To all the Roman Reigns haters that are now booing him for absolutely no reason, but to be assholes:

He’s doing his job and he’s doing it well. If ya’ll think you can do better…by all means I dare you to try.

You Can’t, You Didn’t

Okay, here’s what I don’t get about you fucking idiots and you know exactly who you are; 
Roman didn’t win, thus taking a longer road to stardom and that’s completely fine because even as a fan I agree that this is the way to go but you deliberately using this to taunt him undermines the fact that this event’s finish according to news had been planned at the very last minute. 

Between Seth thanking him at the very end and that revelation, it’s safe to say that Roman had an active hand in giving Seth his first win. Roman has had to put his Rumble win on the line to Daniel Bryan and now passed his chance to straightroad that title to Seth Rollins. 
Roman allowed himself to battered to pieces and be pinned in front of his entire family and a legion of fans who wish the worst for him. 

Yes, he couldn’t and he didn’t, but you know what?
He did that for a brother.
He did that for someone you believed was worthy of it and he believed with you. 

So for you to actually use that as a rallying cry to demean him further honestly shows the kind of trash you are and I shit on your entire existence. 
Fuck off back in the garbage dump where you belong. 

  • Me:Those of you at #RAWAfterMania, you people are legit assholes. There’s ZERO reason to disrespect Roman Reigns.
  • Idiot marks:We paid our money, we can do whatever the hell we want!
  • Me:Yeah, spending your life savings to travel across the world, just to run to the aisle to stick your middle finger at Roman on camera.
  • Idiot marks:So what? I can do what I want.
  • Me:Yeah, you spent all this money to flip the bird at someone that is just doing his job as an entertainer. If that is the highlight of your life, you have a very pitiful empty life, loser.