Joel very helpfully explains the differences between him, Vinny, and Rev
Joel very helpfully explains the differences between him, Vinny, and Rev

I was watching Joel’s latest Donkey Kong 64 stream, and he ended up creating a helpful guide on the differences between Vinny, Rev, and himself

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Baby hazel is back from copyright hell and worse than ever.

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anonymous asked:

Rev, I'm honestly about to give up art. I've been drawing since I was able to hold a pencil and am now gonna be 19 in May. But I'm still drawing like I'm 13 and first starting out. Practice has gotten me NO WHERE and I can't go to college, so art classes aren't an option. I can't keep practicing and seeing NO growth what so ever. All my art looks the same, trust me. So, what do I do now... I love art, but this is absolutely destroying my mental health...

Art is hard. Ideally art should help your mental health and should be relaxing. Its about 50/50 for me. I think the idea that art is always good for your mental health is something that people who don’t make art say to make it more of a hobby than a job. Its hard mentally and physically some times.

I really wish I could do something to help people that are in your exact position. College can be helpful but you don’t need it to be a successful studio artist. Fortunately art is a job that you get by having the skills more often than the degree (though it helps its not required in some cases).

Try taking a break for a bit you’ve hit a rut it sounds like. Go do things that aren’t related to art for the next 2 weeks and then come back to it. You are gonna be shaky getting back into it but it might clear you up mentally. That’s one improvement you can make right now. Go do things you’ve never done before. Go for a walk go watch a new show etc. Get out and experience something truly different then come back.

See if that helps.