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Hey! I recently read "Ghosts" by Rizzle, and I really really enjoyed it. Would you guys have any rated m fics recommendations that have the same characterization of Draco? (where he becomes agreeable all the time and represses his anger, and at some point in the story, he reverts back to his normal canon self) thank you! :D

Not too sure. but try these:

Title: Just Decide
Author: katiefelton
Rating: M
Genre(s): Mystery/Romance
Chapters: 25
Word Count: 105, 537
Summary: A passionate night with a former lover, mixed a heinous murder, can only lead to trouble. Now Hermione Granger must decide: watch Draco Malfoy be sentenced to a crime he didn’t committ, or expose secrets from their past to save his life?

Devil’s Advocate By: Dramione84 - M, 22 chapters - Hermione Granger is always right, so when her testimony is deemed useless and Draco is locked away in Azkaban, she knows she has to fight for what is right. With the odd’s stacked against her, and Theo at her side, will she be able to help set him free? Rated M for language. Summary and cover by xxDustNight88

Incarceration by Emara88 - M, 20 chapters - In the heat of the moment, Draco saves Hermione’s life during the Battle of Hogwarts. Months later, he has been imprisoned in Azkaban for the crime of being a Death Eater. What lengths will she go to in her quest to free him and to repay that debt?

Title: I Can’t Hate You Anymore
Author: jmalfoy
Rating: M
Genre(s): Drama, Romance
Chapters: 22
Word Count: 141,795
Summary: Being forced to marry a man you hate is not as bad as loving him after he destroyed your life. After years of heartache, will Draco and Hermione ever find true happiness?

Where There’s a Will By: grangerinvestigations - T, 30 Chapters - Lucius Malfoy has left a rather surprising will: if Draco works for Hermione for one year, both he and S.P.E.W. will inherit thirty million galleons. Of course, they might kill each other first… Not epilogue compliant. HG/DM.

Devil’s Deal By: LA DIABLESA - M, 23 Chapters - “So in effect you want me to save the woman who betrayed me and the man she betrayed me with” he scoffed at this notion. “And what Granger, should I expect in return for performing such a selfless and noble deed?” he finished sarcastically. Dramione.

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