Do you ever cry because Imra and Brainy literally worship the ground Kara walks on, not because of what was in the history books but because of what Mon-El told them about her.

Like all of the history books are gone but he told them story after story about how incredible Kara is and was for years. And then when he accepted that he couldn’t get back to her he founded the legion to try to be the man that’s she always knew he could be. To honour her. Because really. 


“I know this is not common among you royals. But do not try and tell me you have never been with a man before, perhaps not all the way, but still.. It won’t matter. We will be married before you know it.” Elias came closer to her. Elizabeth was horrified and scared, especially as she was supposed to marry this man.

“I certainly have not! Now get out of here, I’m sure my guards will be here any moment now!” She got a shock when he put his filthy hands around her waist.

But no guards arrived…

//I hate this scene but it’s important for the rest of the storyline.