Confession:  I was one of the people who was hoping for tank tops for casual!Ryder and I feel like I wished on a cursed monkey’s paw. I mean, I can appreciate the trashthetic that we ended up getting, but I just meant a normal tank top that a person would wear to go shopping or to a casual dining restaurant, not what Justin Bieber would wear to meet a world leader.

notebookalpha  asked:

H for Rydam? (PS: I may have been quick on the trigger here but I DON'T CARE. 💕)

I don’t care either, tbh! It’s nice knowing I’m not shouting out into the void. :’) 

H. Someone’s greatest fear

While he’s spent a lot of time in space, Liam Kosta is not a spacer by any definition of the word. Yeah, he’d spent most of his holidays on the Citadel with mum or dad or both, depending on who was working where at the time, but the sprawling wards of the hub of the Milky Way did not compare to spending most of his days on a spaceship.

And not just any spaceship, but a scouting vessel.  The Tempest might be an engineering delight but it’s hard to overlook how small the ship is sometimes, especially when Liam’s close to crawling out of his own skin with restlessness.

He’d known that settling an entirely new galaxy would take time, even in the best of circumstances. And hell, he’d known things could (would) go wrong.

Still, knowing was different to feeling and that made all the difference. 

It’s hard to remember why he came here when he’s sticking his foot into his mouth all the time, trying to span bridges but falling flat on his arse instead. It’s hard to remember why he came when the same old shit keeps on happening, marring his hopes for a better galaxy, a better future, a better home.

But it’s hardest when he remembers his parents and all that he’s left behind. It’s not that he regrets his decisions. He doesn’t. But he misses them all the same, an ache that burns and tears at his lungs when he allows himself to cry just before he goes to sleep.

The Tempest is smallest when he’s surrounded by people but nonetheless inexplicably lonely.  

Everything will be okay. He reminds himself of that on the daily. But sometimes, he wishes that there was somebody else that would tell him, too.  Or, at the very least, allow him to believe it. 


The thing is, the Pathfinder listens. Eyes tracking along his face, as though he’s got something important to say. They sit together on his couch, side-by-side, and the walls of the storage room stop closing in on him, stop threatening to crush and bury his heart.

The Tempest is still small, but he finds that he doesn’t mind it quite so much.

Enjoys the implications, in fact.

angarans: alright so the turians have the best military in the milky way, the asari have basically mastered biotics, salarians are good at everything they do and the krogan are literal fucking tanks. what do humans have to offer?


Things Ryder has definitely done at some point with the Tempest’s suspended walkway between the bridge and the research room:

  • done their best Dramatic Commander turn-on-heel and stalk away from the bridge after giving an order
  • tried to start a fashion show
  • took a running start and slid down in their socks
  • sat on the edge and ate snacks while their legs dangled
  • tossed stuff down/up at people who are walking by (whether it was that tool they were asking for, or snack bits as they pass by)
  • started a fashion show with Liam and a sleep-deprived Gil
  • staged a dramatic sword/lightsaber fight (but with whom?)
  • space bowling??
  • hopped off the side to avoid a conversation or meeting reminder (or just to look cool) (luck was in their favor the first two times, but then they got cocky and sprained their ankle on the third try)
  • fashion show now with guest stars Suvi and Kallo
  • special guest star when Cora refuses to change her route for their shenanigans
  • dropped something onto the floor below while Too Damn Tired and just kinda slowly sank to their knees and then their chest until they’re laying down with their arm dangling over the side, reaching, until Vetra finally walks by, “Oh thank god you’re here, your arms are long and beautiful. Can you please pick that up and just. put it in my hand.”
  • tried to use biotics/jump jet to do some cool wall bounce from the first floor onto the walkway, estimated any aspect of that wrong, crashed into the opposite wall, and crawled to medbay
  • sat on the side with their legs gently swaying, listening to the hum and beep of the ship

Mass Effect Andromeda - Golden Worlds

Full set.

This was an idea I have been obsessed with ever since finishing the game; loving space age travel art as much as I do, I couldn’t help but wonder about the Initiative’s tourism advertising revving up once viability was green across the board and Meridian was secured. Almost all of the formerly busted Golden Worlds, now fully habitable and relatively safe - what would the visual explosion of their marketing look like? So I went ahead and gave it a shot.

Post-ending travel ads for the Golden Worlds of the Heleus Cluster, with a bonus appearance from Aya. I released these in 2 installments, but I decided I wanted to look at them all together. Super proud of these.

Prints available!

Whatcha gonna do, where are you gonna go,
  When the darkness closes on you?
Is there anybody out there looking for you?
  Do they know what you’ve been through?