Breathe For Me

oh sometimes…
I need to remember to breathe
simply breathe for me

in taking care of others
my sisters and brothers
my dutiful responsibilities

I forget to stop and let…
let myself breathe
stop and get a little relief

oh sometimes…
I need to remember to breathe
just breathe…
breathe for me

FollowCB | Copyright August 18, 2017

Being Born Being

An election of my days
Become temporal like clouds

This quiet sits down once in
Each and every day a  

Sound evaporates with the
Constancy of tears in daylight

Sends its message in
Degrees of Tangibility

Its undercurrent of awareness
Awry in the aire of now, encloses

The Hall of lost thought
In an orientation of

Redemptive purpose this -
My own periphery spherical

An etymology of decision
Begins the entanglement

Of entelechy, becomes
Simple consciousness found

As my soul becomes
Manifest in this earthen life

© K. James Ribble

The Chaos of Lamentation

If tears were become beauty
My life before you would weep
The river of my ever flowing heart  
Until every drop proclaimed
My love for you –

If sorrow were become grace
Like the light of your eyes
This, my grief would still
Cast an unending stream
Of the deepest courage

Would never run dry by
These raging waters of my
Devotion to you,  
Purified by the wonder
Of your consecrated heart –

If silence were become truth
For all the loss of this world
In which I have found you
Across the ages of every epoch
Before the beginning of

You and I, let this soundlessness
Break me into a million pieces
That I may take every shard of
This broken earth and offer them
To you in unceasing fealty

That it may heal you in the
Same Light of life you
Have given me, my gratitude
Beyond this realm of heart
Beyond the sphere of divine

© K. James Ribble

Love connects. Love accepts. Love protects. Love opens. Love expands. Love creates.
Love knows no boundaries. Love crosses great divides. Love is a bridge. Love builds communities of the heart. Love unites.
Love goes beyond. Love has no orientation.
Love is love is love. Love is superhuman.

The Human Experience | FollowCB

Copyright 2017

The Musing Stars Imaginings

Galaxies come and go as
You dressed us in
The softest light
A mirage of catastrophe
Bodes only in explosions
Of the finest silk
Borne from the solar
Winds of time

Walking these lands
We’ve enshrouded our
Selves in the golden breath
Of encapsulation
Like a thievery
In the colors of song
That base our clothing
Of love seen for eons by
The peoples of this place

This redress comes not
For us but consumes the
Afterlife of every star
Each nova seeking expulsion
Towards the proposition that
This splendor is our success
To be endowed with the
Beauty of eternity

© K. James Ribble


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Cycle Sybaritic

exhibit a

I’ve come into
          this world
A sensual being
          like a First Memory
In this Time of Memory
          [memory is time]
All collected,
Coherence of Thought
Blinded by
          All this (time)
          as though
I’ve walked into darkness,
Only to keep saying
          It’s OK!  It’s OK!

exhibit b

Coherence of Thought
          this world
I’ve come into
          like a First Memory
I’ve walked into darkness,
          [memory is time]
In this Time of Memory
          It’s OK!  It’s OK!
All collected,
          All this (time)
          as though
Blinded by
A sensual being
          Only to keep saying

repeat exhibit a

© K. James Ribble


here’s michaela’s final tea with michaela b. with cirie!

Still Star-Crossed Time Slot vs. Other Period Dramas Time Slots

Eastern Time

Still Star-Crossed (ABC) : 10 pm

Galavant (ABC) : 8 pm

Once Upon A Time (ABC) : 8 pm

Reign (The CW) : 8 pm

Game of Thrones (HBO), 9 pm

Period dramas are a niche and most children and millennials are watching TV between 7-10 pm.

Why ABC did not choose to broadcast SSC on Prime Time to attract a wide audience like every other period dramas ?

How can you put a period drama without sex and violence at 10 PM after Reality TV?

Do you really think that those who watch RTV  are the target audience of period dramas?

Journalists have been comparing the ratings of Mistress and SSC because the first one was broadcast during the same period last year but, you can’t compare a drama TV about adultery with a cutable millennial period drama like SSC.

So with the lack of promotion, this horrible schedule is another proof ABC did not want to do the best to give Still Star Crossed a chance to succeed.