Slovania, ktorí bojovali proti boľševizmu po boku nemeckých bratov, zľava doprava: Rusi - ROA (Ruská Oslobodenecká Armáda), Ukrajinci - YBB (Ukrajinská Oslobodenecká Armáda), Bielorusi - Weissruthenien.

Slavs, who fought against Bolshevism on side of german brothers, from left to right: Russians - ROA (Russian Liberation Army), Ukrainians - YBB (Ukrainian Liberation Army), Belarusians - Weissruthenien.

I love the headcanon that roadhog likes cute things. Imagine junkrat just picking up little trinkets and such everytime they pull off a heist and giving it to roadhog as gifts. It starts off small, little keychains and stickers, and slowly the gifts start getting bigger (ex: huge plushies). At this point it’s like roadhog is a dragon who’s hoarding nothing but cute things. His entire room is filled to the brim!