Sing to me
                                              Sing to me
                                    I don’t want to wake up
                                     On my own anymore.


“Playing normal is hard; especially playing normal that’s not you. The biggest challenge in playing Alicia is trying to make a teenage girl seem fully formed and not the quintessential moody teenager with a quippy, sassy line here and there.”


Rocket Run is a challenging retro space exploration game inspired by Gravitar and Thrust, in which you attempt to navigate your rocket around hazard-filled levels, collecting artefacts and using precise control of your thrust to avoid bumping into things.

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The White Queen Running

Dread builds in the center of her chest as her consciousness rises, a weight settling on her sternum, and it’s not real - it can’t be real - but it makes her struggle for breath all the same as she opens her eyes. And remembers -
- everything

or that au where Clarke wakes up wearing the tattoos of the Ice Nation

fic by @entirelytookeen