Can I just point out how every single Sorceress in FFVIII is unbelievably badass? Seriously look we have:

  • Edea, whose insight is so spectacular she knows she’s likely to go darkside and founds an entire series of schools devoted to stopping her and whoever might follow her. She collapsed her own mind rather than let Ultimecia know jackshit about Ellone, and when she wakes up having conquered an entire nation and almost killed her own children, she dusts herself off and immediately comes up with a plan to guarantee her powers won’t be used for evil again and to prepare to stop Ultimecia.
  • Adel, who was so incredibly powerful that the Esthar Resistance didn’t even bother to attempt to kill her. They sealed her away and sent her to the fucking moon, building a space station solely to keep an eye on her for well over a decade so she could never escape. It doesn’t even work. And in between her sealing and release, her rage is so great that all radio communication on the planet gets knocked out, instead showing static-y messages from Adel, I am still alive here, Take me back there, I will never let you forget me
  • Ultimecia, who conquers the entire planet in the future, wipes out Edea’s specially-trained-to-specifically-fight-sorceresses SeeDs, looks at her domain and thinks, Not enough. Comes up with an actually feasible plan to condense all of time around her so she can conquer literally the entirety of existence.
  • Rinoa, who runs an anti-occupation resistance movement directly against her own father, holds her own alongside a group of specially-trained mercenaries even though she’s had no formal training, allows herself to be possessed by Ultimecia just for the chance to kill her, and basically reorganizes space-time when Squall wanders off and gets his ass lost and all while half the age of every other sorceress in the game

So basically do not fuck with the women of FFVIII.

Rinoa knows all the best ways to distract Squall! 

I got my new computer and spent ages installing stuff but now it’s ready and it’s so fast! Just restarting it is sort of fun right now as I’ve neved had a SSD before:p Quick little doodle to test photoshop(you guessed it, it’s suuuuuper fast). I can also do a important things like playing Hearthstone while drawing and also watch stuff all at once. This is a whole new world for me:p