Luke Skywalker #11

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Anonymous requested: Hey there lovely! I was wondering if you could do a fem!reader x rotj!luke where the emperor uses the reader against luke to turn him to the dark side? maybe he induces pain on her, or using some form of mind control, he plays with the reader’s mind, by ‘saying’ that luke had harmed her, and makes her fight him? you can decide if he manages to pull her out of it, or not. c: 

Prompt: The reader is put in a state where she thinks Luke has hurt her by the Emperor.After trying time and time again, he finally gets her back. 

A/N: I know you said ROTJ Luke but……….. It’s more like a bit of time before ROTJ. I really like how they did the last scene of Jedi, and I wouldn’t want to add a character to that scene, and Luke only faces the Emperor once, so I have changed it a bit. The reader was captured and Luke is rescuing. 

“Where is she?!” Luke yelled, arming his lightsaber. It green glow luminated off of the Emperor and Luke, and one other figure standing behind the Emperor, it was clearly a girl. 

“She’s right here” the Emperor laughs, stepping aside to reveal you. You were under the Emperors influence, falsely believing that Luke was a killer, the man who tried to kill you, he also hurt your friends Han and Leia. You glared at him, preparing your attack. 

“Y/N!” He yells, running to you with a smile across his face. He tried to hug you, but you pushed him away. He stumbled back a bit, looking at you with a sad and confused look. “Y/N, its me?” 

You grabbed a blaster next to you. “You, you are going to pay for what you did!” 

Luke quickly realized what was going on. He turned to the Emperor in a fit of rage. “What the hell did you do to Y/N?” 

“He helped me realize what you were. You are a killer, you killed villages worth of people, you tortured Han, Leia and I.” You say, stepping closer to him, all your muscles became tense. 

“No!” He shouts. “Y/N I could never hurt you! Or Han and Leia!” he yelled. “Snap out of it, please.” He came closer to you, trying to put his arms around you. You stop him by shooting - well attempting to - shoot him. He steps back a bit, giving you space. “Y/N, my love, please.”

“I’m not your ‘love’!” You shouted chasing him down a corridor. “I could never love such a monster!” You try to shoot him, but running and aiming is incredibly hard. 

“This isn’t who you are! You’ve got it all wrong!” Luke tries to convince you. “Please come back to me!” He begins running up a short staircase, but trips and turns to face you as you fall to your knees above him. “You are being tricked.” he says, his voice is weak and sad. 

“This is it, Luke Skywalker. You’ve hurt me for the last time!” Tears well up in your eyes as you grab your blaster. Luke notices your tears, and in one last romantic moment, cups your face in his hands. 

“Hey… hey.. don’t cry” he whispers, tracing him thumb on your cheek. “I hate seeing you cry.” 

“You’ve caused every tear I’ve ever shed.” 

“No, you think that I did, and you think I hurt you. Y/N, I couldn’t hurt you even if I tried. I’m not Luke Skywalker, the killer. I’m Luke Skywalker, the man who loves you.” 

You struggle to speak. “L-love?” Is all that comes out. 

“Yes, I love you, Y/F/N”

A feeling appears in your chest, first its slow, like lava running through your body, then it’s suddenly very overwhelming. You realize where you are and who Luke really is, also what you’ve done. He has a few bruises from his fall. 

Behind you, the emperor hisses. “Kill him!” 

You don’t turn around, you just keep your focus on Luke. “No” you say. He grins his normal dorky Luke grin, and pulls you in for a kiss. His soft lips meet yours and you instantly fall back in love in a second. “Luke I’m so, so sorry” you begin. 

“Shh, It’s okay, Come one, let’s get out of here.” A small battle against the emperor, and you’re off. Aboard his X-Wing, and soon enough back home in his arms. “Are you okay?” He asks, pulling you onto his lap on the couch. 

“Are you?” 

“I asked you first, didn’t I?” 

“I’m fine, I’m home with you. Now tell me how you are, that was pretty tense and I can’t picture it being easy.” 

“I’m home with you” Luke says, copying your words. He smiles sweetly, and places a gentle kiss on your forehead, making you feel at peace. 

for real how are people still trying to say the young anakin force ghost in rotj was bad and that a frickin darth vader force ghost would have been better?? like, first off, idk about you but i can’t imagine dv’s force ghost doing anything more than putting his hands on his hips while skulking around the bonfire/doing a hokey dad dance like drake in that snl skit to embarrass luke in front of his cool pilot friends, and really how is that better? 

also it is honestly nonsensical to have a dv ghost bc the whole ?? point ?? of the movie and its climax was to show how luke’s faith and love brought anakin, his father, back from the dredges of darth vader and the grips of the empire…so why would he come back in that Moste Evil form when his death was supposed to symbolize a kind of redemption?

besides, the other ghosts are shown as they were when they died, obi wan is old, yoda is…well he looks the same as any other point in the movies i guess but you get what i mean. how many times does ben say ‘your father died’ when he was talking about anakin? showing young anakin coming back matches the forms of the others, as he was that old when any semblance of anakin, the jedi, the father, died. 

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Do you think Leia felt Luke being shot full of lightning in RotJ? Obviously she felt Han die, but in TFA she's had some time to practice and get used to her Force connection whereas in RotJ it's pretty new and she's probably never really had the chance to explore it before.

not exactly i think the thing is leia doesn’t experience what the people she’s connected to experience as in she feels their pain it doesn’t work so much that way - in bloodline and moving target she describes it more just like the awareness of something bad happening. she already knew luke was in danger from the moment he walked off to face vader so she would have felt that but not necessarily him being hurt specifically by the lightning. like with han i don’t feel she felt him die as in she felt the pain i think the point is she couldn’t feel him anymore - when han died that connection was severed what she was reacting to was the sudden absence. thats how she knew han wasn’t just hurt he was gone.