Tʜᴇ Sʜɪᴇʟᴅ 2017

“Yᵒᵘ ᵇᵉᵃᵗ ᵘˢ ᵘᵖ, ʸᵒᵘ ˡᵉᵃᵛᵉ ᵘˢ ˡᵃʸᶦⁿᵍ, ʸᵒᵘ ʰᶦᵗ ᵘˢ ʷᶦᵗʰ ᵃ ˢˡᵉᵈᵍᵉʰᵃᵐᵐᵉʳ ᶦⁿ ᵗʰᵉ ʰᵉᵃᵈ, ʷᵉ ʲᵘˢᵗ ᵈᵒⁿ'ᵗ ᶜᵃʳᵉ.”
 ⁻⁻⁻  ᴰᵉᵃⁿ ᴬᵐᵇʳᵒˢᵉ


Characters: Seth Rollins x Female Reader

Summary: You and Seth are the best of friends. He’s been there for you through every breakup, problem, and hiccup in your life as have you for him. He’s finally been given a day off and you guys plan to hang out back home at his place. You both come to find out your true feelings for each other have been there all along. Fluffy smut.

I grinned to myself excitedly as I neared Seth’s home, it being way too long since the last time we’ve hung out. He’s been so busy with his wrestling career, traveling all around the world while I stayed at home, shamelessly watching him from my tv. I missed him. I felt warm inside even thinking about how it’d feel to finally be in his arms, hugging him again. Seth and I have been close for as long as I can remember, actually meeting through a mutual friend years back.

He’s always looked out for me, like an older brother, I guess. I don’t know what I’d do without him all these years. I pulled into his ridiculously large driveway and parked out by his car. I hopped out the seat, ecstatic that I’d be face to face with my best friend again. I wanted to catch him up with everything that’s happened while he was away, while wanting to hear about all the “babes” (as he calls them) he’s met while being in different countries and such.

I rung the long chiming doorbell that sounded all too familiar as I heard it from inside the house. He soon opened it, greeting me with a toothy grin.

“Hey!” He exclaimed, wasting no time before pulling me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around him tightly, closing my eyes and breathing in his scent that I missed way too much. We stayed like that for what felt like forever. I pulled away and hit his arm playfully.

“Let me inside, loser.” He rolled his eyes and shoved me back before stepping aside and closing the door as I walked in. Kevin, his dog, routinely ran up to greet me. Seth did leave me to babysit Kevin while he was away, coming over to his empty home to feed him and keep him a little company. I’d even have the dog just stay over my house, as months of Seth being away was a really long time for a pet to be on it’s own.

I picked Kevin up and kissed his nose, looking up at Seth before teasing him about how his dog loved me more. That’s something I’d always tease him about anytime his dog showed me any love. We walked over to the couch that sat in his lounge room, and I immediately got comfortable, as did Seth. My legs were long across his lap as I leaned back against the couch. His hands squeezed my ankles occasionally and I looked up at him when he hadn’t noticed. His messy black hair was pulled back in a low, unofficial bun. He had on a loose black t-shirt with the name of an obscure band on it, and black sweatpants to match. He let his beard grow back, that probably being my favorite thing about him. I always told him his beard looked good, and he seemed to take it in a non weird way. We’ve always felt comfortable enough to compliment each other though, even when it seemed more flirty than a friend talking to a friend.

“Tell me about the tour.” I broke the silence, taking his attention away from the television.

He turned towards me and smiled, “it was great. Tiring, but great. Everyone’s been loving this shield thing, you know. It’s too bad Ro couldn’t join us. But, I really enjoyed it.” He danced his fingers over my calves.

“How were the girls?” I asked softly out of curiosity. I glanced up at him with a knowing look.

He gave me another look, a smirk almost playing on his lips. “Well, they were very, very beautiful.” He admitted, looking up at me for a reaction. I didn’t give him one as I nodded in response. I tapped my fingers against my arm as I wondered to myself why that bothered me so much. I get friend-jealous, I mean that happens with everyone every once in awhile but it weirdly sucked to hear him talk about these women.

“I didn’t… like, sleep with them.”

My head snapped up to him. Why would he tell me that? Did he sense my reaction? I forced myself to play cool and furrowed my brows.

“Um, okay? I don’t care, weirdo.” I laughed it off and pulled my legs off him to pull my knees into my chest. He didn’t say anything back as he just looked at me. I picked up the remote and turned the background noise to something else, desperately wanting to shift from what was happening.

“Any new guys?” He asked suddenly, his voice almost sounding like he wasn’t ready for the answer. I licked my lips and shrugged, shaking my head. “I mean, not really. Just one. But… he was lame. Ended up being a one time thing.” I met my eyes with his as I neared the end of my sentence. I don’t know why he suddenly cared about this kind of thing. I don’t know why I did either. Of course we asked things like that but this time it felt… different.

“Oh.” He nodded, looking away.

“You’re being weird.” I blurted out. I’d always been a blunt person when it came to him and I never liked when I didn’t know what was on his mind. He intertwined his fingers together, his elbows on his knees as he sat perched on the couch. He turned his head to the side towards me.

“Weird how? You’re being… weird.”

“Stop. Tell me right now what’s on your mind.”

He sighed as he sat up straighter, looking ahead of him again. I watched his jawline define as he clenched his teeth, shrugging one of his shoulders slightly. “It’s nothing,” he said at first, knowing that wasn’t enough for me. “I don’t know… I guess I just missed you is all.” He said softly, sliding his palms against one another.

I raised my brows lightly as I tried to get him to look at me, scooting closer. He looked up to meet my gaze. “Well, I missed you too, of course. I didn’t know when I’d see my best friend again.” I said, feeling deep inside that he didn’t mean he missed me in that way, though.

No, that’s a silly thought. A silly, stupid thought and I was worrying what the hell had gotten into me.

But seeing him for the first time in nearly nine months heightened everything that I was feeling. Me being happy to be reunited with my best friend was turning into something else.

He said my name with a sigh and looked up at me again, his eyes intensely piercing into mine, reading me. He searched in my eyes and was looking for words, thinking of what to say next.

“I… I-” I shushed him, tired of being conflicted and confused.

“Don’t question it.” I told him, surprising myself at what I was saying and doing as I reached one of my hands up to the side of his face. He sighed into my touch and closed his eyes contently before opening them back up to give me a conflicted look. He soon though, put his hands up to the sides of my face, flashing one more look at me before leaning in for a kiss. My breath hitched as I let him, too frozen to lean in myself. I waited for his lips to meet mine, and oh, they did.

Our lips clashed and it may have been the most passionate kiss I’ve ever had. I furrowed my brows into the kiss as my hands were lost in his tied back hair. He put his hands to my back and pulled me close. His lips were so warm, and soft, it felt amazing. It felt… perfect. I never imagined myself having the most romantic kiss with my best friend. I pulled away slowly, him catching himself as he was desperately leaning in for more. I needed time and to catch my breath before I took any more of this.

I was out of breath, not knowing whether it was because the kiss was breathtaking or because the situation itself was enough to leave me in shock.

“Say something.” He said worriedly, his eyes frantically searching mine. His hands were still to my back.

“Do it again.” I uttered under my breath. He wasted no time in leaning in again, his lips crashing against mine ten times more passionately. It felt like he was giving me the last kiss he’d ever have. I managed to keep up with him as our lips were perfectly in sync. I felt electrified all throughout my body at the excitement. The heat between my legs felt undeniably warm as this man was gripping onto me, making out with me and letting a sigh or a moan, I didn’t know what it was, hit my lips. He pulled away this time, taking my hand and I didn’t think as I followed him up the stairs and into his room. We resumed our exchange and he had me gently pushed against his bed, my back to it as he was leaning over me. I pulled out his hair tie and tangled my fingers in his hair as I never thought the kiss would end.

He pushed his large hand up under my shirt, and feeling the sudden contact made me shudder. He pulled back to look down for a reaction in my face, me showing no protest, but no invite either. I didn’t know how I should feel, or what we should do. What if this would be a mistake? What if this would turn into something ugly?

“Seth… what if we regret this?” I panted, breathless from the kiss and worry in my voice. I didn’t want to lose my long term friend over one stupid decision to give into our lustful thoughts. Though, this didn’t feel like lust. To me, it almost felt like love. And that could be a mistake. That could ruin everything.

“I would never regret something like this.” He looked down at me, his hand pulling my ruffled shirt back down. “But we don’t have to do this. I know. I know, it could ruin things.” He added, that warm, understanding look that he’d always give on his face. His stupid face.

“But I want this.” I sighed quietly, my words being a whisper that I’m surprised he even heard.

“I do too. Fuck, do I want this. It’s come out of nowhere, I don’t know what’s happening right now or how to even explain a little bit of how I’m feeling, but one thing I’m sure of is this.” He rambled on, his body still leaning over mine. My hands were at his sides and I found myself nodding slowly.

“Yeah?” He cooed, not hiding his excitement. I nodded again, quickly this time. He grinned and pulled my shirt up and over my head. My black bra was revealed to him, and he leaned down to press soft, open mouthed kisses up my stomach. I watched him, his touch feeling so nice, so warm. His hands squeezed my breasts through their bra. I pulled him down to battle my lips with his again, not being able to get over that kiss. He obliged, kissing me back with a gentleness that I’ve never seen from him before.

I pulled his shirt off him, stopping our kiss for a mere few seconds to stare at his hair ridden chest and chiseled abs. He smirked down at me, uttering a, “You like?” To which I rolled my eyes and reached my hand down to the bulge in his sweats. He groaned lowly, shutting his eyes as I continued to palm him through the fabric before simply ridding him of those as well. I pushed him off me to be the one that was atop him now. He loved the sudden position as he looked up at me in what looked like awe. He unclasped my bra from behind with ease, my breasts bouncing out lightly for him to see. He slid his warm hands up my back before pulling me down to meet one of my nipples with his mouth. I straddled his hips, his growing bulge poking my ass as I grinded back onto it.

He leaned his head back to let out a throaty groan. I couldn’t take the slowness as I crawled down him to pull his tight grey briefs from him. His shaft sprung out quickly before standing up, but it looked like he could get even harder. I looked up at him through my lashes before placing a wet kiss to the tip of his dick. He leaned up on his elbows and watched in interest, his teeth biting hard onto his lip.

I perked my ass up, my wetness growing through my shorts as I wrapped my lips fully around him, slowly bobbing my head down. My hand then met his shaft, pumping him slowly. I picked a brutally slow pace of sucking his dick as I just wanted to get him hard. Watching him was the most beautiful thing, though. He sucked in a breath and closed his eyes, before not being able to miss the chance of seeing me, breasts out and ass perked up, wetting his now completely hard dick with my mouth.

His groans were low, and he never stopped looking at me. I finally pulled my mouth off him slowly, making a popping noise once his tip released from my tight lips. He grinned at me. “That was so sexy.” He then wrapped his hand around his own self, pumping slowly as he watched me pull my shorts and underwear down. Me questioning everything was over as each thing I did felt so easy, so fluid with him. Though this was the first time he’s seen me naked, I didn’t even want to cover up. The way he looked at me built a warm feeling inside me. It was like he couldn’t believe his eyes. Like he were admiring me.

I reached in his bedside table where I just knew he’d have a condom and slipped it on him quickly. Crawling back up to him, we kept eye contact as his tip hit against my entrance slowly. He took his bottom lip into his mouth and I eased onto him, his thickness taking me by surprise.

“You got it baby, come on.” He encouraged softly, rubbing my thigh gently before giving my ass cheek a squeeze. I finally took in his whole size and put my hands against his chest as I began to move. I rocked my hips against him and both of his large hands were sitting at my hips, and the sides of my ass. I let out a whisper of a moan as my pace increased. I rotated, lifted, and rocked my hips all in one and was going faster each time. Moans escaped my mouth left and right and Seth was enjoying watching every minute of it.

He sat up quickly, his arms now wrapping around my waist. He pulled me close to his chest and my knees were on either side of him as he began assisting me, his hands pulling me up and down on his dick.

“That’s it. That’s so good, baby.” He groaned into my ear. His tone was gentle, like he were praising me. I panted out another moan and threw my head back. My chest was pulled close against his, our flesh feeling sticky as we both were sweating. I engulfed him in an embrace, whimpers escaping my mouth. He then took my hips into his hands, pulling me up and down against him effortlessly. My movements were useless as I just sat on him, taking what he was giving me. Waves of pleasure washed inside me and I buried my face into the crook of his neck, holding onto him tightly.

“You’re so thick, my g- oh my gosh.” I whimpered into his ear. He placed a wet kiss against my neck in response. That’s when the pace changed.

“Baby, let’s try this.” He told me softly.

He shifted our bodies, never slipping out of me as he was leaning over me again, my back against the bed.  He had slowed his thrusts, them now being hard and slow. After each time he carefully slammed into me, he took a second, pushing himself all the way in, making me feel him before pulling out slightly to thrust himself in again. His hips skillfully pressed all the way against mine. I wrapped my arms around him and embraced him, his chest stuck to mine. He slid his arms underneath me, holding me in the same manner. It felt amazing to have him hold me like that, like we were holding on to each other for dear life and didn’t plan on letting go.

He was pushing deep inside me, and I felt him everywhere. His slow, yet impactful thrusts continued and he soon reached my spot, which he noticeably had been trying to find. He sent me a look of satisfaction once he knew he reached it and kept angling himself there. I dug my nails into his biceps and furrowed my brows together at the feeling. Every thrust made my body shake, pleasure shooting through me as sweet whimpers left my mouth from underneath him.

“You look so good like that. You’re so good. Fuck, you’re so damn beautiful.” He panted, his eyes swimming in mine as he looked down at the expressions on my face. His was voice deep and dark as he fought for breath after each thrust he gave. I’d never been fucked like this before. It almost didn’t even feel like fucking. It felt like we were making love. Maybe that’s what we were doing. Making love.

I gripped onto the backs of his shoulders and he leaned down for another kiss, this one being more sloppy, but I still felt the passion. I felt my orgasm nearing and my moans said it all. I fluttered my eyes open at him above me. He looked so beautiful, sexy, and unlike any other time I’d ever seen him. My eyes have been opened about this man and he was giving me an earth shattering, toe curling, neighbor waking orgasm as my back arched up off the bed. He didn’t stop his slow, hypnotizing thrusts as I shuddered underneath him. He placed gentle, lingering kisses along my jaw as he sloppily neared his climax.

He shut his eyes tightly and threw his sweaty hair back with a flick of his head movement, the loudest, dirtiest grunt leaving his mouth. “Shiiit!” He exclaimed as he came. I watched the muscles in his arms contract and relax as he rode out the climax, my hands brushing up and down comfortingly against him. My heat was overly sensitive by now but the excessive pleasure was worth it as I watched him come undone.

He finally collapsed down against my chest, panting against me. Silence filled the room and I pushed his sweaty hair that was stuck to his forehead back. I felt him softening inside me, and he glanced up at me with that warm smile.

I pulled him up to kiss me once again. Neither of us knew what this meant. But we had to know that things would change. Definitely for the better. He pulled me into a warm embrace, rubbing up and down my back.

Our afternoon ended in cuddling, wrapped up in the sheets and our legs entangled together. We both knew we had to address the lingering questions, “what does this make us? What happens now?” But just for tonight, the silence, embracing, and occasional kisses were all we needed. That night, we definitely made love, and it was definitely going to happen again.