Completed fullbody painted commission of Markhruam the Imperial plague dragon for Seenya!!

This painting took me almost three weeks on and off in order to finish. By the last week I came to a better understanding about color usage and lighting - given the time I would have adjusted the overall lighting so that the whole painting would have had the art style of the second screenshot (clear reddish light source versus bad pillow shading).

Edit: Face and fullbody reupload to fix wonky layering issue

New video with these people up link in bio 💋 for some reason it’s being a bisshhhhh processing - not sure if I should just reupload 😁😁😁


[FANCAM] 150711 Lotto @ Bumkey & Friends Concert (Vernon focus)

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[FANCAM] 150730 Mwave Meet&Greet (Vernon focus)

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Matsumiya Fanvideo

This was one of the first fanvideos I ever made so please excuse  the editing in this.

>>lost soul - a bucky barnes fanmix<<
1. soldier on
- the temper trap l 2. the ghost of you - my chemical romance l 3. way to fall - starsailor l 4. iron (remix by mystery jets) - woodkid l 5. lose your soul - dead man’s bones l 6. assassin - muse l 7. weigh me down - lorn l 8. the ruler and the killer - kid cudi l 9. purity first - weiss and deviller l 10. break me down - red l 11. bones - editors l 12. show me what i’m looking for - carolina liar


TS3 -  Beautiful Circlets by Ladesire

Hi! New circlets for elves)) They have three channel recolors and assigned to Slider Hat Control)) High poly)


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