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Steve: Look, did you know about this? Mortals being dropped from twenty feet. It’s unbelievable. 

Bucky: I know, right? Twenty feet? Walk it off. 

Steve: Buck, you do know that normal people don’t just “walk off” a twenty-foot fall, right? 

Bucky: So… all those times I pushed Barton off a building and he was all “Ahhh!”, he wasn’t just being funny? 

Clint: No. 

Tony: I thought it was funny, Bucky.

Bucky’s Plan

Note: the title sucks, but you know. I try. hi thanks for the request! I hope you like it! feedback is welcome! .c

Request: I’d like to request one where you and Bucky are together not necessarily publicly where the team knows but definitely a thing, and Bucky gets it in his head that’d be a great idea to dance with another woman at a party with the intention of making you jealous and leading to angry jealous sex but instead it upsets you making you think he doesn’t consider the two of you to be exclusive and that he doesn’t really care about you? Fluffy ending though after Bucky works for it a little?

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As soon as Tony announced he wanted the team dressed and ready to go to the new nightclub his friend was opening up, you all but bounced in your seat. You were ready for a night out, having been on missions every day for the past few months. It was rare to see 9pm sometimes; your energy was completely gone by the time you got home.

Nights out with the team were always fun and you felt like you’d be able to let loose tonight, enjoy your time with your friends, and maybe even have some alone time with Bucky while everyone was in their own little world or maybe with them around.

You and Bucky have been together secretly for about 3 months and you felt safe to say you love him. But you understand him wanting to keep it hidden from the team. He was still getting through everything, but you were totally okay with taking your time. Or so you thought.

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Tony: [thinks he flashed over] Oh my god, he’s so annoying.

Steve: Who is?

Tony: Who’s this?

Steve: Steve…

Tony: Right… hold on.

[Tony flashes over]

Tony: Oh my god, he’s so annoying.

Bucky: I know. Just get rid of him.



It’s been 94 years


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2016 has taught me not to take any of my “celebrities” for granted so….

I appreciate

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Marvel is what keeps me going

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It keeps me fighting

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It keeps giving me reasons to live

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And, it has provided me with the best role model I could ever ask for (RDJ not Tony Stark, lol!)

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And I even got an OTP out of that :P

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All thanks to you, Stan Lee, the true superhero

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Bucky: [after entering a house] Nice job with the lock by the way. 

Tony: Thank you, it was a simple pin-and-tumbler design. 

Bucky: So are handcuffs. But I bet you couldn’t get out of a pair. 

Tony: Are you saying, you’d like to handcuff me, Buckaroo? 

Bucky: It’s not really my thing, Tony. 

Tony: I see. You’re the one who likes to be handcuffed, then, huh? 

[Steve watches Bucky watch Tony with Pepper]

Steve: [about Pepper] I’m glad she finally got closure. 

Bucky: [holding a beer bottle] Who? 

Steve: Pepper. 

[Bucky crushes his beer bottle]

Steve: You need to talk to him. 

Bucky: Who? 

Steve: Tony.

[Bucky crushes Steve’s beer bottle]