Got the latest Revenger in the mail. Great issue. I might sound like a shill hyping this comic, but I was into it way before it was picked up by Bergen. I genuinely like it. Anyway, the remarkable thing that no one ever brings up is how @charlesforsman completely changed his entire approach - a feat in itself - but ALSO succeeds at making it work. Who else does that? Can you imagine Frank King making a Punisher comic? Ok, go buy this comic.

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Vengeance is OURS!

That and we all need a giggle…

Do not sleep during the ranting.
Do not rant during the sleeping.
This is just a fragment of what I remember
of my childhood, and a rollercoaster
I never dared ride, and some daisies,
and ghouls, thousands of ghouls
dancing on our graves. I mean rules,
thousands of rules digging our graves.
That’s much better, that’s approaching
the gazebo and deliberately, fiercely
writing on it, words that will cauterize
the delicate, the wan and sickly passerby:
Marcus Aurelius is a horse’s ass.
There, now I can die with my boots on.
—  James Tate, from “Revenge of the Jagged Ambush Bug”

Having looked over the spoilers for 6.12 I have some new spec. 

Early on I thought that Hook would be involved with Papa Charming’s death but it seems pretty clear now that Killian is going to be playing the role of conscience and their conflict will be about him advocating for not seeking revenge while David ignores the advice and goes off to hurt someone.  

We know that Robert Charming was murdered but it was made to look like an accident. We also know that he deeply regretted giving up one of his sons to King George. I think that a newly sober Robert went to George demanding his son back and threatened to expose the fake baby for good measure. George responded by hiring the Sheriff of Nottingham to kill Robert and make it look like an accident.

This works for me because King George has always felt like David’s own personal villain and one he struggled in the past with seeking vengeance on. Getting this new information would send him to a place of “I should have killed him when I had the chance” and make him regret being merciful. Which I think is needed in order to sell David becoming so vengeful so quick. Adding the Sheriff to the mix gives us the possibility of seeing David start to spiral and get violent, which is where Killian would step in all “mate, let’s think about this.”  Also it could add a layer with Wish!Robin not knowing the context sees David all violent towards someone who seems innocent and maybe trigger his anti-sheriff spidey senses.