Me picking out the chorus to/playing around with “My Truth” by ear. Before you ask, no, my little finger isn’t broken. Both have just always been crooked, so it’s hard to compromise on octaves and still have decent technique. Ignore the “Rondo Alla Turca” on the stand, haha. 

I’ll post a video of me playing for real one of these days. ;)


Urban Art Installation Combines Muralism and Three-Dimensional Wire Mesh Sculpture 

on Behance

A collaboration between Italian sculptor Edoardo Tresoldi and artist Gonzalo Borondo, “Chained” is a mixed media urban art installation created for the Università Bicocca in Milan. The project, which is part of an international contemporary art show curated by Wunderkammern Gallery, features Borondo’s classical imagery depicting five male figures gathered in a circle and a three-dimensional wire mesh figure sculpted by Tresoldi emerging from the painted wall, as if to break free from the limitations of the two dimensional surface.  via: junk-culture


Cúbrete el rostro
y llora.
largos trozos de vidrio,
amargos alfileres,
turbios gritos de espanto,
vocablos carcomidos;
sobre este purulento desborde de inocencia,
ante esta nauseabunda iniquidad sin cauce,
y esta castrada y fétida sumisión cultivada
en flatulentos caldos de terror y de ayuno.

Cúbrete el rostro
y llora…
pero no te contengas.
ante esta paranoica estupidez macabra,
sobre este delirante cretinismo estentóreo
y esta senil orgía de egoísmo prostático:
lacios coágulos de asco,
macerada impotencia,
rancios jugos de hastío,
trozos de amarga espera…
horas entrecortadas por relinchos de angustia.

_ Oliverio Girondo


The Babadook by ‘Ghoulish’ Gary Pullin

A horror fan since he could stick a tape into a VCR, “Ghoulish” Gary Pullin has grown into a monster-making machine. As Rue Morgue magazine’s original art director, the London, Ontario-born artist created the famous look of the publication, which currently hosts his art column, The Fright Gallery. In 2009, Gary was voted Artist of the Year in the Rondo Hatton Awards. Now a full time creature creator, his colourful signature style has graced numerous magazines, books and movie posters. He’s had his work featured in galleries across North America, created highly sought-after screen-prints for the likes of Mondo and Skuzzles, album covers for WaxWork and Death Waltz and created key art for various films, including Grabbers, Birth of the Living Dead, Why Horror? and The Babadook. Both Gary and his art will be seen in the upcoming documentary Twenty-Four by Thirty-Six.

“The Babadook just may be the scariest movie to come out of Australia and it is the most engaging horror film I’ve seen in quite some time,” says Pullin. “Writer and director Jennifer Kent has crafted an unforgettable new monster. Have a night light handy after viewing, you’re going to need it.”


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so i finally finished this ^3^ a kinda rondo sonata in an ABACAB form instead of ABACBA wh uPS 

i’m really proud of the result :D hope you enjoy! if you would like a copy of the audio, message me!


if you could like tell me what you think of when you listen that would be great bc it’ll help with ideas????

Reverberation #175
  • Reverberation #175
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Reverberation #175
1. Richie Havens - Here Comes The Sun
2. Bob Lind - Cheryl’s Goin Home
3. Nino and Rhodia - The Garden
4. Mac DeMarco - Cooking Up Something Good
5. Saffron - Vision Is a Lonely Word
6. The Sons of Adam - I Told You Once Before
7. The Kitchen Cinq - Solitary Man
8. Bob Dylan - From a Buick 6
9. Los Saicos - Ana
10. Dave Brubeck Quartet - Blue Rondo a La Turk
11. Pascal Danel - Les Trois Dernières Minutes