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Blocking traffic will get you run over or it'll get someone killed and it'll just make your movement look bad. I'm not denying your personal experiences but there are reasons the officials don't want you on the roads unorganised. It puts everyone at risk. I know, oppression is bad (I'm north Korean Immigrant Trust me I fucking know.) but just don't. You have a right to PEACEFUL protest, blocking traffic is not officially counted as peaceful due to the injury risks.

I’ve marched in the streets on multiple occasions. No one was injured by anyone but the cops. Based on these anecdotal facts I disagree. I believe it is peaceful and usually the only way to be heard.

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You are the level of pettyness I aspire to

It come naturally to me as I’ve gotten older. My pettiness has be stored and aged in my body like a fine wine until it’s ready to be released.

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Dear Revscarecrow, have you heard of Hiveswap the Homestuck game? It takes place before Homestuck, and it's a point and click adventure game with beautiful music and art. It cost around $15.00, are you going to stream it and upload it to Youtube? That is if you're going to play it... (Please play it...)

I did hear about it and spoke about it some in the IDKAA Homestuck video. I might stream it or do like I did with Undertale and record it offstream to avoid spoilers. I wouldn’t even normally consider it but the Homestuck community has been really nice to me after I made that video.

“When your village has been plundered and your livestock eaten, when your soldiers are missing and the children have hidden, out comes Little Red Riding Hood, baring her teeth and hungry for more… Tell me, who will protect you from the big bad wolf?”

I’ve been thinking that Nina and Velouria have a nice matching folktale aesthetic going on, in that one’s basically Robin (Robbin’, hehe get it?) Hood and the other is Red Riding Hood and The Wolf at the same time.



“I’m trying to figure out the whole damn thing myself. I’m just confused. I have anxiety about the whole thing. You wake up every morning and think, what now? What stupid thing’s going to be said? What new email hack are you going to read about? What racist comment? A lot of my songs come from…not really anger, but anxiety. And feeling lost in the whole game.” -Billie Joe Armstrong

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I just have to say.. thank you so much for being a famous person™ while also being an absolutely amazing human being and respecting gender/race/religion etc. like i know it must be weird to be complimented on such a simple thing but it's surprising how little people like you exist. Once again, thank you so much rev! Have a good day

No worries. Thank you!


Pastor who will preach to Trump before inauguration called gays “filthy,” Mormonism and Islam heresies

  • Trump will start Inauguration Day being preached to by Rev. Robert Jeffres, who has derided numerous groups of people including Catholics, Muslims, Mormons and LGBT citizens.
  • Jeffress will preach at a private church service Friday morning at St. John’s Episcopal Church, directly across the street from the White House — an Inauguration Day ritual.
  • Jeffress’ past statements include calling Islam an “evil religion” that “promotes pedophilia.” He called Mormonism a heresy “from the pit of hell,” said the Catholic Church represents “the genius of Satan” and that gay people are “filthy” and “prone to disease.” Read more

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Ah, well marching is a different case. I'm referring to people who stand in place on a busy road in a line. That is not a good method of protest, marches however are a better form. I mean I'm already several kinds of hellspawn to your followers now probably but I see both sides. The take home message is stand up for your rights but some methods are better at making people hear you and others are better at making people listen.

I’ve done both. Because if you want shit done sometimes you gotta throw a wrench into the works.