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im so confused?? whats actually happening sorry I'm so behind with the times

briana and tammi uploaded several pictures of the baby (apparently briana deleted hers and reuploaded it again for more attention, yawn), then a few hours later she sent out several tweets bashing that jayk dude because he apparently cheated or whatever, the sun published an article about it before briana had even finished tweeting with the new baby pics for good measure (virtually confirming that the rant had been planned and they had access to her exact tweets before they even happened) and briana later deleted a few tweets again.

Confetti Hair

Simple lazy hairdo for your simmies! :) Let me know if there are any problems!

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  • EA colors

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what is the floor-plan for Ryan's fixer upper house. if you don't mind i want to recreate it for myself. hope that's OK =)

Sure, its pretty much what ulrick7 had with a few walls and extensions made. I will publish this since i have had a few people ask about having the house, so at least they have the option of building it from scratch or taking ulrick’s house and changing it like I did. 

Larger images here:



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(( A comic commission for @damnitzoner !))

((This took a really long while to do. Originally, it was meant to be 3 panels only, but I had an itch bugging me about stuff like “pacing” and whatnot. So, 6 panels!

They wanted a comic of Ariel basically cheering up their sad and shy character, Scyllia! Ariel can’t really stand seeing people sad, so she’ll do whatever it takes to cheer them up. People like cute things, right? And squids and octos plopping around is totally cute!))

>My Commissions are Open!<

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BONUS: They wanted a hug too.

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Yoongi sighs and resist the urge to bash his head into his coffee table. The little girl seated next to him sips on a juice box and holds her stuffed Iron man doll close to her heart. She’s the complete face of innocence to anyone who doesn’t know her but Yoongi knows better, his daughter is a demon.

A knock on the front door has Yoongi and Sungah’s attention shifting and the boy that walks in has both father and daughter gasping. “Daddy he looks like a prince.” Sungah whispers to Yoongi and the elder nods in agreement. Pretty blonde lavender hair, wide brown eyes, sun kissed tan skin and long long legs Yoongi thinks the boy cannot get prettier but then he smiles a boxed smile and the father is proved wrong.

“Hello my name is Taehyung im here about the babysitting job?”  Taehyung bows respectfully at the duo on the couch and Yoongi motions the boy to sit across from them. Truthfully the elder already knew this boy would for sure get hired but he still needed to ask questions. Sungah seems to agree as he clears her throat and grins.

“What do you think of bunnies?”

Taehyung grins and pulls out his phone turning it around to showcase a holder with printed pink bunnies on it. Sungah think’s shes in love.

“Pizza or hamburgers?”


“Cats or dogs?”


“Favorite princess?”


Sungah and Taehyung are in the middle of a staring contest when the little girl breaks into a giggle and nods her head. “I like him daddy.” Yoongi is actually quite amazed Taehyung was the thirteenth person they met today and Sungah had hated all of them.

“Right well can daddy ask his questions now?” Sungah nods taking another hard sip form her juice box and Yoongi coos at how boss like the little girl looks. “So Taehyung right? How old are you? Do you know CPR? What is your experience with kids? Sexual orientation? Would you like to go out for dinner?” Yoongi grins and Taehyung blushes but returns the smile.

“I’m nineteen. CPR certified. I take care of my sisters kids and work in a nurses office part time. Pansexual. I would love to go out for dinner.” The boy’s cheeks are bright pink almost matching Sungah’s princess dress and Yoongi reaches to shake the boy’s hand with a smirk.

“You’re hired!”

Light peaks through white curtains, sunshine teases pale skin filled with ink, and Taehyung lets a hum fall from his lips. It’s still early and the windows are open to welcome the cheerful singing of  birds as they signal the start of a new day but the boy with lavender hair can’t bear to wake the sleeping man next to him.

In the eyes of Kim Taehyung, Min Yoongi was a masterpiece. The two had met back in Daegu when Taehyung was fourteen and Yoongi seventeen, the oldest of the two had bright mint hair and half his right arm covered in dark reds and blues painting pictures of suns and seas that told stories of a boy with too many dreams, Taehyung had a home made out of his heart waiting for Yoongi to fill. The two had bonded over their mutual love for art and six years later they were boarding a plane headed for New York ready to start a new future.

“Hm that tickles.”

Yoongi’s voice is raspy with sleep and his eyes remain shut but still he smiles as he feels his lover’s fingers trace the black and pink lines that draw out the dahlias filling his ribs.

“I think i want you to tattoo me today.”

A dark brown eye is open as an eyebrow raises in wonder and Taehyung giggles at how cute his boyfriend looks when he’s confused. Taehyung shifts so he’s laying half on Yoongi with their chest pressing together and he let’s one hand lead Yoongi’s fingers to his wrist.

“Min Yoongi, right here, in cursive with ruby colored ink. What do you think?”

There’s a chuckle and Taehyung swears his stomach erupts with butterflies at the sound, Yoongi really was cute in the morning. Fingers trace the unmarked skin almost as if they are already drawing out the design and Taehyung shivers pleasantly at the warm sensation.

“Okay but don’t think you’ll get a discount just because you’re dating the artist.”


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