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Do you know what the best thing about Shadowhunters is? It’s that we get to see Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood slowly fall in love with each other. People don’t realise how beautiful that is, we get to see a gay man accept his sexuality and a bisexual character of colour embrace every aspect of himself and feel unashamed. We get to see them lock eyes for the first time, and unlike the usual tv tropes it’s slow and easy with how real it is. It’s so good to see it be portrayed in such a dynamic that allows us to see the cute-meet, the angst pour out, the obstacles they face, the communication which lacks in so many other stories told on tv, we get to see that first time, that first kiss, the first I love yous, the first fight and argument, the first make up after the argument, and we have so much to look forward to. It’s so gently and leisurely that I honestly feel so blessed to be watching it. 

I just can’t help but think about how Louis is probably watching us all anticipating, hoping and longing for him to release his next single. A song he knows will kill us all because there will be so many deliberate and yet cautiously hidden messages about things he wants to share with us. Words he needs to tell us because they mean so much to him and he knows we will understand. I imagine him feeling nervous but so so excited for us to listen to each carefully selected word, for us to turn the volume up and to sing along to his beautiful voice and to cry and laugh because we hear you darling! Because if he could, he would tell us over and over not to worry and not to give up on him. Hoping, but never assuming, that we will stand by his side and that we will keep loving him. And to just hold on. Because it will be worth the wait…. 


it’s over now

the music of the night



Disconnect. Breathe. No matter how messy things in life seem, you can always try to rectify your mistakes. You are not a failure written in permanent ink. Take time to forgive yourself, let the world pass you by for a while; you can always catch back up.

Let the storm inside your heart rage, feel all the pain, and everything else that there is to feel; there’s always something to be learnt from it after all. And after that, take time to reflect, take time to slow back down, ground yourself in what you know, and when that’s done too, then it’s time to bloom.

You’re alive, so act like it. Laugh with childish abandon (you lost far too many years being too serious with the world) and dance like no ones watching, because trust me, they’re not. Do what makes you happy, and not what others want you to do, because why bother? They’ll never be happy with you anyway.

It’s finally time to try and leave everything behind in the past and live.

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youre not gonna talk about the tiny bit of dianakko in ep21? ;"")

OF COURSE I AM (i already did in my liveblog post hahah)



this waitress called me sir then paused and was like “or , ma'am ?? sorry abt that” and i told her she was right the first time and she was like “oh!! sorry!! that happens to me all the time they always think I’m a dude if I’m covering my hair! you know you have a really pretty face for a guy!”

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Am I the only Latina and/or Spanish fangirl person that were shook after seeing Alfonso Herrera playing Hernando on Sense 8? I mean, I grew up watching him playing Miguel on ‘Rebelde’ and I was so in love with him, this telenovela was (and still is, don’t need to mention that I still know most of the “RBD” songs by heart) a big part in my adolescence and now seeing him playing such a beautiful and iconic character as Hernando omg I feel like a proud mom, what a man. 

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@soymilkheaven: Good to see someone else having that same reaction. Because that’s how I felt about the game vs the anime ending too.

I’ve been yelling about it with 8bits and I am legit angry over how much the finale shafted Mikleo, but god. Talk about having almost no emotional stakes in absolutely anything.

I sincerely appreciate the anime pretty much going ‘so yeah Rose and Alisha are a thing’, which I do think was at least a little bit earned (for all of the many, many issues I have with the anime, I did like the focus on their bond), and the extended Sorey/Mikleo reunion….but that’s about it. Most of it felt so fucking flat, and I am glad to be finally done with the anime.

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....if you've decided it /will/ happen and that you want to be with GH forever why "can't" you make the choice rn? Just...feel like that's a paradox.

I mean, I can make that decision. It just … doesn’t feel right, exactly. We’ve really only been dating a few months and I adore him, he knows that. In my family it’s tradition to wait some time before engagement, and I know I don’t do many things according to my family, but it’s hard for me to even imagine getting engaged right now. 

I’m so sorry. I know that everyone wants me to propose and I know he feels ready, but I can’t. Not yet. I’m sorry.

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