in an otherwise empty box. The “treasure” of/for AGRA. 

It works. She’s infected. Now she has to keep Culverton alive, because he claims to be working on a cure.

In the meantime, onto AGRA’s next assignment: becoming Mary Morstan, soon to be Watson. Maybe with the help of Mycroft.

And Culverton goes off the grid. Maybe with the help of Moriarty.

And Magnussen sees all of this and stores away the information for future blackmail.

The wedding

Magnussen decides it’s time to let this incredibly dangerous woman know about the power he has over her. He sends “Mary” oodles of love and big squishy cuddles. He calls her…

Poppet. A term of endearment. Also a doll used in witchcraft to transfer harmful spells to the person they represent. A voodoo doll. An imposter.

AGRA doesn’t appreciate this reminder of her Culverton situation on this particular day. She doesn’t need a reminder that her illness is progressing––she sees the signs.

So does Sherlock.

“Increased appetite, change of taste perception, and you were sick this morning. You assumed it was just wedding nerves. You got angry with me when I mentioned it to you. All the signs are there.”

He misdiagnoses the signs as pregnancy. John wonders how he, a doctor, could have missed seeing that his own fiancée is pregnant. (He didn’t, because she isn’t.) 

AGRA is…

….concerned, to say the least. Her days are numbered unless Culverton comes up with a cure, and she knows it. And now, thanks to Sherlock, she has to fake a pregnancy until she can figure out a better long-term plan. 

But she, as Sherlock deduced immediately, is shortsighted. Bringing us to….

The shooting

AGRA risks everything, confronting Magnussen for her files. Magnussen knows everything about her––including the fact that her last mark was Culverton, that she didn’t kill him, that he infected her. 

And she’s not just trying to get her files from Magnussen. She’s trying to find out where Culverton is, whether he’s found a cure, if he’s even working on it. Her time’s running out. She can’t actually fake a pregnancy once she’s supposed to start showing. She’s married. To a doctor.

Once again, Sherlock fucks everything up. Offers to help her. Like he helped with the “pregnancy” deduction? Ugh, fuck this. AGRA shoots him and bails.

He survives, John finds out, he and Mary are separated till Christmas. Well, that makes faking the pregnancy easier for AGRA. While Sherlock recovers and focuses on Magnussen, and John (supposedly) hems and haws over whether to read the flash drive she gave him, AGRA sets her sights on Culverton.

(If Moriarty’s alive, this is when he and AGRA are reunited. If Moriarty’s dead, she’s acting alone in his place.)

She finds Culverton. She threatens him. Time to come out of hiding and finish what he started.

Christmas and the tarmac

Back to being “pregnant as an elephant” Mary Watson. Thank god for cold weather as an excuse to wear layers, and a husband still so “basically pissed off” that he’s not up for much touching. Here’s a scan, looks like a girl. Yay, domestic bliss restored. AGRA is about as thrilled as John.

Days later, they watch Sherlock’s plane take off. But then Moriarty’s face is everywhere, and Sherlock is about to fuck everything up for AGRA yet AGAIN. Because as he rapidly tries to figure out what the fuck is going on with Moriarty, he’s also figuring shit out about “Mary.”

“She was dying.”


“The bride.”

Sherlock is momentarily thrown off, because the bride in his simulation is Jim Moriarty, but Jim Moriarty wasn’t dying. That’s not why he shot himself. What the hell is Watson on about here? 

Oh, that bride. The actual bride.

John’s always right. He didn’t see signs of pregnancy, did he. And wasn’t that odd? Considering…well, how much more intimately he knew Mary than Sherlock did? Now Sherlock understands what his simulation has revealed. Mary…AGRA…is dying.

“So she decided to make her death count.”

Season 4

Culverton’s back. Sherlock investigates––maybe even at the behest of “Mary.” He’s onto her now, and puts the pieces together as he tries to stay a step ahead of her. After everything that’s happened, maybe he really is still trying to help her, to see if there’s a cure. But AGRA knows exactly how repulsive Culverton is. She knows her days are numbered. And she’s got no problem putting Sherlock in this man’s path.

I’m ending this here, because there’s a gazillion ways this could go, and I haven’t even touched on how Culverton might tie in with Moriarty and Redbeard and the Other One. But right now, I’m more convinced than ever that there’s no baby in s4 outside of John’s nightmares in e1. And I know this theory is super cracky but I vastly prefer it to the alternative (ie, the baby dying). 

Is not nearly as polish as it could be, but i made it for myself and i wasn’t planning on releasing it, but i cant help myself lol. I added 4 more recolors just to add variety, in the usual patterns i like.

5 recolors
All in one .package
Stand alone item
New mesh
Base Game Compatible

If you guys like it i can maybe make her other outfit? the yellow shirt is super cute too! dont ask me to make the suit she wears in the upside down ‘cause i have no idea how to make THAT :P



Unpopular opinion, but when I look at my dash I see an awful lot of gushing over a married couple, and I keep asking myself what’s wrong with my eyesight?

Last time I checked the picture I refer to looked like this:

Never have Sherlock and John been further apart.

They are decidedly NOT looking at each other.

In fact, the opposite is the case. They don’t even focus their attention on the same object.

To me they look as if they are pursuing different goals, which could well be the case taking into consideration that John Watson is still wearing his wedding ring.

Which serves as much as a wedge between those two as the third person in the picture does.

Placed front and centre between the two leads is Mycroft Holmes:

He’s the man in charge.

Where the other two are looking at the ground, he’s the one looking up.

Is he therefore the one with the clear vision?

What does he know the others don’t?

Are they still searching for answers he already has?

This picture tells me that Mycroft Holmes is one of several (?) people who is standing between Sherlock and John in series 4.

He seperates his brother from John.

He stands closer to the latter, looking in the same direction as John.

Further indication that Sherlock might be on the wrong track?

In any case, the picture states clear as day, how seperated, how cut off, how alone Sherlock really is.

Altogether, this shot doesn’t even come close to representing Johnlock to me.

If anything, it symbolises the creator’s attempt to tone down any romantic speculations.

Are we really going to find proof for our theories only by tinkering with photoshopped versions of the original, both literally and figuratively?

Are we really going to twist and turn everything we get from now on, until it finally supports our vision?

How can we defend ourselves when they accuse us of reading too much into things, of creating our own versions? 

Are we no longer interested in interpreting what is actually there?

Are we so afraid to loose?

picture source


Guitar Day - family version -

  • Works with Andrews Poseplayer and you also need Teleport Mod
  • You need the accessory guitar by Karzalee
  • Instructions:
  • 1.Put three sculptures in the same side (in a sofa for the 2th&3th pose), so that they are overlapping.
    2.Click on that and select “Teleport a sim here”. Do the same with the other sims.
    3.Click on your sims and select the poses.Enjoy!
  • 9 Poses (3-Adult1; 3-Child; 3-Adult2)
  • Please dont re-upload or claim as your own. Thank you!
  • If you use my pose, please tag me: #simtrovart or @simtrovart, I would love to see your game screens or photoshoots!
  • I’m sorry if there are some issues, I tried my best
  • If something wrong do not be afraid to write me
  • Hope you like it!



Je Te Vois: An Overwatch conversion of Widowmaker’s visor by Valhallan

* Comes in 3 swatches: the standard one (black and red), as well as the colours from Widowmaker’s Epic skins (Patina (gold and purple) and Frozen (white and teal))
* Found under Hats
* For all genders, aged teen - elder
* All LODs replaced, custom specular and bump map
* Custom thumbnails
* Preview is animated for fun, the visor is not actually animated in-game

Credits: Blizzard for the original mesh, extracted from the game Overwatch. Widowmaker’s model extracted by Sticklove on DeviantArt. I did, however, seperate this visor from the original model, edit all of the textures and the model to make them fit into the Sims 4.

TOU: Please do not re-upload or repost without my permission, and do not claim as your own. You are free to recolor and retexture, but do not include the mesh, please! If you use it in your game, you can tag me with my name ‘valhallansim’, I would love to see what you guys do with it! 

Simfileshare (ad.fly, thank you so much for supporting me!) | Mediafire (no ad.fly)

Elegant Trait [FIXED]

Here is another gift for 50+ Followers (Yet somehow I’m at 91???)

This is the elegant trait. Does your sim have the disposition of a dancer or someone you’d admire as a royal or a lover? Then this is the trait for you™.


This sim is pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.

+ Whims such as performing on piano or violin, to go to the Lounge

+ Confident and inspired moodlets, unable to become dazed or embarrassed


TOU: Don’t reupload anywhere.