nightcrawler’s 14 clayified & ombre’d

• in @pastry-box‘s saccharine palette & all saccharine colors in my own ombre combos!!

• seperate files

• custom thumbnails

mesh (credits to @simshallow for converting & @darkosims3 for the og mesh)


saccharine: mediafire | mega

ombres : mediafire | mega

i didn’t do the ea colors bc they’ve already been done by @kotcatmeow here. you do not need them for mine to show, though.


  • New item
  • Comes in 10 colors
  • Very high poly
  • Please don’t claim as your own/re-upload elsewhere and if you use them, feel free to tag me #mxfsims or @mxfsims so I can check it out! ^^

DOWNLOAD > simfileshare

DOWNLOAD > TSR (Coming October 26th)


Credit to: @cleotopia, @sims4-marigold, @antosims, @leahlillith and all other creators I used content from, thank you <3


Hair @adedarma / Necklace - Rings @simpliciaty / Top @elliesimple /
Pants @hfs-sims4 / Earrings @missfortunesims / Nails @pralinesims

Eyeshadow - Face Shine @simshallow / Lips @serenity-cc /
Eyeliner @twinksimstress

Finds in the Creator Studios

More amazingness from the creators at Sims 4 Studio forums. It’s hard to keep up with all the great content posted there, so this is not a complete list of everyone’s Creator Studio updates, but there’s more to come after this ;) All the bold words are links to the download post, and you do not need to be a member of the forums to download. If you are a member, I hope you’ll stop in and leave a like or a comment :) Enjoy!

A light dusting of all-over freckles and some great tats from Bleached Jam’s Body Modifications (warning, the link goes to a Creator Studio that while it is PG13 could be considered by some to be NSFW):

Whimsical and colorful inflatable alien sculpture from Blue’s Workshop:

Just in time for Halloween, Brajan Summers has created thirteen X-men costumes for your partying Sims to choose from:

Landscaping in style just got easier, check out this gorgeous tree with seasonal color choices by ConceptDesign97:

If your Sims are still searching for the perfect spooky decor for their autumn celebrations look no further, El Refugio de Amamatite has wonderful Halloween paintings to set the scene:

Graceful and sparkling with lovely detail - butterfly earrings for adults and kids by In Love With Fashion:

A cute side ponytail hair with ribbon by Furarisims:

A convincingly mean Agnes Crumplebottom and a Napalm Death sweatshirt to dress her in (for male Sims too) by Grab Bag:

Absolutely authentic Simlish movie posters by Historical Sims Life. These are really amazing - the text is Simlish, and the illustrations are real Sims:

The fabulous Drifter’s Wonders set by Joolster’s Corner contains animated objects, definite-necessity curio clutter, and great art - wow!: 

If your Sim needs some stylish yet comfy loungewear, J Crane has you covered with these cute crooked top recolors:

If you’re a clutter-holic check out this super-cute book-inspired clutter and bookcase set by Ksimbleton. The bookends are especially adorable:

Is your Sim tired of standard looking jeans? They’ll love slipping into these skinny jeans with zippers by Leeloo’s Outlet:

Lina’s Sims 4 Creations has great eye-catching bell-bottom jeans for your smaller Sims too:

Whether you’re decorating a classroom or home-schooling, these educational posters by Lindsay Creations will come in handy. They cover history, geography, health, and more:

Merry Sims has created this versatile shift for kids that works for everything from playtime to bedtime - so cute:

This very cool Nero’s Devil Bringer tat  by Midna will work for Halloween and beyond:

If you’re one of those people who likes complete control of your CAS catalog and prefers to keep it free of EA pack content these mods by My Indie CAS Hiders are for you. Pop them into your mods folder and say goodbye to the unwanted pack content that’s mixed in with all your CC. These get rid of CAS stuff from Kids Room and Backyard Stuff, and there’s more where those came from:

These separated patio tables and umbrellas by Phyre are perfect for those lazy, still-sunny fall days when your Sims want to grill out in style:

There are always Sims who just can’t let go of summer. If this describes your Sims, check out these lovely swimsuits by Schön:

Have you ever noticed there aren’t enough great bedroom sets in Sims 4? The beautiful Sabal Bedroom Set by Simphony no. 4 is a much-needed addition:

If you’ve been missing this cute wicker bookcase from Sims 3, Sleepyrose has converted it for Sims 4, and it’s available in twelve colors. It has slots on top for your clutter:

More cute stuff for your Sim kids. This adorable long dress by The Lucky Dip is perfect for school and play:

Whether you’re designing a medieval mansion, Dracula’s castle, or a modern luxe home of steel and stone, this Great Hall Fireplace with tons of slots by The Shed is perfect. It makes a lovely backdrop for a romantic snapshot too - candlelight and champagne anyone?:

Whether your Sims prefer tea or cocktails this extremely clever mod by Valerius Vaults is just the thing. The tea and cocktail set includes two modifications of the Luxe Drink Tray from the Spa Day GP which give it the appearance of the tray from the Royal Crabtree Tea Set and offers your Sims a broader choice of beverages:

If you’re into machinima or just like taking romantic screenshots of your Sims, Yunanesca has created a wonderful set of couples poses and a piano-prop to go with them. There’s a super-cute kid’s version of the pose set at the same link too:

Simplesimmers Hazel - Recolored

I’ve recolored it in WMS’​ palette and included both the naturals & unnaturals - they’re in the same package. They’ve been added as additional swatches to the original hair.


  • Mesh by blogsimplesimmer
  • 50 Swatches

The mesh is not included, download it here


blogsimplesimmer- Mesh, palette & actions by wildlyminiaturesandwhich