In picture-heavy classes like pathology I love the fact that I can easily incorporate the histology pictures from my book into my notes in Goodnotes. 

I am using an american textbook for pathology because this one is just the best one on the market and no german one can compete with it. I am trying to catch up on the material that I already missed this semester - I just have a timetable like Hermoine in her third year this semester.

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“Because I love you god damn it!”

Arizona had barely opened the door before Callie came crashing through it.

“Hey!” she tried to object, but Callie was already there, in her house, pacing up and down with a look of determination on her face as if she wasn’t going to leave until she’d said what was on her mind.

“Do you remember when you went to Africa?  We were in the middle of the airport and it felt like we were falling apart, and you thought it was the right thing to do.  You thought that I would be happy if I stayed in Seattle and you would be happy over there.  Except you were wrong, and we were apart and miserable.  And eventually you came back.”

“Okay,” Arizona said, confused by the unexpected trip into their past.  “Callie…?”

“New York,” Callie interrupted.  “New York was my Africa.  I felt like we were constantly falling apart and walking away was the right thing to do.  I met someone else and I convinced myself that I could fall in love with her.  I thought that if I went to New York and I could make it work, I could make everyone believe - I could make myself believe - that I was over you, that I had really moved on.  Except I’m not - I haven’t.  So I came back from New York because…”

Arizona felt her heart beating faster in her chest.  “Because?”

“Because I love you god damn it!”

Her words hung in the air, the adrenaline that had been pumping through her suddenly disappearing as Arizona stared at her, taking it all in.  Callie felt herself starting to panic and she opened her mouth to apologise for the intrusion, only stopping when she saw a wide smile spread across Arizona’s face.

* * * * * * * * * *

Thanks Anon!  You didn’t give me a character or ship, so I guessed at Calzona since it’s what I’ve been writing lately.  :) 


The Pink Bungalow – 16E Oceanside Blvd. – 1st Floor Interior

The front entrance opens up to the dining area. The wall leading to the first floor bathroom includes playful niches that holds Amaryllis’ treasures. Her kitchen may be small but there is plenty of room to cook a feast for friends. By the fireplace, she squeezed in enough room to sit down and enjoy television.