God fucking bless Norman Reedus, who was pissed off enough about homophobic assholes putting words in his mouth and making it seem like he was anything less than THRILLED at the idea of playing Daryl queer to speak out against them on his Twitter and call the shit tabloid misinformation and the people that spread it bullshit. (Norman’s tweet | tw at the original article for homophobia especially in the comment section)

Take that as a message to every single person out there who tries to make it seem like Norman is not supportive of this as a potential reading. Whatever your interpretation of the material is- whatever your ships are, they don’t matter. Daryl as queer deserves to be treated with as much respect and legitimacy as him being straight (if not more), and it’s a possibility that everyone associated with the show but most significantly Norman Reedus himself has shown support for.

You aren’t into it? Fine, whatever, I don’t give a shit!

Neither does he.

But don’t you dare make it seem like he isn’t, or put words in his mouth or act like he isn’t supportive of that interpretation. That’s insulting to him, to all of the queer people who work on this show, and to all of the queer fans who support it.

Norman is 100% supportive of the idea of Daryl being queer and fans who are thrilled for the idea, and he spoke out and called that article bull when he could have just ignored it. Regardless of Daryl’s orientation in the show, his support for Daryl as queer as a valid reading means EVERYTHING. and I’m absolutely grateful.