Prop: Shop - How to Cut Clean Details in Foam
Bill shows how to cut intricate details in foam for your costume and prop making needs!

What’s this? It’s a great tutorial on how to do detailing in foam!

This site overall looks like a good resource for any cosplayers who are interested in props! Go give it a gander. =D

The signs as quotes from Real Houswives
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  • Taurus:"The only thing, that is fake or artificial about me, is this GOD-DAMNED LEG!"
  • Gemini:"You're just an insignificant ass hair"
  • Cancer:"What is this... cunnilingus?"
  • Leo:"Bitch I'm FABULOUS, I'm gone with the wind fabulous"
  • Virgo:"I'm not gonna stab you in the back, I'm gonna stab you in the chest"
  • Scorpio:"I am VERY rich, bitch"
  • Sagittarius:"Is your ass jealous of the shit that comes out of your mouth?"
  • Capricorn:"I actually get offended even looking at you"
  • Aquarius:"I'd probably need a drink if I was going to take me on too"
  • Pisces:"You should really pick on someone your own size, not someone bigger or smarter"