Riverdale Appreciation Week (and a half)

Day Nine - AU

Harry Potter AU

Betty Cooper -  hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, and fair play

Jughead Jones - intelligence, knowledge, and wit

Veronica Lodge - ambition, cunning and resourcefulness

Archie Andrews -  bravery, daring, nerve, and chivalry

A Not So Happy Post

Hey guys, you may have noticed that I’ve been so active lately. Unfortunately, I’ve run in to some issues with my finances and my mental health.

The ever wonderful and supportive @kawaiilo-ren has suggested I set up a GoFundMe page or something similar to help me get through this rough patch.

Would that be something you guys would mind - or can you suggest similar websites? It’s not something I’ve ever done before so I’m a little unsure on where to start. Plus, my blog is a happy place so I don’t want to put a damper on that. 

I was also thinking of maybe doing commissioned icons?

like i love the killers okay we all know that as soon as that album drops (in 2063) i’m gonna be there throwing money i don’t have at them buying the cd the deluxe edition the vinyl press even though i already preordered the thing on itunes oh and don’t forget about merch i’m gonna spend a ridiculous amount of money on merch that’ll end up either as pyjamas or gym clothes and then shit i’ll drop dollar on concert tickets in abundance but like…

i’m still gonna talk shit

anonymous asked:

beronica but it's allergy season so who's constantly sneezing and had a red nose and puffy eyes from rubbing and who carries tissues and eyedrops in their bag for the other??? im thinking beronica gets all fuckedt up n betty's like "u baby" whenever ronnie whines after sneezing n then pulls out a pack of tissues for her baby to blow her nose i—

I’m making pterodactyl noises DJ’s JHS he

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The Talented Cast Members of “The New Edition Story” sing “Poison” and “Can You Stand the Rain?”

What did you guys think of the movie?