“have faith, my love.” he said. she shook her head helplessly, and a pair of tears splled from her eyes.         aka.   anakin caressing his wife  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Revenge of the Queen on Tapastic

You can read Revenge of the Queen for free on Tapastic from now on~

I’m going to continue drawing the manga on my free time and posting all old and new chapters on Tapastic for you to read (if you want to).

Regarding physical volumes, I plan to keep using Lulu and getting it printed in Spanish to sell it at Spanish cons myself. Physical volumes from vol.2 onwards will have some extra chapter not available on Tapastic, but nothing you can’t understand the main story without (it will be characters’ side stories).

If you like the manga, please, share the link? (^v^) And if you don’t, well, thanks for giving it a try sdfdfg

Haters be like, “Ugh, who sold their soul for that ending?” Ummm, maybe it was the writers after their ratings dropped to record lows and the only time they went up was when KC guest starred

This is the moment that defines Mace Windu.
Not his countless victories in battle, nor the numberless battles
his diplomacy has avoided. Not his penetrating intellect, or his
talents with the Force, or his unmatched skills with the lightsaber.
Not his dedication to the Jedi Order, or his devotion to the
Republic that he serves.
But this.
Right here.
Right now.
Because Mace, too, has an attachment. Mace has a secret
Mace Windu loves the Republic.
Many of his students quote him to students of their own:
“Jedi do not fight for peace. That’s only a slogan, and is as misleading
as slogans always are. Jedi fight for civilisation, because only
civilization creates peace.”
For Mace Windu, for all his life, for all the lives of a thousand
years of Jedi before him, true civilisation has had only one
true name: the Republic.
He has given his life in the service of his love. He has taken
lives in its service, and lost the lives of innocents. He has seen beings
that he cares for maimed, and killed, and sometimes worse:
sometimes so broken by the horror of the struggle that their only
answer was to commit horrors greater still.
And because of that love now, here, in this instant, Anakin
Skywalker has nine words for him that shred his heart, burn its
pieces, and feed him its smoking ashes.
Palpatine is Sidious. The Chancellor is the Sith Lord.
He doesn’t even hear the words, not really; their true meaning
is too large for his mind gather in all at once.
They mean that all he’s done, and all that has been done to
That all the Order has accomplished, all it has suffered—
All the Galaxy itself has gone through, all the years of suffering
and slaughter, the death of entire planets—
Has all been for nothing.
Because it was all done to save the Republic.
Which was already gone.
Which had already fallen.
The corpse of which had been defended only by a Jedi Order
that was now under the command of a Dark Lord of the Sith.
Mace Windu’s entire existence has become crystal so shot through
with flaws that the hammer of those nine words has
crushed him to sand.
But because he is Mace Windu, he takes this blow without a
change of expression.
Because he is Mace Windu, within a second the man of sand is
stone once more: pure Jedi Master, weighing coldly the risk of
facing the last Dark Lord of the Sith without the chosen one—
Against the risk of facing the last Dark Lord of the Sith with a
chosen one eaten alive by fear.
And because he is Mace Windu, the choice is no choice at all.
—  Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith novelisation
It’s there...

IN MY DRAFTS. Ready to be written– BUt other fics that need to be written are going first. A fic for a 239472978 year old giveaway I’m taking too long to write omg I am so sorry Shyzone sweetie the first paragraph is ready~

Sequel idea was inspired by the lovely nonnie who dropped this in my askbox when votes were open:

Another vote for Jumin punishment! Maybe make a sequel with Jumin getting revenge on the other guys hehe~ ;)

I’ll have Jumin hunt down the others one by one and be a nasty little vengeful ler in this detailed tickly sequel-to-be. If you want to contribute to this before it gets written down *probably not until next week* now’s your chance, ideas and hc’s are welcome!;)

[Read Jumin’s Punishment Here]

[ Morning meeting // @the-tainted-sorrow ]

The grumblings were MORE than ENOUGH of an answer to his greeting thus why Atsushi kept QUIET while he busied himself with preparing MORNING drinks; a cup of TEA for himself and a mug of COFFEE for the other.

Once they were DONE, the silver haired boy grabbed the BOTH of them and brought them over to Chuuya before grabbing the SUGAR too and sitting down. “I made you coffee. You just have to add sugar.”