'Outlander' Season 3: 10 burning questions we have about Claire and Jamie's reunion
We're already freaking out.
By Laura Prudom

1. How long will we have to wait for Claire and Jamie’s reunion?

Season 2 ended with Claire, now around 50 years old, deciding to go back through the Standing Stones to try and reunite with Jamie after 20 years apart — but we know that Season 3 will feature flashbacks to catch us up with what the duo got up to during those two decades without each other.

Does that mean we might have to wait several episodes before we see Claire travel back in time to seek out Jamie, or will the Season 3 premiere send her back pretty quickly, and fill in the blanks by jumping between time periods, as the Season 2 premiere and finale did? We know it’ll be worth the wait whenever it happens, but here’s hoping the writers aren’t too cruel when it comes to delaying our gratification.

3. How steamy will Season 3 be?

Season 2 featured plenty of political scheming, palace intrigue and bloody battles, but some fans noted that there were far fewer sex scenes than there were in Season 1 — which makes sense, considering that Jamie was dealing with the trauma of being raped and tortured, while Claire was struggling with her growing sense of isolation from her husband as he tried to recover. (Not to mention the devastating loss of their baby.)

But after 20 years separated from their true love, we’ve got to believe that Claire and Jamie have a lot of lost time to make up for in Season 3. They might have to get to know each other all over again, but all those years of longing will probably add up to some spectacular reunion sex, right?

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I cosplayed Clementine’s first appearance in Season 3 at Dutch Comic Con 2017! Not only was it a lot of fun to make most of the cosplay happen in one week, but Telltale Games actually reposted my picture on their Instagram!

The 4th picture was taken by the girl that also cosplayed S3 Clementine (9th picture)! You can see more of her work in the future on her Instagram i.am.char.1985!

okay but I’m re-watching season 1 and so far Grace:

- pulled out her hand from frankie’s touch or otherwise refuse physical contact with frankie at the time of distress AT LEAST twice

- said to frankie she cannot hug her (even for comfort) because she’s not a cuddler

- refused to massage frankie’s sternum by saying “that’s something I’d never do”

and I’m only at the beginning of episode 6. and I’m sitting here like giiiiiiiirl, you just wait, there’s a whole new level of physical intimacy coming for you and your 6 millions emotional walls.