*ryan x amber

@maebirdwing: #RYBER

@MattLauria: #4EVER

@jonathantucker: @MattLauria @maebirdwing @ScottPorter & I think not.

@ScottPorter: @jonathanmtucker @MattLauria @maebirdwing Tucker randomly yelling “they took my woman” to anyone who’ll listen at LAX…

@MattLauria: @jonathanmtucker @maebirdwing @ScottPorter wanna fight over it?? (Oh yeah…we already have)

Epic twitter war between Amber’s suitors… To be continued?

There is a little bts video of their shoot here.


my my love - joshua radin

My, my love
I’ve been running too fast to belong to anyone
But then you came along

Ugh Parenthood always makes me cry <3

Can’t wait for the season finale!

I had butterflies during that Joel-Julia conversation, and I haven’t liked Joel all that much lately.

Hank is being so sweet and nice with Amber, I really think him and Sarah could work out in the long term… what the writers have done with these two is just amazing. Instead of forcing them together to be her rebound relationship from Mark, they’ve given them both time apart to grow as characters, and time together to grow as individuals and friends. The relationship that is possible with them NOW would’ve been unthinkable last season. Well done, writers!

I’m interested in seeing where the selling “the house” and Haddie’s return is going to go.

Ryan and Amber as usual make me cry and question my feelings.