*ring finger comes up*

050. tattooartist!namjoon

050. “i planned out this super romantic proposal and you just ruined it by beating me to the whole proposing thing.”

Growing up, there was always this… thing where the guy has to be the one who should get down on one knee to ask you to be there with him until he grows out grey hair and could possibly forget to flush the toilet or leave the seat down for your ass to plunge into the bowl at three in the morning. And if by any means that you get together with someone who throws all of that taboo shit out the window, you’re the one getting down on one knee.

Or at least you have it planned.

The day began with something that even Namjoon himself won’t see it coming. A morning full of events to take his mind off of things and especially not in his work studio. You’ve made it a point that he won’t be able to get any tattoos done today and that his schedule is clear so you can have him all to yourself. Initially Namjoon thought it was odd because you were never quite like this. But when he gets to see your smile up close over a cup of coffee in the morning and past the waft of pancakes for breakfast, he’ll gladly let you take him away any day.

Fast forward through a relaxing day at the park and a hand-packed picnic, Namjoon had to return back to his studio because apparently, God forbid on the only day you need Namjoon to yourself that his regular customers have an urgent tattoo to get before leaving the country. So… with that exception (and three hours spent with you rephrasing over and over how you’re going to ask Namjoon to marry you), dinner time arrives faster than you had anticipated and he almost looks offended when you reply with: “Already?”

He chuckles and discards his half apron, tossing it to side before he removes his gloves, “For someone who wanted me for the whole day, you seem pretty disappointed now that you’re getting me back. Shall I book up another-”

“No!” You jolt from your seat, gulping down the anxiety biting the back of your neck. You blow your fringe away as you roll your eyes at him while he laughs, beckoning you over and you hate how you give in so easily. He gets ahold of your hand and the night continues with the final destination you have planned. Upon collecting takeout and hitting Namjoon’s hand when he tries to sneak a bite, he diligently holds himself back and allows you to drag him to the rooftop of where the two of you lived.

It’s time, you’re climbing up the roof with Namjoon behind. Just… just breathe, your hand is in your pocket as you sit on top, settling on the tiles with your fingers picking out the rings. Now, just… “Namjoon?”

You peer over the edge when he’s taking a bit too long than usual to climb and… well fuck.

There he is on one knee, the other with his hand extended out with a ring. He’s living for the disbelief in your eyes, the gap of your parted lips as you blink at him a couple of times to make sure this asshole didn’t just-”Marry me, Y/N?”

“…you dick,”

That was one of the many things Namjoon was not expecting.

“Excuse me?”

You bring into view the rings you have in possession, illuminated by the spark of the night that widens Namjoon’s eyes.

“I was going to propose to you!”

“Well now we’re going to have one hell of a story to tell our kids,” He smirks, refusing to budge from his rooted position. A laugh rakes past his throat, swelling from within because you’re making it hard for him not to. You jump down and don’t get up until you kick his knee. Out of anger, out of frustration, out of - out of - whatever. 

He whines in pain, leaning forward but you only flick his head and fold your arms after.

“That didn’t hurt. Don’t pretend,”

Past the frown dragging the corner of your lips down, trying not to give in, Namjoon reaches out and gently caresses your calves, “C’mon, Y/N… I’ll be like this all night until you answer me-”

“I had it all planned, you know? From morning, through lunch, even after your customer that suddenly has to leave to China tomorrow. Everything was going smoothly until you got down on one fucking knee and-”

“Will you marry me?”

“Yes! For fuck’s sake, I was going to say that so now you-”Namjoon decides to take things in his own hands. Literally. He rises up and swoops an arm around your waist, the other cupping your cheek to lean forward to kiss your lips to stop you from speaking. With clutched fists hitting his shoulders, you cave in and let him kiss you the way he wants. Hard, then slow, then with the passion that makes your knees weak until he’s holding you up. Your fingers come undone, the rings fall from your hands and it’s only until you hear clinks that Namjoon stops kissing you.

He bends down to pick up the rings and finds himself tearing up at the - “Wow…”

Holding it up, you’re getting teary eyed at him getting teary eyed.

“You had our names engraved to this?”

Despite the tears in your eyes, you manage to hit his arm with the best effort you can muster up.

“I told you I had things planned out,”


Namjoon slides the ring he initially has for you on your ring finger first, so that he can let the ring you’ve bought follow after. You don’t realize you’re shaking until you snatch the rings from him to put it on him and he tries to interfere but you snap with let me actually do something, back off. He laughs quietly and instead decides to wipe your tears, ignoring his own until you look up to him and dry his tears.

“I love you, Y/N,”

“I love you too… even if you did ruin all my plans to propose to you.”

((”hey, joon?”

“hm?” he turns to look at you, tearing his gaze from the stars above but it’s not like the scenery changed or anything. it still looks the same when he’s looking at you.

“will you marry me?”

he laughs.

then he nods.

“yes, i will marry you.”))

Wedding Series #2 - He Proposes (Harry)

A/N: This is long but I’m so not even sorry because I think Harry is hella cute when he is all awkward and shy and yeah…hope you guys like it !

Harry had been acting remarkably out of character for the whole day. He was jittery and nervous and nothing like the carefree man you were dating. Every time you looked at him he was running his fingers through his curls or muttering something incoherent under his breath; whatever it was that was causing it however had you worried.

The only time you’d ever seen Harry so stressed was when management was breathing down the bands necks for the next single, album or tour date; it wasn’t often that anything else bothered him to this capacity. Moving to sit next to him on the couch you touched his shoulder lightly.
“Haz, you okay?”
“Huh? Oh yeah, I’m fine Kitten,” He replied, forcing a smile onto his face.
“You can tell me if anything is wrong Harry, you know that right?”
“Y/n,” Harry said, taking your hand in his and giving it a loose squeeze. “Don’t worry about me alright? I’m fine.”

You raised your eyebrows but left the subject alone. You trusted Harry and you weren’t about to go prying into anything he didn’t want you to know; sooner or later he’d talk to you. Getting back up off the couch you pressed a quick kiss to his forehead before moving into the kitchen, intent on making you both a cup of tea.

You were going about doing just that when you heard Harry’s voice, muffled from the living room. Curiosity got the better of you and you stepped closer to the arch way.
“I can’t do it!” You heard Harry say and you gathered he was on the phone; he sounded so defeated.  “I don’t think I can ask her.”

You were thoroughly confused, was he talking about you? You kept listening as Harry sighed heavily.
“No, no your right,” He said. “Rip it off like a bandaid.”

You stepped back as you thought about his words, your mind immediately jumping to the worst case scenario, Harry breaking up with you. Sure he was away a lot and you didn’t always see eye to eye on that, but surely he wasn’t going to end things because of it. You had always stuck by him through the band’s career, ever since you started dating him; you put up with the rumors and the magazine articles and the paparazzi and almost everything else that came along with dating a celebrity and you’d never complained once, because you loved Harry more than you’d loved anybody. Now that there was a possibility that it was all going to come to an end you found you couldn’t quite breathe.

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Not Ready For Goodbye

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: This is about 3,000 words of pure heartache and angst. This is for the Let Me Break Your Heart Master List, so I’m going to rip your heart out.

A/N: The prequel to Miss You. It fucked me up, I was crying writing it, so good luck, that’s all I can say.

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Why Me?

Barry was currently at Star Labs trying to figure out a way to stop Savitar from killing Iris but it wasn’t easy especially since everyone felt drained from doing the same thing everyday.

“why don’t we take a break, you guys need it’ Iris suggests while looking at Barry

“actually you guys go ahead I have to make a call” Cisco says while running to his workshop 

“come on barr, lets go to Jitters” Iris pulls Barry out the cortex


Barry’s mood was lifted as he held Irises hand while they walked into the cortex but quickly stopped as they see someone they thought they never see again

“y/n?” Barry’s voice was filled with confusion

you turn around and your eyes widen as you see Iris but you quickly smiled

“Hi Barry” you said genuinely 

“what are you doing here” Iris asks coldly

“I was on my way to a date with my fiance when cisco called saying he needed help with some device so I thought I make a quick detour and help out I didn’t think it would take this long I was trying to be out before you guys got back but um how are you?” you ask awkwardly as Barry’s eyes never left yours

“fiance?” Barry blurted

“got  a problem with that flash” everyone quickly turns around to see Savitar leaning against the door with his arms folded across his chest as he looked at you.

Barry pulls Iris behind him as he sees you walk toward Savitar

“y/n get away from him” Barry calls out to you

“Babe I thought I told you to wait outside” you peck Savitar on the lips and he smirks as he sees Barry’s face turn red

“you were taking forever so I decided to check up on you to make sure you were okay, looks like I got here just in time”  Savitar’s eyes flicked to Iris who rolled her eyes at him.

“doesn’t she look sexy Barry” Savitar says mockingly as he grabs your arm and twirls you around and Barry looks you up and down. You were wearing a black sexy bralette and matching underwear with a tight fitted see through lace dress that stopped at your knees showing off your smooth silky legs that Barry felt wrap around him countless times.

“wait a minute Y/n you’re engaged to Savitar?” Cisco asks and you smile as Cisco and Caitlyn run up and hug you. The huge shiny diamond encrusted ring was beautiful and way much cheaper than Irises considering he stole it but Savitar kept that to himself.

you, Cisco, and Caitlyn still contacted each other since you didn’t come around much ever since the break up with Barry. It was your 2 year anniversary when it happened, the night Barry told you he loved Iris. The whole entire time you were ready to take a new step in your relationship, Barry was ready to end it and you were so broken. you didn’t go to work for weeks which made Cisco and Caitlyn search for you eventually finding you in your room holding a ball a fire with burn marks on your arm and if it wasn’t for them you would’ve been lost from the world, Barry left you emotional unstable which was the reason you temporally lost control of your powers, once again thank you Cisco and Caitlyn. 

yes you were a meta but you never told Barry considering you received your gift after the break up with him and the only thing keeping them at bay now is Savitar. Although he is a temporal duplicate of Barry you still loved him, he made you feel special and treated you like his goddess well technically you are his goddess.

‘Y/n, do you even know what Savitar is trying to do?” Joe asks as he looks at you directly in the eyes he felt betrayed that you out of all people would be with the enemy.

but before you could say anything Wally flashes in front of you and grabs your arm

“He’s trying to kill my sister” He says through gritted teeth and Savitar quickly pulls you behind him

“you sure you wanna do that wally”

“hey babe its okay, lets just go” you pull on Savitars arm and his attention quickly turns to you.

“you okay” he asks as he checks your arm to make sure you weren’t hurt

“i’m fine I just want to go to dinner babe” Your voice was now a whisper as you felt Barry’s gaze pierce through the side of your head

“hey wait y/n can you come back tomorrow I need to talk to you” Barry asks voice filled with desperation.

“No can do Barry, she’s mine” Savitar says as he wrapped an arm around your waist and you put your head on his chest

“Goodbye Barry” and just like that you and Savitar was gone.


The next day Barry walked into Star Labs and shoved the container of coffees into Cisco’s awaiting arms and Caitlyn furrows her eyebrows at him

“what’s wrong with you” she asks 


“Hey guys” you say as you come bouncing in the room

“cute jumpsuit y/n” 

“thanks cait-

“y/n what are you doing here?” Barry interrupts rudely

“You said you needed to talk to me so I convinced Savitar to let me come here today but make it fast I only have an hour to spare” you say as you fold your arms and tilt your head.

“guys can we talk in private” Cisco and Caitlyn nod their heads and walk out together mumbling about big belly burger.

“Now tell me y/n why are you with Savitar?”

“oh my gosh Barry not this again” you groan

“y/n he’s trying to kill Iris”

“and what do you want me to do about it Barry, it’s the only way he can stay here with me” As you say this Barry notices you look different from last night. you had bags under your eyes, your face looked a little pale and you looked slightly bloated.

“y/n we can find another way, you know as good as I do we accomplished many impossible things here at Star Labs” Barry runs a hand through his hair as you walk toward him

“Barry yes I know you guys accomplished many things here but you know as good as I do that when it comes to the timeline anything could go wrong you were the one who fucked it up anyway”. Your voice was starting to get a little louder now

“y/n I know but just stay away from him please”

“No Barry I love Savitar okay, the only way for him to stay is by killing Iris”

“Iris will not die”

“I said something similar to that 3 months ago it went like Barry will not leave me for Iris but look where we are now” you look down as a tear slid down your face and Barry sees your left hand come up to wipe it away and he sees the shiny ring on your finger.

“you know Barry I was going to ask you to move in with me that night I was so in love with you Barry but you didn’t love me you were in love with someone that didn’t love you back until they figured out you are the flash… but this” you lifted up your ring finger 

“ this right here will never come off its a promise Barry a promise to Savitar that I love him and that I will never betray him and if you can’t respect that then…the next time you’ll see me is on infantino street when Savitar kills Iris West”

“y/n please”

“goodbye Barry” you quickly walked out the cortex as Barry sighs and frustration finds its way into him .

I notice you sitting alone across the bar.
You’re gingerly nursing your glass of whiskey and glancing around the room before taking a sip.
Maybe you’re waiting for someone.
Maybe you’ve come with a friend. Or a lover.
Maybe you’ve come alone to drown your sorrows or some news that caused the wrinkles on your forehead.
Maybe you’re waiting to go back home to the arms of the person whose embrace has turned into comfort.
I see that ring clamped around your finger a little too tight for your comfort. I see you play with it for a while before your hands go back to delicately balancing the glass on your palm.
I see the flicker of your eyes, your soft gaze against my curious one, just for a moment, and then watching them turn back to the glass in your hand.
There is something about you that I can’t quite place.
You’re stunning in a pair of casual jeans and shirt. You are unexpectedly charming.
You are beautiful in a way that doesn’t let me stop looking. You are soft. And warm.
In a different universe, maybe you wouldn’t have had that ring around your finger. Maybe I would’ve come up to you, asked you about your name, wondered if you’d ever consider me as someone you could love.
Maybe we would’ve made our own little world.
With first dates and your fingers brushing against mine on a rainy evening.
With laughter and shared interests.
Maybe we could’ve been more than just strangers.
But I promise I never would’ve been able to take my eyes off of you.
—  Tamarind Fall; Prompt: Burning passion for someone you don’t know, shouldn’t want, can’t have but still want to have.
An Expert Negotiation

Prompt: Proposal (via @hanzome-hasashi) I loved this prompt! Thanks for sending it in.  

Like most of his best ideas, the proposal had stemmed from necessity. From the moment he stepped into Harry Winston on Fifth Avenue with Arato’s exact measurements of Erina’s ring finger, Souma knew he had to come up with something creative for three reasons. 

Number one—Nakiri being Nakiri, she would say no if the proposal wasn’t up to her standards even if she wanted to marry him. And honestly, he wasn’t all that convinced that she did.

Number two—If he couldn’t best Kurokiba’s proposal to Alice or Hayama’s to Arato, those two would never let him live it down. 

And number three—It was generally understood that of all their friends in the 92nd generation, he and Erina had taken the longest to get their shit together. Some, in fact, speculated that they would never have their shit together. So naturally they had to let them know that they’ve been saving the best for last. 

When Souma got back to the San Francisco apartment they shared—when he wasn’t in New York, Paris, or Sydney, and she wasn’t in Tokyo, Madrid, or Vienna that is—Erina greeted him coldly, as she always did when she felt he’d been gone too long. 

“Did you remember to get the mail?” she asked as she sat in her bathrobe going over the monthly expenses for Canvas, the haute cuisine paradise they’d opened together half a year ago. Her hair was up in a ponytail and still dripping from the shower. 

Souma leaned down and kissed the scowl off her lips before handing her an impressive stack of letters and glossy culinary magazines. 

“How was New York?” she asked, warming up gradually like a human potage. 

“The A train broke down while I was heading to JFK, so I almost missed my flight back home.”

Erina scoffed. “I don’t know why you even bother with the subway.” 

He shrugged, scratching the back of his head. “When in Rome, right?”

“If the Romans had Lyft they would have used it,” she quipped before turning to her cell phone that kept buzzing with emails and texts. From what she could tell, they were all variations of ‘congratulations’ and ‘have you accepted?’ 

“Did I win another culinary prize or something?” she asked. 

“Why don’t you check in Food & Wine?” 

It was one of the few magazines most Totsuki grads read religiously, so Erina supposed it might be the source of the huge fuss her entire contact list seemed to be making. 

After skimming through the usual fare—hot new restaurants, pro tips, drink recipes—she came across an ever conspicuous op-ed. 

“Why Marrying Nakiri Erina Would be Better than a Hundred Michelin Stars” by Yukihira Souma. 

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You Said You’d Grow Old With Me - Jungkook - Song Based Fic (*☁✿)

Originally posted by mean-suga


Word Count: 2657 (I totally don’t know how this got so long, oops)

Song: You Said You’d Grow Old With Me- Michael Schulte

I stared down at my phone, at the wallpaper. A photo of Jungkook and I, with me holding up my hand and him hugging me tightly. I was holding up my hand, with a promise ring, one he had picked up on a very, very late night. I looked at my hand, at my finger that was now bare.

 “This is my promise, that one day, we will get married, have kids, and probably with some weird names if you let me decide, and grow old together, me and you, and our family. This is my promise and my love for you.” Jungkook said, slipping the ring onto my finger, and coming back up from his kneeling position to wipe away the tears that streamed endlessly down my face.

 Where had it all gone wrong…? I looked around me, seeing all the other college students on their laptops, with multiple coffee cups around them. I probably looked dead. I turned off my phone and took a look at my face, but maybe I shouldn’t have. My eyes were puffy from crying and my face was pale. A teenager had come up to me with a candied cookie in a plastic bag, in her hands.

 “Are you okay? You look sad.” She said, her voice soft.

 She couldn’t have been older than 14, I smiled at her and nodded.

 “Maybe you’re lying, sorry if that sounds mean. But I really hope you feel better, so here.” She said, handing me the cookie with her small hands.

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klaine advent day 7: genuine

“We should get married.”

Blaine says it casually, like he would say “we should go see a movie tonight” or “we should buy some new shoes.” He continues scrolling through his phone without so much as looking up to gauge Kurt’s reaction, which is shocked speechless, and shows no sign of joking. He only looks up after several long, uncomfortable moments of silence, in which Kurt breathes through his open mouth in pure astonishment and Blaine texts Mercedes about a poinsettia. Finally meeting Kurt’s wide gaze, he arches a thick eyebrow and cradles his phone in his lap, hands closing around the device and almost completely hiding it from view. “What?”

“We–we’re already married,” Kurt says incredulously, glancing down at his hand to make sure the ring is still there and he hasn’t been imagining the past two years. “Do you happen to remember a day when two of our best friends were getting married, and somehow we got invited to crash their ceremony after we literally just got back together? Because, I don’t know, I figured it would be kind of a memorable day, and⸺”

“That’s my whole point,” Blaine says, sitting up straight and taking Kurt’s hands in his own, eyes blazing with passion. “That day was the best day of my life, don’t get me wrong, but it was crazy. It was absolutely, undeniably insane, every part of it, and it wasn’t planned, you know? None of it was. We didn’t get to have a wedding in a big church⸺”

“I hate churches.”

“Or on a boat dock, or in some obscure botanical garden somewhere,” Blaine continues, determined to follow this through to the end. “We got married, but it wasn’t originally our day. And, I don’t know, I guess I just feel a little … cheated by that.”

Kurt pulls away fractionally, so their fingers strain to maintain a connection, tilting his body away from Blaine’s to keep himself at bay while his mind struggles to catch up to his mouth. “Where are you going with this?”

Blaine sighs and rakes his free hand through his hair, interrupting the smooth, gelled effect and sending a patch of hair sticking up in the wrong direction. Kurt finds it adorable. “What I’m trying to say is that our wedding was amazing, and I will never, ever regret it or want to undo it for even a second, but I’ve been thinking.”

“About what? I mean, Blaine, we have a marriage license. We’ve been married for two years. I don’t think there’s a whole lot of discussion to be had here.”

“Okay, but there is!” Blaine protests, standing to pace around the room, hands flailing wildly as he tries to express his excitement. “I want to give you the whole world, Kurt, and I know this is stupid because we already had our shot at a wedding, but I’ve always wanted to have a ceremony just for us, you know? When I asked you to marry me the first time, at Dalton, I wasn’t exactly picturing a last-second wedding at a ceremony that didn’t even belong to us in the first place. And I know that marriage isn’t about the fancy things, or the big party, or whatever–it’s about so much more than that–but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t dream about having all of those things, and I’ve always wanted to give them to you.”

“Well, yeah, I wanted that,” Kurt says slowly, not quite finding the point. “But I got you, and you mean a lot more to me than some stupid, fancy ceremony. What matters is that we’re together now, and nothing is ever going to break us apart. That’s what we promised that day, no matter if it was the day we planned to or not.”

Blaine shakes his head in frustration, absentmindedly snapping his fingers to try and invent a more straightforward way of saying the words he needs. “We should have another wedding,” he says, making eye contact and not looking away, reassuring that there’s true meaning behind his idea. “But this time, it would just be for you and me. Like, obviously, we can’t legally get married twice, but it could be like a repeat, except without the double-wedding thing. It would be like renewing our vows, but on a way bigger scale.”

“You’ve piqued my interest,” says Kurt, leaning forward on the loveseat and propping his elbows on his knees. “Now tell me, what does this plan of yours include?”

“Well,” Blaine replies, smirk forming on his face, “I’m glad you asked, because I’ve been planning this wedding in my head since I was eight years old.”

“Sounds fascinating,” Kurt says, Blaine’s smile infecting him as well. “Please, go on.”

“Okay, well, first off, it would have to be big, but not so big that it’s obnoxious,” Blaine says, showing the size of the wedding with his arms spread out to his sides. “The colors would be purple and gold, because come on, who doesn’t like that combination, and the flowers would have to be some sort of soft, natural thing, like wildflowers, maybe? But they couldn’t look too fake. Can we import them straight from Ohio? Would they survive a car ride up here? I’m sure if we asked nicely, your dad would bring us some wildflowers.”

“Blaine. Focus.”

“Right. Um, we would need all our friends from glee to be there, because we’re cheesy like that, but they don’t get to sing during the ceremony, because you and I will be performing a duet of Come What May, like we always talked about. Can you still handle that song?”

Kurt swats at Blaine’s arm playfully, smiling when his husband jumps away laughing, and wonders, as he often does, what he did to deserve this man in front of him. “Of course I can,” he says. “I can’t believe you would doubt my abilities after all these years.”

Pause. Tense breath. “You know I’m kidding, right?”

“Yes, Blaine.”

“Good. Okay. After all of what I just said, you can literally change any of it if you want to, but there is one thing that I really want to insist on, and that’s the location. I want to re-marry you in the same place where all of this began, all those years ago. I’ve always wanted a ceremony at Dalton, Kurt, and I think it would be really, really cool if⸺”

“Blaine.” Kurt stands and crosses the room to where his husband stands, looping his arms around Blaine’s neck and smiling softly as he leans in to whisper in his ear, his warm breath trailing down Blaine’s neck and sending a shiver up his spine. “Stop.”

“What?” Blaine’s tone is injured, in a sort of unfamiliar, fresh hurt that makes Kurt’s heart ache with shared emotion. “I thought you would go for this idea,” he says, in a last-ditch effort to make his plan come together. “I thought it was something you would want as much as I do⸺”

“Sweetie, you had me at ‘purple,’” says Kurt, laughing, and pulls Blaine in for a kiss that would be considered graphic if they were in public. When they finally break apart, both gasping for air and grinning like a pair of fools, there is an unspoken promise between them. It’s something that doesn’t need to be said aloud; after all their time spent with each other, loving each other, they no longer need to communicate with words. They promise to keep each other safe, to love each other unconditionally, and to offer unfailing support and encouragement, no matter what the future holds. It’s a promise that they have made over and over, and have proven that they’re willing to keep. It has no words, but somehow, it holds more meaning than anything they could ever speak.

“Let’s start planning the Anderson-Hummel Wedding, 2.0,” Blaine says.

Kurt wrinkles his nose and laughs, reaching out to spin Blaine’s wedding ring around his finger. “We are so coming up with a different name for that.”

Love in the First Degree: Epilogue

Previous Parts

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: Dean Winchester is a detective on a serial killer case when something from the past comes in to evidence.

Tags: fluff, fluff, fluff

Words: 1843

Note: You all have asked me so many times for another part and I feel terrible it’s taken so long for this epilogue. Thank you for sticking with me through this mess. This isn’t what I wanted for this series, to be honest, sometimes I get so caught up in writing the first parts that I just forget what my whole plan was. I hope this is okay and I hope this does the series justice. I would love to know if you liked this or not; any comment is welcomed.

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… continued from here …  👻  @the-kingpin-ramsey

“You know me, G-money, it could be anybody’s,” Ray says, shrugging casually. He’s sat atop the kitchen counter - as per usual - as he relays this life-changing information to his boss. “I’m the town bicycle. Ring-ring.” His onomatopoeia comes with a hand gesture for emphasis; his fingers come up and make a bell-ringing motion. It’s accompanied by his usual deadpan expression, void of all emotion but boredom. It comes up when he makes a joke that he’s especially proud of, and he’s pinning this one to the fridge.

Fic: To Sit Still

Summary: Kurt tries to figure out Blaine. His dad provides some useful advice. A hopeful Klaine reaction to Glee 6.07 “Transitioning.”
Relationships: Kurt/Blaine (romantic), Kurt-Burt (familial)
Rating: PG/all audiences
Words: ~2,000
Thanks: to nachochang​, damnpene​ and chiasmuslovesme​ for betaing.

All my 6.07 reaction fics.

Also on AO3.

* * *

To Sit Still

It’s the morning after Kurt’s double-date with Sam and Rachel. Kurt wakes up in a good mood, the shift from sleep to wakefulness eased by the sound of Unique’s voice in his head, the choir’s words reverberating in his body: “There’s a road we must travel, there’s a promise we must make. But the riches will be plenty worth the risk and the chances that we take.”

He hums happily to himself in the shower, remembering how palpable the music felt against his skin as he stood in the stage’s wings – loud and overwhelming and glorious, echoing through his bones, more solid than Rachel’s hand squeezing his.

He wishes Blaine had been there.

The music stops. All Kurt hears now is water streaming out of the pipe, thudding against his body.

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Calum Hood - All About Us

A/N- this was originally posted on hashtagsandbrokenrecords


I was stood at the side of the church aisle, Calum stood just over to the side as we watched Ashton and his wife, Georgia, exchange vows. I was trying my hardest to concentrate but with a constant gaze on me, I couldn’t help but be unable to focus on anything, let alone another couple in front of us.

“Why’re you looking at me like that?” I whispered to the boy beside me as we stood at the end of the aisle, watching as Ashton declared his love for his new wife.

“I’m not looking at you like anything.” Calum hissed back, a smirk on his face as his hand snaked around my waist. He was feeling particularly touchy today and I really had no idea why, I wasn’t complaining or anything, but in a church I was starting to doubt it was in any way appropriate.

“Then stop staring at me and focus on the wedding.” I chuckled, wriggling out of my boyfriend’s grip.

He shook his head lightly, looking down at me. “I can’t stop staring at you.”

“And why not?” I murmured to him, trying to keep it to hushed tones as the vicar pronounced them husband and wife. I tried to hide my blush as he leant forward and rested his head on my shoulder to whisper in my ear.

“You’re just so beautiful.” He mumbled, making me blush quickly as I felt his lips quickly peck my cheek, before turning around slightly to smile at him. The crowd all clapped as Ashton kissed his new wife and Calum quickly pecked my cheek. “Especially in that dress.”

“You want to stop being corny?” I raised my eyebrows at him, watching as he bit his lip to hide the growing grin on his face. “This is Ashton’s day, stop trying to steal the spotlight.”

“I’m not trying to-” but he was cut off by Michael and Luke coming over to us, grins on their faces as we watched the couple go back down the aisle, the crowd cheering for them.

“What’re you two whispering about?” Luke nudged Calum from beside us and I chuckled, raising my eyebrows at Calum expectantly.

“I think this one is yours.” I laughed, wriggling out of the arm he had somehow snuck back around me waist.

“Doesn’t she look beautiful?” Calum asked Michael and Luke, causing them to go wide eyed and exchange confused looks as Calum obliviously beamed at me.

“Dude, is that a trick question?” Mikey spluttered, adjusting his tie uncomfortably.

I turned back to Calum, unable to believe what he was asking them. “Really, Calum?”

“It’s not a trick question. She looks amazing and I wanted to see if you guys agree.” He shrugged a smug look on his face and it caused me to roll my eyes. He tended to do this to show other guys that he was the only man in my life. It was his way of showing me off and saying that he was worthy of me, it got annoying but was sometimes flattering (when he wasn’t putting his best friends on the spot).

“You look lovely Y/N.” Luke decided on, laughing uncomfortably and nodding towards me. Michael nodded in agreement before they excused themselves.

“You’re an embarrassment.” I chuckled, pushing him off me and starting to walk down the aisle.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Can’t take me anywhere.” He grumbled, catching up with me and linking his hand in mine. “Just remember I’m your problem.” He winked, squeezing my hand.

“Unfortunately.” I teased, laughing as he pouted at me and we stood outside the church, ready to line up for the long process of pictures.

“Now for the bride and her maid of honour!” The photographer shouted and I moved over to where Georgia was standing a big grin on her face.

“This’ll be you soon.” Georgia chuckled, as we embraced and I congratulated her. “Just you wait.”

I laughed, glancing over at Calum who was now far too busy trying to avoid Ashton’s selfie with the band. “I don’t think he’s planning anything anytime soon.” I admitted, not particularly bothered by this fact. I was happy with where we were at and I didn’t want to pressure him into doing something he’d regret further down the line. We were happy as we were and I wasn’t itching to get married.

“Maybe he’ll surprise you.” She raised her eyebrows at me, blocking out the snapping photographer.

“Can we bring in the groom and the best men?” The photographer eventually asked and we waited for the boys to stop bickering in order for them to join us.


Eventually we found ourselves in the reception room and we’d had all the speeches and the dancing. There was quiet music playing as Ashton and Georgia slow danced on the dance floor, clearly worn out by the day. I was curled up on my chair, my heels on the floor as my legs hung over Calum’s lap as he traced tired patterns along my hips.

“Do you want to go outside?” he whispered, gently pushing a hair out of my face. I sighed heavily, weighing up the options and decided if I didn’t move anytime soon I would end up falling asleep on his shoulder.

“Just for a bit.” I nodded, standing up slowly and slipping my heels back on. Calum linked our hands and led us out to the outside area where people were starting to say their goodbyes and head home.

We walked around the dark gardens, little fairy lights and candles lighting up the various paths, a comfortable silence between us. A soft breeze came through and I started to wish I hadn’t left my cardigan inside as goosebumps appeared on my arms.

“Here.” Calum handed me his jacket and I smiled slightly. It was incredibly cliche and cheesy but that’s how I liked it. Calum didn’t often show his soft side unless we were completely alone and I had to admit that the way he had been touchy with me all day was a change.

“Thank you.” I whispered as we came to a stop by the wooden gazebo, all alight with more lights and lanterns. The music from the reception room was faintly heard in the distance and I had an idea. “Dance with me?”

Calum smirked, running up the stairs and bowing before holding out his hand. “Always.”

I curtsied with a cheeky smile on my face and grabbed his hand, him pulling me close to his body and swaying slightly on the spot.

“I love you,Y/N.” He whispered as he rested his head on my shoulder, his breath grazing my neck. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too Cal.” I replied, pulling away slightly to connect our lips slowly.

“I have a question for you.” He stated when we pulled away completely, taking a step back from our embrace, our hands still entwined.

I nodded for him to continue and he smiled at me shyly before lowering himself down onto one knee. My eyes widened and when he reached into his pocket and pulled out a box I couldn’t help but let out a low chuckle.

“You’re full of surprises.” I laughed shakily and he raised his eyebrows at me, as if to say “really? I’m about to propose to you and you need to speak?”

“Sorry.” I bit my lip to try to suppress the grin that was threatening to break out.

“I had a whole speech planned and everything but I know you’re dying to say something so I’ll make it really quick.” He chuckled, opening the box and inside was the ring I had only ever shown one person in my life. The one I had been dying for my entire life but had refrained from showing Calum in fear he would run for the hills. “Y/N you know how much I love you, how happy you make me. I try to show you that every day. But now I want to make you that happy every minute of every day for the rest of our lives. I want to wake up to you having stolen all the duvet. I want to kiss you every day knowing you’re the love of my life and I was man enough to get down on one knee and ask you to marry me. So the real question is, will you marry me?”

I didn’t even realise I was crying as I nodded and he slipped the ring onto my finger. “Please don’t cry.” He chuckled, standing up to come back to my level and I made to wipe them away but his hands quickly brushed them away for me. His lips found mine and they moulded together in a way I had grown so accustomed to and a way I always found myself craving more of.

“The ring…how did you?” I stuttered out as we pulled apart and I stared down at the stunning band on my finger.

“I may have spoken to Georgia once or twice.” He bit his lip and I laughed at his expression.

“I love you so much.” I told him sincerely and his eyes met mine and in that gaze I was certain that I would never get tired of him looking at me like that.

Promises - Jack Johnson Imagine

Anonymous said: one where jack j makes u a promise that he’ll stop getting high bc it make u uncomfortable and worries u but one night he comes home messed up and u get into an argument and he apologises in front of all the guys? thank 

I get so annoyed with Jack when he get’s high, I’m literally on the line of walking out on him.

“Jack, seriously I’m not going out tonight only for the fact I can’t be asked to deal with you when you, Gilinsky, Nate and Sam get high and messed up like always and then you come home you come and expect me to forgive you at the click of my fingers” I ran my hands over my face and groaned

“Baby, I’m sorry I didn’t realise that you felt like that towards it, I promise I will only come home drunk, not high” he came up and wrapped his arms around my shoulders and brought me into a hug and I rested my head in the crook of his neck and smelt his cologne ‘uhh he smells so good’.

Then he just walked out keys and wallet in hand, I snuggled down onto the couch and was watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix and I got a sudden urge of pizza and ice cream, so I got my Nike trainers on and grabbed my keys for my car.

I started to drive the street towards Starbucks and got a black coffee, so I would stay awake for when Jack comes home because knowing him he will come home higher than the clouds.

Then I drove to pizza hut and ordered a margarita pizza stuff crust and some cheese sticks, while I waited for that to be ordered I texted Y/F/N to see if she wanted to come over and have a movie night because it was still 5.

I collected my pizza and went back home and Y/F/N car was parked on the drive of the house me and Jack share.

"Hey Y/N” she came towards me with cookie dough and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

“Hey Y/F/N” I groaned and gave her a weak smile.

“Jack gone out again?” she asked raising an eyebrow.

I half smiled and nodded my head slowly “He knows that when he comes home high that it makes me uncomfortable and he knows the reason why, but he just continues to do it. Sometimes I wonder if he even cares about our relationship or if he is just being a tool”

“Y/N if Jack didn’t care about you, you would not have the most stunning promise ring on your finger right now and you would not be coming up to your 5 year anniversary would you?” I looked down to my finger with the ring on it.

Y/F/N had a point, Jack asked me out when we were sophomores and now we’re twenty, on our 2nd anniversary he gave me a stunning promise ring and I cannot feel the same way I feel for Jack about anyone else.

“Anyway let’s get this Disney movie marathon started, eat pizza, ice cream and toppings and we’ll finish at midnight, agreed?”

“Agreed, let me put the ice cream in the freezer” I grabbed the ice cream and my phone, put the ice cream in the freezer and my phone, on silent on the kitchen counter.

After watching 6 Disney movies which were:

Aladdin, Cinderella, Tangled, Frozen, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast.

It was midnight and I was at the door saying goodnight to Y/F/N. I locked the door and went upstairs and took my bra off and got into a racerback style top that said “Bish Wut” Jack got it for me for Christmas because I kept on saying it. And then I put some short shorts on that hand the Mickey Mouse hands on the butt.

I heard a car pull up outside and it was Sam’s SUV. I sighed because I could not take it anymore he just doesn’t understand when he gets high I get scared of him and it makes me uncomfortable to be around him.

“Babe, where are you” he slurred his words being carried by a same state Gilinsky and Nate.

“I’m right here, now blow!” (NO ONE THINK THAT A DIRTY WAYJ) he blew his breath on my face and I could smell beer but guess what over powered it, dun dun pot.

“Jack Edward Johnson, how many times have I fucking told you not to get high?! Because it makes me uncomfortable and you know exactly what happened, I have told you about a thousand times that I had having that shit near me and what the worse this is that the person I love the most fucking smokes it week after week!”

I was in full on tears now why he just stood there trying to gain concept about what was happening.

“Babe, I don’t know what to say, pot to me is like coffee or pizza to you I I jus-“

“Oh hell no, it is not like a food or drink to me, pot is fucking disgusting and I hate the fact that you are willing to risk our relationship after all these years for a piece of shit, I just don’t think I can do this any longer if you are unable to see how much you smoking that is hurting me”

I was in the process of taking the promise ring off but before it fully came off Jack grabbed my arm and brought his thumb to rest under my chin and his index finger resting on top and lifted my chin so I was looking dead straight into his eyes.

“Y/N you’re my everything and honestly I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had never asked you out because I love you so much because you are perfect, yes you have your flaws but that was I love about you, I love the way hate it if when we get a pizza you bite into a red onion you squeal because it’s too spicy. I love it when I’m driving you rest your hand on top of mine on the section in the middle”

He took a breath and wiped the tears in my eyes and his.

“And I love it when we are in a restaurant and when they put salad on your plate you put it onto my plate, all of these little things I love about you is amazing because I would never be able to find anyone else like you because in my eyes you are perfect. When I gave you that promise ring, I promised I would always make you happy and by me smoking I can obviously see that it is making you upset and I hate making my lil’ mama cry because she is so beautiful”

“Jack, that was beautiful, I love you too. From the moon and back” I hugged him and he whispered in my ear.

“I’m sorry Y/N it will never happen again” I smiled and saw all the boys standing there.

“Bro you’re whipped” Nate said while the rest of us laughed.


Hope you like it xxx

Bury the horse in the ground

Thanks to Adam Croasdell I have too many headcanons about Emma and Papa Hook interacting. And this is the result. (also, I’m writing after a long break, so I’m a bit rusty). Also, title from Shake it out by Florence + The Machine.

AO3 | FF.net

“Son, if you would just-”

“Stop, just stop,” Killian snapped, his glare intensifying as he clenched his jaw. “You don’t get to call me that, not after abandoning us like that,” he growled. “We were your family,” he emphasized, his eyes hardening as he swallowed the tightness in his throat.

The older man reached for Killian, but he dodged him, his gaze shifting away from his father. “Stay away from my family,” he finished, his voice barely above a whisper as he turned his back to the man and walked up the gangplank to his ship.

The older man was frozen in place, his mouth gaped open in heartbreaking disbelief, his hand still outstretched. He gulped past the lump in his throat, tears stinging his eyes as he lowered his arm. He stumbled over to the bench nearby, his back leaned wearily against it as he fumbled in his pocket for his flask, bringing it to his lips with a shaky hand.

“He’ll come around, you know,” a soft voice broke through his thoughts, startling him. He turned his head, spying his son’s lady love walking up to him, burrowing in her coat to ward off the chill. “Killian,” she clarified, even though there was no need.

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