Meeting your muggle parents would include

Golden trio + Draco

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- Harry’s probably one of the finest with this, he’s lived with muggles for elven years of his life and of course the summers so he’ll be completely fine and actually not just talk magic gibberish

- He’d actually like this opportunity as you didn’t like to brag about your boyfriend being the chosen one which is why your parents wouldn’t know he’s like supposed to save the wizarding world/ has saved the wizarding world (Depends on the moment in the time-line)

- Despite knowing how to act he would still be nervous.

- “Are you sure that it’ll go fine?’’

- He just really doesn’t want to disappoint your parents or be rude to them so he’d probably be worried up until the second despite having told him a billion times that it’ll be fine because you’ve told them a lot about him already and they adore him.

- Once you’d arrive at your house he’d let go of his nerves and he becomes a smooth talker, except for the few awkward silences.

- He’d be so polite and despite coming over like he isn’t nervous at all he’d be a wreck

- “What if I do this wrong?’’ 

- In the end everything obviously goes right and they end up loving him even more.


- He’d obviously have very little to no information about muggles and their life and all that stuff so you’d probably have to educate him a little bit.

- “That’s a TV. No it’s not magic, it’s called electricity.”

- “Yes I’m sure there isn’t some invincible wizard.’’ 

- He’s act all fine but would be nervous on the inside, not as nervous as Harry or Hermione though but still a little nervous since he has had the least experience with muggles.

- He’d probably ask someone like Hermione to practice with him in secret because he wouldn’t want to admit to you that he needs help to know what to say and what not to say.

- “What is the purpose of a rubber duck?’’

- Even though you had your doubts you’d be amazed at how great it actually went, obviously he hadn’t told you that he had practiced what he could say and what he couldn’t.

- It would start out a little awkward because no one really knew what to say but once the conversation started everything would go completely smooth.

- “I didn’t know wizards also had that.’’

- “We don’t.’’

- You’d kind of be surprised at how much knowledge he had about some subjects that he likely had never heard of in his life, maybe once or twice.


- Coming from the same background would make it quite a bit easier for her but she’d still be worried because she would really want to impress your parents of at least have them like her.

- “Yes but what if I do this wrong?’’

- “You won’t.’’

- You’d reassure her she’d be fine because she’d good at almost everything and she just needed to be herself which was enough.

- Eventually after a few days you’d be able to calm her down and she decided that she’ll just act like she always does, she might still worry a bit but at least she wouldn’t show it anymore and it wouldn’t be at the front of her thoughts anymore.

- Obviously it would go amazing because it’s Hermione

- Your parents would very likely love her both because she’s amazing, smart and really cares about her studies but also because it would be easier for them because she comes from the same background

- Your parents would probably open up the easiest with her and they’d probably go in immediately with baby photos because parents.


- He’d try so hard, like so so so hard

- “How am I supposed to do this?”

- “Am I doing this right?’’

- “Calm down, you’re doing it fine honey.’’

- He’d want to know literally everything they could ask him about or he could ask them about because he’d want to look educated and interested in them, which he is.

- He’d do this all because he also wants to really be respectful to them and not like his family/father at all.

- “You’ll be lovely. They already love you.’’

- You decided to inform your parents because of how he might behave very nervous because he wants to be respectful and such. They’d be completely fine with it and did notice it.

- He’d be so smooth and cool eventually after a few minutes.

pope dennis: *in the driver’s seat of the popemobile applying mascara in the rearview mirror*

ronald cardinal mcdonald: oh turn this up this is my jam

pope dennis: *spins the volume dial on the radio of the popemobile*


fun fact I learned at work today: the first time a film was ever released for home viewing with commentary was the 1984 laserdisc of King Kong (1933 with Robert Montgomery and Faye Wray) and at the time it was not called “commentary” but rather an “audio essay” or “lecture track”, and it was on a separate audio track, which you had to switch to on your remote since laserdiscs had no menus the way DVDs do. These commentary tracks were usually given by “film scholars” rather than directors or artists involved with the film. Ron Haver was a popular film scholar in the 1970s through the early 90s and he provided most of these early “audio essays”. 

The opening lines of the commentary are, “Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I’m Ronald Haver, and I’m here to do something which we feel is rather unique. I’m going to take you on a lecture tour of King Kong as you watch the film. The laserdisc technology offers us this opportunity and we feel it’s rather unique — the ability to switch back and forth between the soundtrack and this lecture track…”

The commentary for King Kong on this laserdisc never made it on to any other release of the film, which is a shame because it’s in itself a historical/cultural artifact

okay so recap

dennis reynolds: juilliard graduate and acclaimed broadway actor, pretending to be the pope

sweet dee reynolds: dennis’s sister, also an actress, pretending to be a nun in order to ease dennis’s way in the vatican

donnie reynolds: the real pope, dennis and dee’s long-lost triplet

charlie kelly: dee’s ex-girlfriend with whom dee has phone sex while at the vatican

His Eminence Ronald Cardinal McDonald: archbishop emeritus of ireland, a closeted Homosexual , has dreams of Pope Dennis doing stripteases and making out with him in the papal suite

me: needs to get off the internet

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  1. Favorite book series? - other than Lord of the Rings? HARRY POTTER
  2. Favorite Author? - John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
  3. Favorite snack food? - LOEMPIA’s! (spring rolls)
  4. Favorite dessert? - cookie dough ice cream
  5. If you could live in another time period what would it be? - living in ancient Rome would be awesome. also horrible but so cool
  6. Follow up from 5: why would you live there? - because I love the language and history. Also I’m a big fan of some C’s: Cicero, Caesar, Catilina..
  7. Favorite TV series? - Outlander
  8. If you could meet one historical figure who would it be, why, and what would you want to talk to them about (or do with them if you don’t want to talk with them)? - I’d love to sit down with King Leonidas and tell him that’s he’s a chocolate shop in the future
  9. Spicy or Mild? - mild
  10. Hot or Cold showers? Or does it depend? - hot damn
  11. Favorite aesthetic? - the first thing that came to mind somehow was Jareth the Goblin King??


  1. With which fictional character do you wanna go on a date?
  2. Would you ever change your name?
  3. What do you like more on yourself: long or short hair?
  4. YOU discover new land and get to name it. What do you call it?
  5. Would you rather return as a ghost or a zombie?
  6. (mainly for the non-dutchies) What do you think is the meaning of the word ‘oelewapper’?
  7. What was the best concert you’ve ever been to?
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  10. Which actor do you think is underrated?
  11. Last book you’ve read? Did you like it?

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luna as a tattoo artist

just think about it:

- she gives ginny a stick and poke in their fourth year, the first tattoo she’s ever given anyone
- a tiny crescent moon on the inside of her forearm with magic color changing ink
- it tells ginny the weather, and glows when the weather is perfect for quidditch

- hagrid gleefully gets a tattoo from luna sometime in the fifth year
- on his inner ankle, a square of text tells him about the needs of the creatures around him
- he starts sitting with his ankle on his knee to more easily check it

- she gives harry a tattoo the summer before his eighth year
- a small horntail, but it moves from his chest to sit on his shoulder or cower in the crook of his elbow as it pleases
- it wakes him up from his bad dreams, and keeps him warm in the middle of the night

- she gives neville a tattoo before she was stolen into the malfoy’s manor
- it’s a ring encircling his middle finger
- the magic of it is simple, transforming into whatever word he needs to see most when he asks it

- seamus gets one not long after neville
- it’s a tiny bomb on his collar bone, ticking in time with dean’s heart

- hermione doesn’t want a tattoo at first, but as she grows closer with luna she asks for it very shyly in the middle of her eighth year
- it gently pulses with her heart on her shoulder blade, an hourglass on it’s side
- it will sometimes stand up and run sand, but only when hermione is very busy or stressed

- george asks for a tattoo that finishes his jokes, many years after the war, when he is an uncle and godfather
- luna refuses and instead gives him a non-magical tattoo, a china cup mended with gold over his heart

- draco, many years after luna is an established artist and healer, drops into her shop in diagon alley
- he asks her to fix his scar-slashed Mark, and she turns it into a sleeve of flowers, studded with snakes and turtles
- the flowers bloom with his moods, and shield him from hurting himself