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Snb thoughts

I was thinking today that it would be cool Tamira becomes Celendine’s household vessel. What powers would she have?? Tamira can fight, we saw her fighting to protect Seren from Barbarossa.
I wanted Saher to be her household too but she’s a magician, so it’s impossible.
I am sure Pisti’s household vessel powers come from Zepar, so maybe something similar?

I’m ready to give up Rurumu as Sin’s household vessel tho >+o I’m sad we will probably never see her fight even tho Rametoto said she is a great warrior. I like that she is the most capable to handle the company but I wanted to see her kicking some asses too. Same with Mahad and Vittel.

Hmm btw….I find weird that Mira, Darius, Rametoto and Amarkan stayed as Sin’s allies even after his country was destroyed.
I mean, Rametoto is gonna lose his daughter, Darius is gonna lose Mystras and he’s even gonna let Spartos go with Sin after that? It’s so weird. Sharrkan is already with Sin and Mira will let Pisti go with Sin in the end too…Either Sinbad’s recovery is gonna be fast and epic or I seriously won’t quite understand. After all Darius, Amarkan and Mira accepted to be his allies because they were afraid of his powers. Seeing him being defeated and still staying with him is too weird. Well, unless the profit economy-wise is too great to undo it or maybe losing their sons and daughters will be taken as a direct offense to them as well and will cause them to rise against Parthevia with Sinbad.

But seriously, what I want to see more than the tragedy is what will come afterwards. It’s how great their recovery and also revenge is gonna be. Unless they did win the battle but everyone still died…that might also be the case, yes. However they will definitely have to recover from that.
Well, I’m looking forward to it tbh.