Hey you all,

a year ago I did a femslash-fans survey for my bachelor thesis. So many of you helped me and filled out the questionnaire. Again: THANK YOU!

Today I wanted to share the results with you. There aren’t a lot of studies out there that research femslash-topics but I do think it’s an important topic. I focused my study on cyberbullying of femslash-fans and its emotional consequences. I asked people if they witnessed bullying of other femslash-fans or experienced it on their own.

Just to be clear: I only asked about cyberbullying from outside the femslash-community. This does not mean that everything is “rainbows and unicorn stickers” inside the community. And I’m also aware that not all femslash-fans are saints, some cyberbullying goes the other way around too.

And yeah of course I knew that there is a lot of cyberbullying going on but I was still shocked to see the results.

Why this is so problematic: Femslash-fans see their community as their safe-space. A lot of LGBT+ people need safe-spaces because life outside the internet is sometimes cruel. So some find a safe-space (like a femslash-community), were they can speak freely and openly. BUT even in this place they are not always safe.

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask me :-) My bachelor thesis is in German or else I would publish it for you guys.