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im high on coke rn
i dunno how is that possible
but it did

i cant resist drawing this when i found this:

and yes, its another draw your otp thing
i do not own the base
i do not own the characters either

shoutout to @gevalover for being the first liker of my previous post :)

goth by @nekophy
palette by @angexci

i need to lay down now
btw, there will be a H2ovanoss version of this soon

Boyfriend Mark
  • hey
  • another masterpost for the long ass ride boy
  • lmao, i’m so stupid 
  • i’ll start this right away i’m sorry
  • sooooo,,,,,,
  • this baby would be a sweetheart w you 24/7
  • i feel like he would be the typical boyfriend who buys you flowers and chocolates randomly
  • and, no matter how long the relationship is he would always be really polite with you and would always act like genterman
  • like, moving your chair for you to sit and opening doors for you
  • a legend ikr
  • but he would also let that childish side of him go out when he’s with you
  • like, both of you would be playing around and daring each other to do stuff any of you want to and would be having the time of y’all lifes lol
  • you would become smol kids again, and it’s alright because any of you would be capable to judge the other
  • and it’s mostly because both of you are on the same level of weirdness lol
  • but, talking about skinship,,,
  • even if mark does like it, he would be pretty chill about it
  • he would like it to be pretty simple and would initiate only small hugs and maybe a few kisses
  • he also enjoys grabbing your hands and playing with your fingers
  • and he loves it when you snuggle into his chest and he can place an arm around your shoulders
  • specially if it’s like spontaneous ¿?
  • like, both of you are in the middle of a convo and suddenly you feel the need to hug him or put your body closer to his
  • hE LOVES IT SO MUCH, he would get all soft lmao
  • but, most of the time you would be the one initiating all the skinship
  • and talking about cuddles, they don’t happen too often
  • maybe when y’all sleep together he wouldn’t mind if you start hugging him, but it doesn’t go more than that tbh
  • well, except when he’s feeling down
  • it’s easy to tell that he’s feeling like this, you can realize that the bright and happy mark is not there just with one look
  • his eyes would lose their shine and he would have a really tired expression in his face
  • but he would ask you for help as soon as he has a problem or starts feeling wrong because of something
  • those are the days when he’s the one initiating the skinship and he starts being slightly a bit more clingy w you
  • he may even start a little cuddle session to talk with you about his feelings and problems
  • he would lie down by your side and hide his face in the crook of your neck
  • and as he talks he would play with your hair and would caress softly any exposed skin he sees with his fingers
  • and even if you’re not the best person to give advice or to comfort someone, he would feel a lot better just by talking with you
  • and he would appreciate every single second that you spent only to hear his worries
  • and when you’re the one feeling down he would be super caring with you
  • he would also notice easily when you’re feeling like this
  • and first, he would give you his comfort with kisses and hugs and also with some of his sweets words
  • and would be constantly asking you if you’re feeling even a little better
  • and once you’re a little bit less dead he would basically obligate you to go on a date w him lol
  • like, he really hates seeing you laying in bed with a sad expression the whole day
  • so he would obligate you to go out with him and breath pure air and get some sun light lmao
  • and as both of walk, you would start talking about your problems with him and would start explaining why are you feeling like this
  • he would listen to your words attentively and would tell you his opinions about it and would give you some advice
  • and, believe me, you’re going to feel a lot better in no time <3
  • and talking about y’all dates in general, he’s also a simple guy for that
  • he would take you out for breakfast/lunch/dinner to casual places where both of you can just talk calmly about random stuff
  • but he’s a fan of the lazy dates
  • he loves staying at your house, both of you in your pajamas and playing videogames together and laughing like dorks
  • you probably inspire him a lot
  • and he loves writing raps for you or inspired in you or whatever, lol
  • he would be too shy to show the other members personal things like this, so he would ask you for your opinon of them
  • changing the subjet, in my opinion he’s not too jealous
  • i mean, he probably is but both of you are so in love with each other that you don’t even give him a reason to be like that
  • you always treat everyone in a kind and friendly way except from him
  • and he really appreciates that,, you’re not a hoe??? i guess¿??
  • lmao
  • its 1:32 a.m and i’m getting stupid okay
  • i’m sorry
  • but if for some reason he feels like that he wouldn’t do much, just stand by your side and wait till the convo between u and the other guy finishes
  • but you’ll notice that he would be more silent and would be low-key avoiding you
  • and he would be like this the whole day with everyone, you, the members, even with the dreamies, thE DREAMIES
  •  and even if you apologize a thousand times and explain everything to him he would just tell you that’s “fine” and “forgive you”
  • ugh, i h8 when people do this
  • but then at like 3 am he’s going to write you a long ass text when he’s apologizing for being “rude” with you bc of his jealously
  • and next day he would appear in your house with roses and chocolates and y’all would have one of y’alls lazy dates
  • lmao, and the end
  • because i have 0 energy and inspiration rn
  • i hope y’all enjoy this, have a good night/day !

Untitled by Gabriella Totyik
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anonymous asked:

You should draw Gravity Falls more often! I miss seeing them on my dash. (Also I am in love with your art! It's so perfect!)

I miss them too :^( it’s just I don’t have a lot of ideas for it rn

I might do some screenshot redraws for fun one of these times tho! (also if someone wants to suggest their fav screenshots or something)

(thanks a lot!)


Rainy Day by Satoshi H (a.k.a ARCH)

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Can you do some cute HCs on how the boys would react if you gained a little weight and were bummed about it? Because I currently hate myself ;-;



i did drabbles, if that’s okay! they’re under the cut!

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List down five (5) facts you like about yourself:

1. i haTE nuts 

2. i have sensitive teeth, skin and extremely sensitive scalp :”)

3. im in a family of 8

4. when i was younger my hair was pretty much white :0

5. im meant 2 be cleaning my room rn

I tag anyone who wants 2 do this !

watching spies are forever for the first time

initial reactions (in the form of texts I sent to @pansexual-link-larkin

you know it would be reerellilyareaerelllilllyarerelilliearaereally nice if you just uh told us about the blueprints

oleg, crush his testicles

maybe on our next date, i’ll let you get to second base

[vigorous tickling]



is that evanescence






oh i am so ready for this

damn mary kate

joey’s hips do not lie





didn’t we do it in six minutes? think we can do it in five? make it four. atta boy! three it is lmao my life writing essays with time limits

that slo mo tho 


why does mary kate sound like fricken lana del rey hot damn girl i love everything about what is happening in your ensemble rn

i should’ve known their relationship was too cute to last