lureofthesea asked:

Ship! Squall/Rinoa

who throws things in a fight ?: rinoa, definitely.
who goes to their parent’s house for a weekend when things get bad ?: rinoa is way too stubborn to let her dad see her be vulnerable and squall sure as hell isn’t going to laguna lol. Rinoa will stay with a friend. Squall will just stay alone and brood.
who wants to have children ? who doesn’t ? if both do, how do their goals differentiate ?: Rinoa wants kids, but not until she’s much older. Squall doesn’t want kids at all, not even a little. She’s going to have to trick him into it somehow
who is more averse to physical contact ?: Rinoa is very touchy. squall can be prickly at times but for the most part he actually really wants physical affection, he’s just too shy/embarrassed to admit it or initiate it. Luckily Rinoa is not at all
who hates/dislikes their neighbors the most ?: squall because hes a grumpy old man who wants them off his lawn
who hates/dislikes their significant other’s family ?: squall doesn’t really like her dad. He also doesn’t like how much Rinoa likes HIS dad.
who thinks their partner turned out a different person than they thought ?: Rinoa is a little surprised that he begins to thaw out around her and relax, being just a bit more affectionate and warm. But on the other hand it doesn’t really surprise her because she knew he had it in him and she’d seen glances of it before.
who is more likely to cheat ?: rinoa, if he closed back up on her. Squall struggles enough with one relationship, he sure as hell couldn’t juggle two haha
who is the more experienced ( sexually or otherwise ) ?: rinoa is way more experienced in sex and love. he is pretty clueless about everything before her
who hates/dislikes their significant other’s friends ?: …squall.
who wants to go to social gatherings the most ?: srsly??? Lol, rinoa
who is most likely to be dishonest ?: rinoa.
who is more emotionally closed off ? how does this affect their partner ?: s q u a l l. Rinoa kinda is used to it and enjoys the challenge to some extent, but she’s also used to the fact that he’s begun to open up to her. If he relapsed back to the way he was before, it would upset her. Squall is squall and she loves him as he is but she also likes knowing that he can trust her and when he shuts off emotionally, she feels like all the progress they made together was pointless
who is the dessert person ?: rinoa likes candy but isn’t so much into baked goods. Squall doesn’t care either way
who is more conservative ?: squall
who hates/dislikes oral sex ?: squall is a little uncomfortable/finds it a little awkward because it’s so intimate, but he certainly doesn’t hate it, lol


“I guess…I’m getting scared. Sometimes…when I’m with all of you… I…feel like we’re on the same wavelength……you know? But when the battles start happening, it’s different. Everyone’s tempo seems to pick up and… …I get left behind. I try to catch up, but it’s no use… How far is everyone going? I can’t hear anyone… Once I catch up, I wonder… Is everyone safe? Will they welcome me with open arms? ……Is everyone ok? Will we all make it back together?”