All I Want For Christmas

Seth Rollins/OC: For the 25 Days of Chrismuts! Things get smutty while decorating. With choking bc is it really Chrimmus without choking? I don’t think so.

Okay so this is for @tox-moxley‘s 25 days of Chrismuts @25daysofchrismuts It was funsies and I loved it and I love writing about Seth so this was perect. Shoutout to my best bae @screamersdontdance for helping me fit choking into a Chrimmus fic!!!!!! I love you, thank you.

So here it is friends. Smutty Chrimmus with Seth. Aka my life goals.

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You’d think that two years later people would shut up about Zahra/Seth? Seth isn’t a racist -he isn’t homophobic no matter how much y'all want to make him seem to be so. Most of y'all that spit the most shit about him have favorite wrestlers from the independents that are actually KNOWN homophobic and racist pieces of shit but y'all continue to sit behind your computers attacking Seth for who he once dated and had a sexual relationship with? They broke up a fucking year ago for fucks sake!