my mouth tastes like booze and bad decisions (Tuckington, AU, NSFW mentioned, 1.7k)

i’m sick as fuck, here’s some unedited fluff. take it and leave me here to die.


It takes Washington a good minute of lazy wakefulness, crushed under the gentle weight of layers of blankets and pleasant fading dreams, to realize he’s not alone in bed. A few seconds after that, and a deep inhale of sheets that smell like sex and unfamiliar detergent, and he realizes it’s not even his own bed.

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Memory is a sieve.

Layers drifting through the snow.

 Sometimes in life-

-we brush up against people, things, times we’ve known before.

It always happens in the snow.

This was inspired by chapter one of Salt Sanford’s Elephants, and made for the RvB Big Bang! I can’t help but be extra; you inspire drama. Below, are the individual layers for your viewing pleasure! @littlefists

Something indescribable clenched in Church’s sense of self. Could an AI even cry? Could he cry? When was the last time he’d cried? Had he ever cried in his entire existence? He guessed it didn’t really matter. First time for everything. The sensation of tears welled up inside him and Church wished desperately for the physicality of sobbing, to have the chance to hitch out this monstrous sorrow in shaky gasps while his face screwed up with the effort of weeping. But he had no lungs and no eyes, so he cried quietly with code instead. It wasn’t as satisfying. A lousy first. Made saying the important shit easier, though.

“Bye, Tex,” he said.

“Goodbye, Church,” she said.

With one last tight and imaginary-tear soaked embrace, Church jumped out.

Part 2 of my art for @aryashi‘s amaaazing Big Bang fic, The Plan Sucks, We’re Changing It (x)! It’s heaven-sent if you want to see some quality Alpha-centric content!

Double Time (7/24)

Disclaimer: Red vs Blue and related characters are the property of Rooster Teeth.
Language, Canon-typical violence
Tuckington, Chex
Rating: T
[Hero Time Sequel] After the events of Hero Time, the city and Blood Gulch are prepared for the true return of superheroes in a big way. But while Washington is attempting to adjust to a new relationship and a new living arrangement, the call of new heroes and a new mayor mean major changes for his professional life as well as his personal one. How will the balance of values fare when his new partners come to test everything he’s made of.

A/N: Aaaand now we’re getting to the antagonists of the evening. I’m curious to see how many saw them coming ; ) 

Special thanks to @analiarvb, @thepheonixqueen, @cobaltqueen, @icefrozenover, @notatroll7, @secretlystephaniebrown, @freshzombiewriter, @ashleystlawrence, @a-taller-tale, Kiwibat, Kairachar1869, Yin, and @washingtonstub on AO3 and tumblr for the wonderful feed back! I truly appreciate it more than you know.

Threats as They Come

There was a part of Washington that was disappointed when he came through the window at four that morning and, rather than finding Tucker awake waiting for him, was instead met with the awkward silence of his partner soundly sleeping. 

Even if it had become more and more often that these were the way things were, and even though Wash easily rationalized it by remembering Tucker worked still, after all, he felt a certain pang about it.

Which was nothing compared to the headache he got when the blinds were pulled open and the bedroom light came on only three hours later. 

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With the swooping sensation of stepping over a cliff edge, Church plunged into the Meta.

Also much like walking off a cliff, the immediate follow up sensation was agony. Utter fucking agony, mind blowing and hideous. Church thought he’d been familiar with pain; he thought death by tank shell and being blown up from the inside had taught him everything worth knowing about hurt. The Meta made those experiences laughable, trivial by comparison. Church’s entire awareness was subsumed by drowning in fire, being crushed by screams, thrashing desperately in a maelstrom with no beginning or end.

Alpha Alpha ALPHA alpha Alpha AlPhA ALPHA

“Wha-AAARG! What the fuck! How is this worse than the-the goddamn dumpster fire I just left!?”

Part 1 of my Big Bang art for @aryashi‘s wonderful fic, The Plan Sucks, We’re Changing It (x)! She’s an amazing writer and an even more amazing person, y’all should definitely go check her work out!

Good look (Agent Washington x Blue!Reader)

Prompt #40 Have I entered an alternate universe or did you just really crack a smile for me?

When Washington became the leader of the Blue Team, he was that kind of strict guy, who would order everyone to run laps, clean the base, that kind of stuff, team stuff. This guy didn’t even sleep, he didn’t smile, sometimes he wouldn’t eat. It was scary somehow.

That day, Wash had ordered you and Tucker to run laps around the base. When you were done, you stopped to breth, and you felt two hands coming behind you to grab you. Both hands held you tightly aganist the body.

“Hey, sweetcheeks.” You heard the grin in Tucker’s voice as he pressed his body aganist you, still panting from running around the base.

“Let go, Tucker.” You growled, rolling your eyes.

“You look amazing covered in sweat.”

To that point, turning around freeing yourself from your teammate’s grip and punched him as hard as you could. 

That was when you heard a muffled laugh, when you stared up, you discovered it came from the new leader,you even smiled as you heard him fighting to keep the laugh inside.

“Have I entered an alternate universe or did you just really crack a smile for me?” You asked with a grin, staring briefly at Tucker lying on the ground with both hands covering his face.

Wash couldn’t help but smile as he cleared his throat. 

“You can have a break, Private (Last Name)”

“Hey,Washington. You should smile more often, it’s a good look on you.” You left with a shrug grabbing your bottle of water, trying to not think of how he blushed when you said that.

Shotgun (Sarge x Red!Reader)

Prompt #28 Marry me?

After years in Red Team, after all you’d been through together as a family with the others, it was time to settle down again. New base in Vallhalla, and everything was calmer as it could be.

Sarge had always been protective towards you since you arrived, until you became more than a Team Member, a friend, a confident to finally be his lover.

And as I had said before, it was time to settle down.

Sarge had planned everything to be perfect, once a soldier at his charge, now a life partner. Someone to fight the blues until the day he dies, hopefully.

So he made up with his “romantic” ideas from old movies that Donut made the entire team watch once. And he hoped everything went just as good as with those movies. A romantic dinner, it should be easy, right?

Everything was god, silence as good, just you and him, but something felt odd for you.

“I think this is very nice, Sarge.” You smiled at him when you finished your dinner. “But, where are the others? Don’t tell me you tried to poison Grif’s meal…again.” 

Sarge shook his head. “I wish I did that, but I needed to do something more important! More important than killing the blues even!”

“And that is…?”

He stood silent for a moment, then he faked coughing. “Shotgun!” He said between coughs, but nothing happened, and he tried again. “Shotgun, goddamnit!”

“Oh, right!” Yo heard Simmons voice, and to this point you bit your lip, trying to not giggle when both, Simmons and Grif sppeared by the door, holding signs. Simmons’ said “Will you…” And Grif’s one “Marry him?” Trying to process what the signs said you didn’t notice Sarge kneeling infront of you, reaching for your hand, and then you were staring at him.

“(Your Name) (Last Name), I’m an old man, and there’s nothing I wish more than to kill the blues! Or Grif! And for that I need you next to me. Will you marry me?”

You stared at both idiots, who were expecting you tosay something, and then you stared at Sarge.

“Let’s kill the blues together.”

Like Omega is so interesting bc he’s the only ai who “infects” his host. Like, he doesn’t just cohabit in a person’s head he actively changes their behavior and thought process. That’s kind of established as a Big Deal when Sigma does that to Maine but Meg’s out there doing it no problem no biggy?

God I want to know so much more about these AI but nah they had to focus on treating woman like shit and heterosexual nonsense

Shitty churchnut doodles in the back of my notebook bc I super don’t wanna finish writing this paper for class oh my gosh Im so bored of it