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Dutch Tram Cat is a Facebook Star 

A cat in Rotterdam who likes to hang out at a tram stop in the port city’s Kralingen district has become an unlikely Facebook star, the Telegraaf reports on Thursday.
The black and white cat, named Ake, has been hanging around the tram stop for 10 years and is well known to locals and tram staff.
Now conductor Stefan Zoutewelle has set up a Facebook page for the cat where people can upload pictures of Ake and share their selfies. The page has gathered 3,000 likes in the last two days alone.
Ake is also known to take the odd tram trip and is always returned to the right stop by a helpful conductor. ‘Everyone knows where the cat is supposed to be,’ Zoutewelle told local broadcaster RTV Rijnmond.
Silke Reijngoud, who owns the cat, says she had no idea Ake was so famous, nor what the cat got up to during the day. 

Via DutchNews - Photos: Tram Poes/Facebook

Calling all unrecognised writers!

Following the update from the BIG MAN aka Kevin, we are forging ahead to find more writers :)

This is a message to all writers, who are still finding their feet on Tumblr, or have perhaps found the place daunting. If you are a writer and want your work read, please feel free to follow, either myself wordswritteninsilence and more importantly the RTV , a wonderful initiative/project created by Kevin 

Any questions - don’t be afraid to ask me or anyone at the RTV. We don’t bite, unless that’s what you’re seeking, in which case I’m sure we can work something out :)



Taylor Swift singing ‘Enchanted’ in KL, Malaysia

A Call To Arms...

IF there are any RTV family still here on tumblr, I would like to gather as many of you as possible to fill our queue with those brilliant writers that fly under the radar all too often.  I would like to see RTV all over the dash this weekend.  If you can’t, believe me, I understand as I’ve not been able to devote much attention to RTV lately.  BUT…I’m going to try to revive the old magic, find some hidden gems and even make my old comments like a couple of years ago…  I hope you can all join me for a fun-filled weekend of reading and writing inspiration!!!  If there are others out there with the passion for poetry and finding some lesser known poets, let me know.  Love you all….always!


There may well be more rounds to be played between the two of us, and until such time as we’re both free to engage, I shall remain in delighted anticipation.
                                                                                                  —   Jamie Moriarty

Tumblr Evolves

I was your poetry tag editor…one of them at least. I tried my best to be fair, post a wide selection, and only what I viewed as very well written poetry. What else could I do? The tag system is dead, the editors are gone. I’ve been open about it being necessary for tumblr’s growth. We were not asked to be editors BTW, the ability to tag just showed up on our blogs. Some tried to use the responsibility just, others posted sticky rice GIF’s. I probably gravitated towards certain poetry more than others too…I’m sorry for those days. I wanted to best represent the poetry of tumblr because I love this community and the poet’s that comprise it. Always will. Always will try to get your words seen by more eyes if I like it, though RTV and BTP. If I miss you, keep writing. Write for you though, it’s the only way. You can do both…write for you and be “featured”. You don’t ever have to limit yourself…and if my eyes never cross your work doesn’t mean it’s not worthy, just means I missed it or it wasn’t for me. Keep writing…I’ll be reading.