The Course of True Love, A Monthly Rumbelling Fic

Rated: G

Prompt: Belle has the dagger and Rumple takes it back

Summary: Feeling that something is very wrong about his curse, Rumpel goes behind Belle’s back to seek out his dagger and confirm his fears that soon, the darkness will be out of control. When he finds it, however, he gets the surprise of his life…

[Takes place in a happy world that ignores the dagger switch at the end of S3Ep20 “Kansas”.]

Word Count: 1816


The Course of True Love

He knew where the dagger was, of course. That had never been a secret between them. Trust went both ways, after all. That was what Belle had said when he had given her the ultimate power over him. She changed its hiding place often, for safety’s sake, but she always told him where it was. They could never rule out the possibility of some kind of magical emergency that would require its use, but Belle had always trusted him to tell her if and why he needed it back. He felt a little twist of guilt as he parked up the Cadillac at the town line and got out, taking a route through the forest due east in the direction she had told him four months ago. He should have said something to her, he really should, but truth be told, he was afraid, and he wanted to make sure that whatever it was that was happening to him could not harm her, or god forbid harm the baby growing snugly in her belly. No, this was something that he had to do alone, and hopefully Belle would understand that after the fact. If all went well, then she would never need to know about this little indiscretion.

He’d been feeling it for so long now that it could no longer be put down to a twinge or his senses being a little off. Something was definitely changing. He was changing. He did not feel the same man as he had been a little over a year ago when he had willingly surrendered the dagger to Belle and they had taken their vows.

And Rumpelstiltskin was absolutely terrified.

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I was just reading this tumblr post defending Rumpelstiltskin and how he was never actually the villain. (I reblogged it if you want to read the whole thing.) The king was the real one. I was wondering about maybe a TAU version with Alcor as Rumpel?

TAU itself has a demon based on Rumpelstiltskin already - he’s the one who revealed to Toby Pines the truth of his past lives and name of Bill - but if someone wants to have some fun with this concept in fic or art or what have you, go for it.

Something tragic I noticed in Skin Deep

I am sure other Rumbelle fans may have noticed this long before I did but I just noticed this and thought I should share it.

First I’m going to flash back here to season two when we saw Milah mock Rumplestiltskin with her pirate friends at the tavern.  Later when she’s hung over (despite how she treated him) human Rumplestiltskin offers her a cup of tea but she does not take it.

(Ironic that there are some haters who insist this guy somehow abused her. She left their child home alone with a fire while she mocked her disabled husband to pirates.  And later when she’s hung over he tries to give her tea.   Sooooo abusive.  That’s sarcasm, by the way…)


In Season four during the AU where he is “The Light One” it’s Belle who offers him a cup of tea to help clear his thoughts. 

He ends up dropping it and it becomes that universe’s chipped cup.

The point here is that tea has always had a special significance to Rumple before he even became the imp, before even Belle’s chipped cup.

Now back to Skin Deep.  After Rumplestiltskin kicks Belle out we see Rumple alone at his spinning wheel when Regina barges in.  He was not expecting her that day.  She’s there to discuss “a certain little mermaid.” 

However…  look at the tea he has out.  Rumple had two tea cups ready.  I think he was hoping that despite having kicked her out, that Belle would again return and he could make amends over a cup of tea, as he would have when he was mortal.

Look. There are two cups.  He wasn’t expecting Regina.  They both make that clear.  She just helped herself to the tea.   So who was that second cup for? 

He was hoping Belle would return.  He wanted to talk to her, he wanted to be the one to serve her tea.

And what is the first thing he does for Belle in the very first episode of Season two?  Well, it’s interrupted by the heroes barging into his shop but he’s preparing her that tea finally.

I think that after Rumplestitlskin kicked Belle out in Skin Deep he kept setting out two cups and tea in case she’d come back, hoping she’d come back.   And after he believed her to be dead he would have given anything to have that cup of tea with her…  

It was always there in the back of his mind so when they were finally reunited it was the first thing he did with her, besides admitting he loves her.

When he serves you tea it’s his way of apologizing or an act of humility.  In any event it seems to be his go to instinct for “making things right.”

I wonder if that’s something child Rumple got from the spinsters who raised him, that when things are bad, or you are fighting with someone, pour them a cup of tea.  Tea makes everything better.  Even the AU Belle set it.  “Things always look better after a nice cup of tea.”

I wish they’d release the extended cut of Skin Deep

Apparently the original running length for the Once upon a Time episode Skin Deep was a full eighteen minutes longer than they were allowed.  The choice was either pad it out into two episodes or cut it down.  Due to the length of the season they chose to cut it down.  

I wish they would release the extended cut as a DVD bonus.  It is a very popular episode.  The filming script for it was leaked online, which is a rarity.

Back in 2008, when The Scifi channel (now Syfy) made its short lived Dresden Files TV series, the eighth episode was Storm Front, based on the first book of the Dresden Files Book series and was actually the show’s original pilot cut down.  When cut down to episode length and squeezed in at episode eight it didn’t really work.  Later an extended version was shown just once (in the middle of the night) as a Scifi channel original movie. Since then bootlegs of the longer cut have surfaced online and it’s become the most sought after relic from the short lived TV series.

They should consider releasing the extended Skin Deep in some form.

“Rumplestiltskin was never a hero”

This is why I hate the IMDB board for Once Upon a Time.  The moment you say anything good about Rumplestiltskin someone picks a fight with you.  I make a thread comparing Once Upon a time to Dark Shadows and a I mentioned Barnabas and Rumplestiltskin’s moments of heroism or villainy depending on what’s convenient for the writers and I got told “Rumple was never a hero.”

Oh, no?

1.   He smashed his own ankle so his son wouldn’t grow up fatherless.

2.   He, with severe limp and all, went into a burning castle to save his son.

3.  He saved the Children from The Ogre Wars before the Darkness got the better of him.  This is canonically stated.

4.   He died to save the town and those he loved from Peter Pan.   Why does everyone forget this?   And yes, it’s been confirmed he did really die.    He didn’t just “Go into the Dark One Vault” the way some people were saying.   That’s why Neal died for his Resurrection.  He was dead-dead.

5.  When he was resurrected he gave up his dagger (power and freedom and sanity) to try to save his son.

If that’s not heroic your definition of heroic is pretty freakin’ warped. 

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How about Reverse Fairytale Prompts?

I did one for the Beauty and the Beast you can check out. For others:

  • Little red is a hunter with the skin of a red fox over her back. The wolf is trying to hunt his hunter.
  • The baby from Rumpelstiltskin was stolen from a poor farm couple and given to the Queen. It’s Rumpel’s job to get it back.
    • Or, instead of Rumpel helping desperate people in exchange for their first born he is like a black-market every-man that will help greedy people get what they want. For a price, of course.
  • Snow White is an enchantress who can make anyone fall helplessly and foolishly in love with her with one look. Anyone but the “Evil” Queen.
  • Long ago Rapunzel was locked away in the tower because she’s an immortal monster (vampire, soul-sucker, gorgon…whatever you want). As the years passed and those who locked her away disappeared, a story of a damsel in the distress kidnapped and locked away by a witch began to float around. Many have tried to rescue her not knowing they’re walking to their death. The princes’ demise is always chalked up to death at the hands of the witch.
  • A genie who will grant you any three wishes, no rules at all. Except for—and you’re never told this until it’s too late—after the wishes are granted you have to replace the genie in it’s bottle until someone else finds the lamp.