LOOOOOOVE this movie! #rosemcgowan #jawbreaker

Rose McGowan on the film industry in a speech to female executives and producers:

“"We didn’t join the Mafia when we joined the business. We owe no one our vow of silence.”

“Put female writers and directors on the TOP of your lists. Do it every time. If asked why, say why not, and walk away. Give them something to think about.”

“Women are in all kinds of jobs and have complex lives, so put that on the screen. I’m curious about the plumber who says two words on film if she’s a woman. What’s her story? How’d she get there?”

“No one gets to abuse you. If someone is a misogynist, an abuser of Talent and Crew, or worse, DO NOT LET THEM GET HIRED.”

“Stop viewing film and TV as product. It is not product. You and I are making documented history. We are creating a time capsule. Choose what you put in it wisely.”

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Does anybody have a way to contact Al Pacino to wish him a Happy Birthday for me?! I have a joke for him.

In this movie - if you do the math right - what do you get when you:

Ass Hole - Ass ..le = ?

You get what Sarah Silverman plays in this movie :

A HO!!!! 😅😅😅😅 Good night everybody! God Bless America!!