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The group stands in silence as Jake and Max walk out and sit on their couch, it was very rare when Jake called a meeting at his apartment. “So you all are probably wondering why I called you here.” Ezra snickers seeing Jake has dyed his hair “Is it to discuss your stupid hair dy-” Jake cuts him off “No we will not be discussing my hair, and thank you princess for dying it.” He kisses Max on her forehead, she smiles. “Well then what the fuck are we here for then? Did you finally figure out how to manage your fucking precincts?” Ezra smirks, Murasaki stands behind him glaring. “Ya know if you don’t shut the fuck up he might send us all to boot camp..” She shivers as she remembers her last time she was sent there. “Now now, I’m not sending anyone to boot camp, but there is someone that I need to introduce you all to since you will be working alongside him, specifically Ezra and Ama will be working one on one with him” At this Ezra raises an eyebrow “But I never signed off on a new teammate?” Jake laughs at this. “No but Ama did, and while she’s on a mission she can’t be here to pick him up so I’m gonna need you to take him with you.” Ezra shrugs “I don’t see why not.” Just as he says this he hears a voice that makes his hairs stand “Hey Jake so which one of these fuckers is taking me with them.

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