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mawok  asked:

I've wanted to say something to you for so long now and I feel bad for not doing it sooner because you have been such a good source of inspiration and pure Stanchez love for a while <3 I watched Moon last night as you recommended! So obviously I imagined Richard and Ricardo constantly, I wanted to know how closely these character personalities were inspired by the movie? And if there are any more little things we can learn about Richard since everyone has Ricardo sussed out pretty well

The characters of Ricardo and Richard are a very large mixed bag of influence and not really meant to be any one specific parody of anything. Moon no doubt is one of the influences, though I think they most heavily pull from other scifi duos I have adored over the years. To name the biggest inspirations for them would probably be Rimmer and Lister of Red Dwarf, and Newt and Hermann from Pacific Rim. I wanted a pair of citadel based Ricks that played up that goofball slacker thrown in with a ‘by the books’ comedic straightman coworker dynamic. The main influence Moon has on the AU is JERTY. I needed a boss figure for the janitors who wasn’t just another Rick, and wound up with an upgraded butter robot who’s somewhat a mix of GERTY3000, Marvin from HHGTTG, and Holly of Red Dwarf with my own spice thrown in. Plot wise, Moon really has nothing to do specifically with the janitors, but just is a movie I love that I thought they’d fit into the roles of well for a crossover screencap redraw. :)

As for the second half of the question, I’m always open to answering more specific questions about either Janitor, but I have a lot of fanfic in the works for them so some answers may stay vague for now so as not to spoil too much. Though I will say- I’m amused that everyone seems to think they’ve got Ricardo figured out and that Richard’s the only one with secretes.