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Did you see the BBC interview with Nico Rosberg they were talking about this years championship and he was talking about Lewis and Seb. He said he hoped it went down to the wire and for is ex-racing family to win. So he basically just admitted that he wants Lewis to win and he's so cute in it.

Oh my goodness, I haven’t! I’ve read some articles about him praising this year’s championship race today and how it’s great for Lewis and Seb to be fighting it out! But thank you, I’ve just seen it (I don’t follow Nico very closely so I must’ve missed it lmao) and I know right, my Brocedes heart is honestly crying because Nico’s already spoken about how he wants to be friends with Lewis again and their photo at Cannes means they’re already on better terms and hopefully, we’ll see more of Brocedes this weekend and Nico more straightforwardly admit that he wants Lewis to win. xD