My friends from BYU successfully Kickstarted the second volume of their art anthology Reality Not Included! One of the project heads, Christopher Hayes, asked me to create an 18" poster that would be given to backers.

While searching for inspiration, I stumbled upon a 1924 cover of La Vie Parisienne by George Leonnec. I knew at that moment I needed to paint its companion.

So here’s to impossible couples and finding love in strange places! Just don’t think about the logistics of this particular relationship. Things get weird. Fast.

ahhoz,hogy boldog legyél el kell fogadnod magad és nem mások véleménye szerint kell élned,hiszen felesleges.nem ők fognak tükörbe nézni,vagy évek múlva visszatekinteni a TE életedbe,hogy azt mondják,"örülök,hogy így élt".ez csakis a tiéd.minden amit csinálsz,amit érzel,amit gondolsz.csak a tiéd.és hogy ők mit gondolnak?le kell sz*rni...

i’ve seen a few callous comments and it’s no one i’m following specifically here but i need to say something to anyone underestimating how big the fire in fort mac is rn

i was one of the roughly 100,000+ people evacuated during those massive southern alberta floods a few years back. Yes, that was more people than the roughly 88,000 people now. 

Thing is, though, that 100,000 of us? we didn’t all come from the same place. This 88,000 people from one city. the entire city is on fire. this is an entire city–a BIG city by albertan standards gone from every single one of their homes because the whole city is on fire. 1600 buildings have been decimated so far and it’s still growing. it’s going to keep getting bigger.

this fire is not normal. this is not routine evacuation. don’t underestimate what an entire city being destroyed is going to do for the future just because more people were displaced in those floods.

you can donate to the fort mac fire relief here

if you’re in canada, you can text in donations:

Text the word FIRES to 45678 and a $10 donation will be added to your wireless bill 

Text the word REDCROSS to 30333 and a $10 donation will be added to your wireless bill

Text the word REDCROSS to 45678 and a $10 donation will be added to your wireless bill


Betcha thought they were gonna fight, didn’t you?

This was the comics portion of my contribution to Reality Not Included Volume 2. The other part of my contribution was my own blood, sweat, and tears. The book is all soggy now.

If you want your very own copy of the gorgeous anthology this comic was printed in (alongside many finer examples of comic and illustrative art) you can buy print copies of both RNI 1 and RNI 2 here! If you hate physical media you can purchase digital copies here!

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