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Please do not re-upload. Please credit if you gif/use.
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Cutesy Shorts

Recolored EA Shorts. :) Let me know if there are any problems!

Tag me if you use this in a photo! I will reblog it. Tag: sul–sul

========= INFO =========  

  • Bright Colors & Patterns
  • Found under ‘bottoms’
  • Teen - Elder

========= TERMS OF USE =========  

  • Don’t reupload
  • Don’t claim as your own
  • Credit if you recolor
  • Don’t upload to pay sites
  • Do not include in a CC folder download



Well, don’t you look out of this world!

My first set of CC ever! I made some space-related freckles out of boredom, and I decided to make a set of them. Some of the freckles are literally out of this world and odd, but some of them can be used for more than just CAS edits. At least for me, anyways.

- 9 swatches
- BG compatible
- Made for all genders, but is disabled for random, and not made for children. I may come back to that though.
- It can be found in Skin Details
- Only one color available for each, so it is not very good looking on darker skins. :< I may come back to this in the future and fix that though.


Please, please do not reupload my CC on any other site and do not include it in sim downloads either. However, since I did not recolor these freckles to be compatible with more skintones, feel free to recolor them yourself! Most importantly, please don’t claim them as your own. 


I hope you like them, and feel free to tag me if you use my freckles! :> 


[FANCAM] 160730 No F.U.N. @ Like Seventeen ‘Shining Diamond’ (Vernon focus)

© Vanilla Cream || do not edit/reupload.

anonymous asked:

Hi there!! I'm a follower and I used to get notifications whenever you post but now I don't ever since I updated the app :( I made sure that I had it turned on, but they're still not coming. Do you have any tips?

If you are getting notifs from other people you follow, but not me.. then i don’t know :( but if you aren’t getting any notifs, i would make sure you didn’t blog them in your settings.

Anonymous said: Hello sory for bothering you but do u know where that fast forward clip from when bts were in the truck in the beach filming the prologue is? I dont remember where i saw it. 

Maybe the prologue making they are in the truck around 35:40


Strawberry Shortcake for pinkiepie125!

CC: Hair | Eyebrows | Skin | Sliders | Eyelashes | Pattern

If there are any problems please let me know!

TOU: Please leave his facial features alone! Don’t claim him as your own or reupload him! You can change his colors, traits, and clothes if you would like and do what you want with him. Please tag me I would love to see what he is up to! :)

I track the tag: Berrysim



The Big, the BOLD, the Beautiful (Re-upload)

I found a channel that reuploaded the now deleted video on Matt Hoss. For anyone out of the loop this is the video that h3h3 is being sued for. Grab a view while you still can.


Hollywood Diner night ! *Part ½*🍔

Chyna : Your parents have a restaurant and collect vintage items. This is so cool. 

Asami : I’ll die if I had to wear those pink uniforms…

Hansel : Umm… your hairs are pink.

Asami : Shut up ! *laugh*

This is maybe their fourth club gathering, but I do love to see them interact. It’s the first time I go to the restaurant with a club. I can’t wait to have 8 members to full this table. When I uploaded this restaurant to the Gallery, I had no idea some sims can ask for a table of 8 and then, leave if there’s no big table for them. So I fixed that, and I’ll add more maxis match paitings and photos. If someone wants me to reupload this lot, tell me !

anonymous asked:

Hey, do you use any custom food? If so what are your favorites? (Maybe for your lesyasun's faves series? Thank you!! :)

Hi :) Yes, I’m a fan of custom food. Here is the post where I linked all the food I have + I reuploaded some food by exnem as this site doesn’t work for some countries. I have a couple of my favourites but I don’t know how to link them as my food folder is extremely messy. It would be difficult to provide a link to a certain dish.


Mia Grace Radford for Anonymous!

CC: Hair | Skin | Sliders | Lashes | Eyebrows

If there are any problems please let me know!

TOU: Please leave her facial features alone! Don’t claim her as your own or reupload her! You can change her colors, traits, and clothes if you would like and do what you want with her. Please tag me I would love to see what she is up to! :)

I track the tag: Berrysim



Maybe Babies PT1

I finally stopped being lazy long enough to upload Snow Drop’s maybe-babies. At least… the first half of them, that is. Anyway, they’re ready for you to adopt, they’re CC free (except for their skin and sliders, you can find the skin tones I use on my resources page), and are dressed in base game clothing and hair.

TOU? Uhh… Don’t change their genetics, don’t claim credit, don’t reupload. Otherwise do as you wish. ‘Kay thanks.

Also, as a side note, the babies are named after their fathers, with added “NOCC” so I could differentiate files. Feel free to change that.

Nectarine Bliss and Cobalt (MBs of Snow Drop and Peach Cobbler by @dustofsims)

Cotton Candy and Bubblegum (MBs of Snow Drop and Conch Blush by @thatgirlwithsims)

Bluebonnet Berry and Blackberry (MBs of Snow Drop and Plum Grape by scentedfirechild)

Opal Sapphire and Tanzanite (MBs of Snow Drop and Midnight Moss Pistachio by @loralie0512)