A Glint of the Possessed - Praise for Richard Armitage from an Unexpected Source

A Glint of the Possessed: Praise for Richard Armitage from an Unexpected Source #RichardArmitage #StevenBerkoff #TheCrucible

Recently, Actor/Author/Director Steven Berkoff was interviewed by Vulpes Libres here and had this to say about current stage actors: excerpt: VL: You’ve been known to be a bit scathing about today’s generation of actors; are there any you feel have – in your own words – ‘that glint of the possessed’? SB: There are many actors that have, over the years, developed immense power and technique .…

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You know what bothers me? There are tons of photoshop resource blogs, but I don’t know one that focuses on nerdy-ish movies & things. All the resource blogs I know are filled with psds previewed with Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber or other mainstream movies and actors and musicians. 

So I’m making a resource blog for actors like Lee Pace and Chris Pratt and movies like The Hobbit  and Avengers and shows like AHS and HACF..
And I need help!! So if you know your way around photoshop, please send me a message.

&&if you think is a cool idea, but don’t want to help yourself, please reblog and get the word around so I can start to form a team for the blog.

Did I Say I Didn't Like Tattoos?

Did I Say I Didn’t Like Tattoos? #RichardArmitage in #Hannibal

Someone slap me ’cause I may actually be softening with respect to this art form: What did I say about the sexy back? Yep, I have never seen anyone who could make their backs look this good — tattoos or no. Other than that, I would recognize that head, neck and ears anywhere. I cannot believe I’ve said all of this. Wishing I were still somewhat anonymous. Oy. And how the hell do you spell tattoo?…

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Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk boa, gostei #Regrann from @furnace.with.wings - 😂😂😂 -M🐉🗻 #thranduil #bilbo #bilbobaggins #thorin #thorinoakenshield #bilbo #bilbobaggins #tauriel #legolas #bard #kili #fili #filikili #lotr #lordoftherings #thehobbit #hobbitfanart #hobbit #smaug #gandalf #richardarmitage #leepace #orlandobloom #lukeevans #deanogorman #aidanturner #martinfreeman #benedictcumberbatch #botfa

Friends, followers, countrymen… lend me your ears!! A reminder that I am selling prints of my work online! There are some of the #HASHTAGSERIES portraits as well as some original paintings of mine! And there are more to come! Give it a visit and maybe get something!

Love, Kelly xxx