*rolls eyes*

This drawing doesn’t make sense, I’m just not ready to stop seeing Belle’s green dress … hope you like it!

(I don’t know if this drawing can be considered explicit, please if you think that it is, let me know and i’ll put it under the cut).

Fantasy =/= Reality

I think many of us know how to draw this line and we don’t need others to tell us that what we like is unhealthy. What I like about otome games is that it explores certain fantasies that people have and weaves it into a story. Within these fantasies, some could be considered unhealthy if applied in real life circumstances. However, otome games helps explore these fantasies in a controlled environment.

Just because people have certain fantasies doesn’t mean they want it to happen in real life. We know that if they happen in real life, it isn’t going to be sunshine and rainbows.

I like Diabolik Lovers, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go out looking for an abusive lover.

I like Koichi from In Your Arms Tonight, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to likely forgive someone who cheated on me.

I like Toma from Amnesia, but I’d totally curl up into a ball and cry if someone were to lock me in a cage.

You CAN like problematic characters for whatever reasons you have. There’s no need to feel ashamed about it or shame others into feeling bad about liking problematic things in otome games because it doesn’t mean you’re saying you want a problematic person as your boyfriend in real life.  

There are some people who like to warp certain characters as problematic, while ignoring or being oblivious to how characters that they like can be seen as problematic if applied in a real life situation as well. And if you don’t have a liking for problematic characters, well good for you, but there are others who do and you don’t need to shame them about it. 

There are plenty of guys in otome games who have used lines like “I can’t wait anymore” or “I can’t hold back” are they all problematic then? Do they all deserve to just be disregarded as a whole?

I don’t see the problem as long as the people who like problematic characters or situations acknowledges that it’s problematic and don’t gloss over it.

  • male character:*is an asshole, hurts people for his own selfish gains*
  • fans:my beautiful cinnamon roll uvu
  • female character:*does everything to protect the innocent from that male character*
  • fans:...
  • female character:*makes tiny mistake because she's human*
  • fans:what a bitch!!!11!!1 i hate her

Harry is rumoured for roles in Scream Queens and Teen Wolf.

Me: Ew. No pls, no.

Some people: *crickets*

Louis is rumoured to star in Vardy’s biopic.

Me: Ew. No pls, no.