“Can have this dance, Der?”
“I’ll always dance with you whenever you ask of me…”

The Doge AU

Finally, CourageWolf!Derek managed to convince Stiles to a nice pack camping trip that wasn’t in the actual Hale Preserve, but instead in the national forest just about an hour away. It was great progress for Doge!Stiles…even though it took him forever to finally find the courage to actually step out of the RV. 

Baby steps

D!Stiles realizes, this isn’t as scary as the high-kill shelter, it’s much more wow. Boyd taught him how to fish and watched in amazement as the older wolf expertly prepared the fish for lunch, Scott played much Frisbee with him, and even Isaac taught him the wonders and differences of actual campfire s’mores! 

Even Lydia gave him an amazing green cap for the road! 

He just started playing Zelda and quickly became a fan.

Stiles begins to realize that the cruelty of his past should not interfere with all these amazes and wows, especially if it means he gets to be part of this.

But the best part?

The best part was during the final hours of twilight, when the fireflies come out to play and everyone is now well rested in around the campfire. Derek takes him to a most special place of many majestics - as Stiles would later remember it as - it was a small meadow and the fireflies who were most humble and small, would dance around Derek and Stiles. 

Without fear, knowing these giant furry creatures meant no harm.

If they can dance around Stiles, maybe…maybe Stiles can dance around with them? 

So with a question most quietly, Stiles asks Derek to what may be his first ball-type dance.

Sue him, he really wanted to after he watched Beauty and the Beast. 


Well how can Derek say no to that request?

Imagine, someday in the future, when RWBY comes to an end…

Teams RWBY, JNPR, SSSN, etc have become full-fledged hunters. They’re adults now. They’ve been on many adventures and saved many people.

Team RWBY ends up having a final showdown against some really tough big bad, possibly even an army. During the course of this showdown, Ruby makes a big move that opens the way for them to win, but the price is her life. Maybe some kind of Red Like Roses Part 3 song is playing in the background, referencing Summer’s line from RLR Part 2: “But baby please don’t do what I did. I don’t want you to waste your life in vain!”

The series ends with an epilogue.

Weiss has taken over the Schnee Dust Company and is running it much better than her father.

Blake has stopped wearing her bow and is the leader of a faunus rights organization.

Weiss and Blake have begun working together to start the process of repairing relations between humans and faunus.

Earlier in the series, Yang found her mother and has been getting to know her (for better or worse).

Cut to a scene with Yang walking through snow, carrying a bouquet of red roses. She reaches her destination, stops, and starts talking.

“Hey, Ruby. They held a ceremony the other day. It was great and all, but… it would’ve been better if you were there. I wish you could’ve seen it. You’re a hero. Here… these are for you.”

She kneels down, sets the bouquet on the ground, and stands back up. Weiss and Blake step forward to stand by her side, and she says, “We miss you already.”

The camera changes to show a stone altar inscribed with Ruby’s name and symbol, next to Summer’s from the Red Trailer. The bouquet of red roses is in front of her altar, and a bouquet of white roses is in front of Summer’s. A red petal and white petal float off into the sky, the camera following them. Transition to a morning sky over Beacon. The camera pans down to show a statue of Team RWBY. Closeup on the statue of Ruby, the camera pans down to its feet, and someone places a coffee mug there.

Ozpin steps back, holding a mug of his own. “Cream and five sugars,” he says, “I heard that’s how you like it.” He sips his coffee, staring up at the statue.

anonymous asked:

Friendly reminder that smol Summer canonically has a very disproportionately deep voice as evidenced by Red Like Roses part II

hmm, not too sure on that - after all, the point of RLR Pt II was that it was a discussion between daughter and mother, and the singers were daughter and mother (and Casey sings from the perspective of all four girls - and Pyrrha and Nora - and the only reason her pitch has changed really is because her voice has matured)

it’s possible but in the end they’re gonna go for who can best fill the role


-The vase that keeps the flowers is gorgeous. The shape is kind and supportive. The colors are very rich and rare and so lush that it seems they are moving like waves over deep water if you stare at them, or swirling together like mercury.

The vase and the flowers look good together and nothing is wrong but the flowers have to leave.

They’re fuller now. Their stems are pushing through the bottom and continue to grow. New colors are showing. New species showing themselves to the sun. Hydrated tangle of life. Reaching upward in curious aromatic puberty.

To grow is not evil. To leave is not evil.

It’s fucked up to keep someone as if they’re yours.

Growing apart and towards peace.



Red Like Roses/Mirror Mirror Mix
Jeff Williams, Casey Lee Williams
Red Like Roses/Mirror Mirror Mix

I realized that Mirror Mirror and the Red Like Roses beginning from RWBY have the same beat, and are both very peaceful and would sound nice together. So I mixed RLR and the beginning and other parts of Mirror Mirror to create this.

I am not involved with Rooster Teeth in any way, this is simply fan made

Album art from RWBY Episode 8, Players and Pieces