*rolls off a cliff*

Luke is getting stronger & stronger and so is my desire to roll off a cliff

I will only accept Hans being redeemed in Frozen 2 if he’s still a douchebag.

He doesn’t want the throne, but he does stuff that pisses everyone off and has no tolerance for any of the trolls.

Like, maybe they’re stranded in a forest and Anna complains they’re hungry and Hans suggests cooking Sven.

Or if the trolls sadly get another song in the sequel, Hans begins to roll them off a cliff before they can sing.

And if Olaf hugs him, Hans looks at the camera like he’s gonna kill somebody.

Have him interrupt Anna and Kristoff kiss and complain he’s cold.

Keep the trash prince trashy, Disney.

anonymous asked:

Can you tell me the colors of all character underwear?Thanks!

NO. (*゚ロ゚) I can’t possibly tell you my dear Anon. I HAVE TO SHOOOWW YOU. //shottothemoon. Lemme scan these from the More Blood Visual Book thinger real quick. MMM GIVE YOU DEM FULL BODIES ♥(ノ´∀`). 


Ayato [Red], Kanato [Purple], Laito [Green]:


Shu [Yellow], Reiji [Lavender], Subaru [Blackish]:


Ruki [Black], Kou [Darkish Pink], Yuma [Green], Azusa [Blackish-Grey-Teal?]:

we’re talking about social media in Swedish class and in addition to keeping a media journal (yes that means logging how much time you spend on tumblr/netflix etc. *sweats*), we’ve now started group projects about different social media sites.

I got my group to choose tumblr (since I’m familiar with it) and so we’re gonna make a presentation and stuff.
My teacher doesn’t know anything about tumblr apart from it being a blog thing, but she’s apparently heard of and is even enamoured with gifs and I was dumb enough to mention how difficult it can be to make them–thus implying I’ve made them myself–and now she wants me to show examples of my own gifs to my class

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“Unless you can change the past, you’re wasting the present on this guilt”

If his words were meant to console, he was doing a shit job. She stood with anger, chair clattering behind her, eyes iced over.

“Was your sister and mother killed because you couldn’t save them? Did your brother contract the taint? I should have been able to help them and I couldn’t. I can stop an Andraste fucking Arishok but not some blood mage who- who- “ Her fists clenched, white and shaking. It was her fault they were dead. That mother had spent her last hours being torn apart and reconstructed with blood magic, that the body Kaitlyn had held hadn’t even been the one she had hugged as a child. If she had been faster, more careful… ‘This is your fault! How could you let her charge off like that!?’ The accusation was as sharp and harsh as the day it had been said to her. She was the eldest, she was suppose to protect them. But she had failed and they were gone. She wished she was….

Hawke inhaled deeply, chest shuddering. “So don’t tell me how to live, or waste, my present when my family is gone because of me!”