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Devendra Banhart’s “Mondo Taurobolium” by Galen Pehrson - NOWNESS presents

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Part 2


Something tells me that the chances of a woman being this way - is not the product of mindful parenting - but I could be wrong.

If we have a society of women who strive to be like this -then perhaps society’s ideas of what it means to be a woman or rather lady - are too rigid - and various institutions should be re-examined.

Although it is an image of empowerment - I don’t think it necessarily goes against the values of a sexist society in as much as it goes against a overly conservative vision of a civilized society.

I’m sure that if you showed a tribe of primitive middle-eastern men that was inclined to suppress women (like that young woman Malala) - this image - and then convinced them there was a small army of highly skilled female Ninja like warriors working for a North American Human Rights Organization who go about infiltrating areas of the world that don’t respect women’s rights and punish such men without remorse - it may scare the patriarchal foundation of such societies!

Or it may encourage them to attack America -for unleashing what they probably perceive to be the devil! 😅😂😅😂 A possible premise for a Quentin Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez flick perhaps.