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Jin’s only graduation wish? For BTS to continue to succeed.  

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For anyone else wondering, no, that’s not The Hat … but it’s basically the exact same, just with Jensen’s brewing company name under it!!

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Friendly reminder that it’s okay not to be okay. You are allowed to be upset even if you can’t change it. You are allowed to feel like crap even if you can’t think of a logical reason to. You’re allowed to know that your brain chemistry is making you feel bad about yourself, or making you think things you know you don’t actually want to do, and still be upset by that.

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Francis=dat boi. Alfred=fuck boi. Allen= pretty boi. Ollie= pink boi. Arthur=will stab a boi. Toni=booty boi. Gil= toi boi (< Gil was very proud of making up these names for them all, and wants them all on matching bomber jackets)

((this has gotta be on the list of the many things i love you for omg Francis made them get creative and make shirts uwu. Artie might of written on Alfie’s a bit more than Alfie would have liked. ;3c))

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In "Hero or Hate Crime" we find out Charlie's been smoking with Dee, so I like to think Dee and Charlie hang out outside the gang and are actually "friends"

There has got to be something going on between them. They weren’t interacting at all around the gang for a while. Either because they thought the others would pick up on some tension/changes, or they see each other so much alone that they like being around other people for a while. (does that make sense? I feel like it’s worded weird) 

They definitely got along so well without the gang, not just even in Misses the Boat, but also Manhunters, Gets Whacked, and Kitten Mittons. 

It’s very suspicious interesting how the smoking together had to be a secret. The smoking thing really shouldn’t have been a big deal to them, not enough to hide it. Charlie did get upset about Dennis smoking in s2, and they seemed a little surprised/judgy in s9 when Dee did. Mac and Dennis both have smoked before, and Mac (& maybe Dennis) knows Charlie did in s4. 

It’s got to be the together part. Which tells me there’s something up with that. They’ve hung out alone together lots of times, Dee has even slept at Charlie’s before, with no reaction from the others. So something changed.

When Charlie confesses “I’ve been smoking with Dee”, look at her reaction:

From ‘oh you told them’ to ‘what are you doing?!’

That is a look of betrayal:

Maybe a little panic or fear. Like what if they ask Why? or When?

So it could be the theory of ‘post sex cigarette’ and it’s dangerously close to blowing everything. Or maybe they are just friends and the answer to Why? is ‘we can be ourselves without you guys being dicks’ and they get criticized for being weak or called losers. Some discussion of emotion may come up, and they don’t want to be attacked, or confronted with their own thoughts & feelings.

Either way they feel some kind of connection there that these two want to keep buried. Just hanging out and supporting each other in things they like that the others would criticize would be fairly significant within the context of the group. 

(If you’re interested in the secret dating/affair thing, this is pretty good and covers all of s12 so far, or just the valentines ep here)

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Who's your favorite non-Jenny side character?

THAT’S HONESTLY SO HARD because i’ve gotten invested in so many side characters in the buffyverse totally by accident. right now it’s debbie from that one-off who really should not have died. i want debbie to be happy and in a stable relationship that isn’t necessarily romantic 

but also: kendra. holy heck i love kendra. i love faith too but i am still very angry and bitter that kendra got killed off for no real reason other than shock value. like if she had to die (which she so did not) why didn’t they pull a buffy with her and have her die and then come back?? and then we’d have kendra and buffy and faith fighting monsters together. p l e a s e give me that

also harmony is another character who could have (and should have) been explored so much more than she was!! her struggle with morality and an abusive relationship should have gotten way more screen time than it did. there was always this implication that she was too vapid for it to really matter to her that spike treated her poorly, and spike’s treatment of her was played for laughs on more than one occasion. i’d have loved to see more of harmony.

anya and tara also need to go on this list because they totally didn’t get fleshed out as much as they could have been. give us an anya who’s praised by the scoobies for being an eclectic yet useful source of knowledge and history instead of talked down to and looked down on! show us an anya who’s given love and learns to feel guilt and question her own rightness, instead of making her determined obstinacy something for us to laugh at!! 

and jfc they did so many things wrong by tara and brushed over willow’s manipulation of her Much Much more than they should. we never get to see any of tara’s flaws; we see her very much through the eyes of the other scoobies. she’s such a good person, but i’d be so interested in finding out more of what makes her a flawed person. seeing her fail a few times but pick herself back up again and learn from it. i just love tara so much and i want her to have a role beyond “Willow’s Girlfriend” but honestly that’s so much of what she is in the show

does lorne count as a side character? because i fuckin love lorne

Soz to people who sent me the last several asks but I feel like I said everything I wanted to say about Mutsuki, and I especially don’t want to spend any more time on something I consider disappointing. So I’m not going to be discussing it any further. Feel free to talk about anything other than Mutsuki’s situation.

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This time you are literally just asking people to tell you you are good and fishing for compliments. I bet that was the whole reason you started your movement so that people would see how great you are

Maybe I am. Maybe right now I need someone to be there for me instead of me being there for everyone else all the time. Maybe right now I’m hurt and so full of doubt that I can’t keep being strong. Maybe I need some encouragement because I was reminded that I’m not good enough, that my writing just isn’t good enough. Is that a fucking crime? Am I not allowed to be hurt? Do I have to be strong and protect everyone else all the time? I’m just a human, a fucking 18 year old girl I’m allowed to be hurt and need to be the one who is cared for for once. 

And don’t you dare say that I only created #bekindtowriters for attention. I did it because of people like you who have nothing better to do than sit around and wait for people to be vulnerable and then attack. I’ve done a lot of good for this fandom in the last few days, I’ve been strong and protected others when they needed it but I can’t do that right now. 



THEN IT ASKED ME, “Do they have brown hair?” AND I WAS LEEEEEEEE.