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Movie: RocknRolla
When: Sat July 11th  
5:30am PST / 8:30am EST / 12:30pm UTC
5pm PST / 8pm EST / (Sun 12th) 12am UTC
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Where: Inceptiversary Chat 
Links: stream 1 | stream 2 | stream 3 | download 1 | download 2torrent 

In for even more fun? Play the RocknRolla drinking game as you watch. View guidelines and drink cues here.

tom got it

tom understood eames’ sexuality

i mean okay it helped that mr. nolan was straight up like OH YES I SAW YOU IN ROCKNROLLA AND THAT’S HOW I CHOSE YOU FOR EAMES

but joe

fucking joe

he took it to kitten plays so hard to get level

he wasn’t really straight

he wasn’t really gay

he was just.. all perky ass in tight pants

eames would pursue

and arthur would acknowledge 

then they’d exchange glances

and arthur would pretend like nothing happened

and wait for eames to pursue him some more