The Thank You Incident

Description: AU where Phil is a preschool teacher and Dan is a graduating university student doing volunteer work. Out of lack of other options, they end up being two pretend dads for eight little children who have a knack for wanting their teacher to find someone to fall in love with because they wanted him to stop feeling alone.

Genre: Fluff, AU, Humor (I should really stop trying to be funny to be honest)

Length: 4.4k~ (fucK ME UP)

Based on these two cute prompts from two friends from The Unknown™:

(A/N: Admittedly I got carried away with writing and spent a lot of time on this but I really enjoyed filling these prompts so I hope you all like this one because I’m really proud of it! Enjoy~ :0 <3)

Phil loved his job very much.

He loved kids, and he had the passion for teaching, so being a preschool teacher didn’t feel like a job to him at all. Sure, the kids were very loud sometimes, and most of the time they can’t stay in their seats and liked to run all over the place, but he stayed patient with them, keeping in mind that these kids are merely enjoying their youth, and he was once a kid too so he understood. He was already in his third year of teaching, got the job a year after graduating from university, and he felt like he isn’t going to get tired of it anytime soon. Besides, every three weeks, they accepted a new batch of student volunteers coming from different universities, all of which are graduating from a degree in Education and are out seeking some experience in teaching, starting with the little ones.

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The photos of that little Syrian toddler, drowned, broken, murdered by Fortress Europe, are all too familiar. In Australia we have many such children to mourn, many such murders to avenge. Here are some:

In October 2001, Australian forces watched as the SIEV X slowly sank, taking 353 lives including 146 children.

In December 2011, the Barokah sank with about 250 people on board. Australian authorities knew within hours, and Indonesian authorities asked them 16 times for assistance. They refused, and 201 people drowned over several days.

In June 2012, the Kaniva sank off Christmas Island. Australia and Indonesia spent 30 hours arguing over who should offer assistance. The people on-board made 16 calls to Australian authorities, pleading for rescue. Australian authorities ignored them, later explaining to journalists that it is standard practice to ignore asylum seekers because of alleged false alarms and what they characterise as “refugee patter”. Over 100 people drowned.

In August 2012 an un-named boat sank off Java. Australian authorities refused to help, despite knowing exactly where the boat was and with the knowledge that Indonesian authorities were not equipped for night searches. Six people were rescued by a passing cargo ship 24 hours after the sinking. Approximately 100 were never found.

In June 2013, a boat sank just 28 nautical miles north of Christmas Island. Australian authorities claimed they had no idea where the boat was, and maintained that claim even after releasing an aerial photograph of the vessel taken before it sank. They knew the boat’s engines were broken, but did nothing. Australia’s Rescue Co-ordination Centre refused to mount a search. Finally, a search began three days later once debris was reported. An estimated 60 people were drowned, including 2 babies.

In September 2013, a boat sank en route from Indonesia to Australia. Its passengers made 10 mayday calls to Australian authorities. All were ignored. Then Immigration Minister Scott Morrison claims only one call was received. Over 50 people drowned, including many children.

Every single individual lucky enough to survive these tragedy was thrown into Australia’s concentration camps, where minds and bodies are broken over many years, where sexual abuse, torture and even murder are acceptable, and where whistleblowers face jail sentences.


—  Liam Ward, member of Socialist Alternative and Campaign Against Racism and Fascism activist

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