I wrote a new Rumbelle o/s
Shocking, right?

A Floofy Debate
Fandom: OUAT
Pairing: Rumbelle
Rating: T

Summary: Due to a tragic accident in the shop, Rumpel is forced to get a haircut. Belle is not pleased with the results.

Thank you @anonymousnerdgirl for giving me the idea :D

Read it here on Ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/7860982 or here on FFnet: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12117864/1/

Random thoughts...

Random lack of sleep thoughts:   Rumplestiltskin in some depictions will be summoned or disappear if you say his name, in fact in Once Upon a Time season 4 Belle summons him by calling his name three times.    Imagine a battle between Rumplestiltskin and Beetlejuice.  It would turn into each trying to say the other’s name really fast.  Then imagine if Bloody Mary and Candyman show up…

Aaand already sick of the Hook stans and their anti-Rumpel “Milah defense squad” bullshit.

They’re “Killian Jones Defense Squad” and “Milah Defense Squad”, so it would be a lot easier for them to change their name to “Abusive Partners Defense Squad”.

“Abusive Partners and Child Abandoners Defense Squad.”

That’s interesting:

  • Hook has abused neither of the ladies he’s had significant relationships with (he’s actually an amazing partner)
  • Neither did Milah
  • Hook never abandoned a child
  • Milah left her son in the care of his other parent

But you know who DID abuse their romantic partners (in some cases EVERY single one) and who DID abandon their children?

anonymous asked:

what will it take for your to like rumpel again?

first off, talk about a loaded question. so, here’s the thing. I don’t dislike the character of rumpelstiltskin. 

okay, okay, before some of you take out your pitchforks and screech and throw things at me… listen before you decide to troll. I love Rumple as the bad guy. He is up there with characters like Moriarty on Sherlock… Kilgrave on Jessica Jones… Angelus on BTVS… he’s just so damn BAD that I enjoy seeing him on my screen. There is no redemption arc in his foreseeable future. He has embraced that he WANTS to be bad and will no longer try to appease those who feel he could be GOOD (including his once-deceived wife). 

His character can do such awful things but Bobby is so great that one can still, at times, feel BAD for Rumpel after all he’s done because Bobby is THAT good at making ppl feel sorry for this asshole… That, to me, is what makes a great baddie. I like how twisted he is. I like how he’s out for himself and damn everyone else.

I love Rumple. Boyfriend and I cheer when he’s on our screen. Because he’s such a little SHIT. As Bobby said… Rumple is def more fun when he’s bad!  And why he’s such an interesting character to me. 

A Floofy Debate

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2c8cwNJ

by CharlotteAshmore

Due to a tragic accident in the shop, Rumpel is forced to get a haircut. Belle is not pleased with the results.

Words: 2926, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2c8cwNJ


I don’t hate Rumpel because of these imagined disorders or proclivities the dearies have created, but because you can look back into any season and see how he is a bastard and an asshole, who does everything wrong even when he is given every chance to be a hero (not to mention the mysoginy and abuse towards his “true love”)

Oh exactly…..in fact, doesn’t CS tic off every single box they’re claiming? Snowing, in many ways, as well. Yet what it really translates out to is, “But Kwumple isn’t as pretty, so people are meanies to him!!!” And, again, the attempt by RC fangirls to give their toxic ship some deeper meaning.

Similarly, liking SwampQueen just because Lana is a PoC is also innately biased and kinda dumb. It’s like saying Pablo Escobar was cool cause HE was Latino! Doesn’t change that while Regina seeks to reform, she backslides a shit ton and is still the same person who used to be an oppressive dictator, gleefully murdering entire innocent villages because she felt pissy.

hollygonowhere  asked:

Hello! I asked this the other day but I'm not sure if you got the message. Are there any fics that center specifically on the bit where Rumpel tells Belle she fell in love with him because he was a man and a beast? And Belle finally accepting him and/or admitting that she actually likes his darkness?

Yeah, I didn’t get your first message, sometimes tumblr just eats them for no reason. :(

About your question, I think there were a bunch of stories like this after 5.17 aired, the ones I can come up with right now are:

As always please feel free to add more fic recs if you can think of a story that fits with what hollygonowhere is looking for.

imagine classic mj&rt going to a hotel to stake out or something for macavity, but they have to bring rum tum. rumpel introduces them as “im bonnie, this is my husband john and his work friend terry” john being mungo (she loves making them be a couple) and terry being rum tum.

she tells the staff a longwinded tale about their wedding and how this was part of their honeymoon (idk why “terry” is there) and they eat it up and probs give them a discount.

later, a staff member walks into their room- walking in on mungojerrie and rum tum… getting busy

the staff member slams the door shut and just whispers “that poor girl”