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door-of-destiny asked:

A fluff scenario of the adultrio taking their s/o to the amusemt park for a date.

Coming right up!

Hisoka would go straight for the carnival games. Ring toss, balloon darts, that ring the bell thing… his s/o wouldn’t have enough arms to carry the amount of stuffed animals he’d win for them. He’d also make his partner go on the scariest rides possible just to see their reactions and maybe have them cling onto him.

Honestly, can you even see Illumi at an amusement park? Most likely, his s/o dragged him there against his will and he’s just indulging them a little bit. He’d need to be the one to be dragged onto the rides, because ‘there’s no point to risk his life on an unstable machine’. However, he would slay at all the darts games, and his partner, much like Hisoka’s, would return with an incredible amount of stuffed animals.

Chrollo would let his partner drag him around the entire park. Big scary roller coasters would be a must, if only for his partner to grab at his hand during the steep drops. He’d be a fan of the slower rides, like the ferris wheel, just so he could kiss his partner at the top. However he’d refuse to go on the water ones because they’d mess up the gelled back hair.

Hisoka, Chrollo, and Illumi work at an office building in administration and they just happen to sit next to each other with their desks facing the window that looks out into the city. All three of them wear black suits and carry a backpack that has their packed lunches inside.


-Comes to work late often and sometimes doesn’t show up for his shift.

-Doesn’t complete all of his work until the last minute before his shift ends and when he does decide to complete his work on time, it’s not done correctly

-His boss would talk to him about his work performance and tell him that if he messes up again he’ll fire him. Hisoka would lick his lips and decide if he should kill him since he bumped into him earlier that day. He really hates people bumping into him.

-Shuffles his cards constantly or throws them at the ceiling. Sometimes he’ll lick them.

-Chews bungee gum when he is actually getting work done

At Lunch

-Walks slowly and scans his co-workers to see if there is anyone powerful to fight. 

-Throws his cards at the wall while trying to steal food from Illumi and Chrollo

-Eats very slowly and stares at his co-workers with bloodlust in his eyes.


-People avoid Hisoka at work

-The ones that do approach him, try to ask him out on a date or compliment his looks. He usually scans them to see if they are powerful.

-If he is in a talkative mood and his co-worker is willing to listen to him, he’ll talk about his bungee gum and how it has the properties of rubber and gum.

-If his co-workers asks him questions about his personal life he lies


-Comes to work 30 minutes early before his shift starts and cleans up his already cleaned desk. He hates trash on his desk and the trash that he finds is from Hisoka and Chrollo’s desks.

-Finishes all of his work on time and the quality of his work is done perfectly.

-Sometimes he finishes Hisoka work, other times he cleans his needles and lays them out on his desk neatly. His co-workers would inquire what the needles are for and Illumi tells them that he uses them to kill people or pierce his chest.

-If there is a contract to kill one of his co-workers, he’ll disguise himself and kill them or he’ll ask them out on a date and kill them

At Lunch

-He eats food that his mother made for him. He looks forward to eating apple bunnies and if anyone tries to take one he’ll kill them. He has his needles prepare to stab someone.

-Hisoka tried to steal an apple bunny once and Illumi stabbed his hand. His co-workers ran out of the room in fear and complained to their boss that they are working with psycho’s. 

-Sometimes will brush his hair inside the bathroom since he takes really good care of it


-People avoid Illumi when he eats his lunch, but will ask him to help them with their work.

-If someone tries to ask him out on a date or compliment him, Illumi only stares at them till the point the person gives up and walks away. He doesn’t see the point in dating his co-workers.

-If he decides to date one of his co-workes it’s because he has a contract to kill them


-Comes to work on time and if he arrives early he reads a book while waiting for his shift to start.

-Finishes all of his work before his shift ends and reads everything  about the company because he’s interested in stealing valuable items or their nen

-Sometimes walks into his bosses office and chats with them while scanning the room for anything that looks worth stealing or to inquire if they use nen.

-If he sees something that he wants to steal, he waits until everyone has gone to lunch and breaks into the room and steals it. If one of his co-workers sees him breaking into the room, he’ll kill them with a pen.

-He carries a lot of pens with him to work.

At lunch

-Reads a book and eats his lunch in silence.

-Sometimes Illumi and Hisoka sit next to him and will disturb him because Hisoka is usually trying to steal his food or Illumi’s.


-People don’t avoid Chrollo and find him relaxing to be around.

-If someone tries to ask him out on a date he’ll flirt back while scanning the items on their desk or their body to see if there is anything he can steal. He’ll even ask if they know nen and what type of abilities they have. 

In general

-All of their co-workers find them extremely hot but will approach them with caution