Emily Fields with Santana Lopez is my fave crossover wlw ship <3

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A woman of color dating another woman of color… *check*

Both are out and proud lesbians… *check*

The calm sweet girl falls for the wild mean girl… *check*

The hot cheerleader falls for the star athlete… *check*

No blonde hair in sight… *check*

Santana would beat the breaks off of “A” for terrorizing her gf… *check*

Emily would always be the first to come to her gf’s defense… *check*

Both are loyal af to their squad… *check*

Did I mention that they’re both women of color :)

Naya & Shay could pass as sisters even though Naya is half Puerto Rican and Shay is half Filipina, the resemblance is ridiculous Lol I’d be all about Sanily <3