gothmollyweasley  asked:

What if you can't romance Nick Valentine because he's very firmly aro/ace?

He had a fiancé before the war, and much of his story is devoted to avenging her death.

If he were canonically ace/aro, that’d be alright… IF they acknowledged it. But making the most interesting character in the game unromanceable *and* flirtatious is just kind of mean. Sure, he’s got exposed wiring, but Hancock’s not exactly pretty, either. He’s probably supposed to still be hung up on his fiancé’ death, but it’s a new world! A new life! And hell, the Sole Survivor didn’t let her husband’s death bother her for long.

Anthony Kiedis with Everly Bear Kiedis

RHCP - Go Robot

Papa Bear and Baby Bear 😍

Day 48. Way too long without drawing mechs, so today we have Gally from Gunnm. After seeing whats happening with the GitS live action movie and the netflix Blame! adaptation i’m really crossing my fingers the Alita live action movie never sees the light of day, I don’t want to risk seeing another favorite of mine meet the same fate.