Anyone still complaining about Gohan’s portrayal in Resurrection F and it’s Super adaption...

go watch episodes 43-44 of GT, and tell me that movie and arc made Gohan look pathetic. At least he clobbered all of Frieza’s forces effortlessly in the movie and was able to beat Ginyu in the adaptation despite several inconveniences and powered up enough for Goku to sense his energy from the other side of the universe. And at least that all had a point in setting up a character arc of Gohan needing to get back in shape (As long as that’s taking, but it does seem we’re finally getting some progress on that). His showing in GT against General Rilldo and Super 17 was genuinely pathetic.

i still can’t believe vex’s offering in percy’s resurrection ritual was literally her unconditional love for him, which was then sealed with a kiss and followed by a nat20 persuasion check to percy’s soul

what kind of disney movie true love’s kiss bullshit

when the ghost who’s possessing the drummer for your band whispers some freaky shit in your ear after he resurrects literal gorillas and they grab your asshole bassist’s nutsack and the tiny girl who got shipped to you in a fed-ex box kicks their ass with some martial art flips


Character design WIP for a comic idea. Maybe it’ll be another panel, maybe not…I’m not quite sure yet. Quick bio:

Deborah (40): suburban mom, OP as fucc, didn’t know about her powers until she was married and accidentally killed her husband (”I’ll resurrect him later…”). Tends to use her shapeshifting ability to turn into a hot mom for parent-teacher conferences. Her favorite power is pyrokinisis (”it’s convenient”).

Eilam (17): anxiety-ridden depressed teen, feels useless all the time. He can control his own time but nothing else, so that adds fuel to the mental illness flame. When he gets really bad, he’ll speed up his time and attempts suicide by old age, but Deborah always catches him.

Rutna (15): OP daughter, loves sports. She prides herself that she doesn’t use any of her abilities to get by, but unconsciously uses her physical enhancement power when she’s losing in a game or is about to miss her bus (feels super guilty about it later). Acts like her OP-ness is no big deal and doesn’t talk about it to others, but secretly keeps a notebook with superhero costume ideas.

Leola (12): Ku-dere imouto, tries to act like a cool prep but is flustered easily. She can create life with tangible objects but cannot destroy her creations herself. She went on a creation spree when she was younger and now sees them as a blemish of her reputation (her friends think they’re cute though). Creator if Xylia. Actually Deborah’s biggest fan, but she’ll never admit it.

Magiting (11): angry, tiny, fashionable adopted Filipino child (”NOTHING FITS!!!”). Deborah claims that she found him hanging around with penguins when she went to Antarctica and decided to take him in, and he believes her for…whatever reason. He has no abilities and is vocal about his annoyance (and a bit of jealousy) with his siblings flaunting their abilities all the time. Secretly wants to be a superhero sidekick.

Xylia (5): Shapeshifting sexless child created by Leola when she was 7. They don’t have a set form and can change into anything at will, but they can’t control the ever-increasing number of holes all over their body. Every time Deborah debates whether or not they should go to school, they turn into a dog (”Puppies don’t go to school. Xylia is a puppy. Xylias don’t go to school.”).

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I can see if Tim and Jay had been friends before Jay died, Tim's first reaction upon his resurrection would be to just bear hug Jason tightly. It'd be such a better welcome home for him.

and I don’t remember the timelines, but especially if he came back after Bart/Kon/Steph/his dad died??? Like he’d just be so relieved that someone he’d lost had actually come back to him.

Like he’d hug Jason to the point of probably almost suffocation, and then just sob into his chest and like, keep repeating, “You came home, you came home…”

Jason would just be…flabbergasted. Especially if by the time he saw Tim, he was already deep in that mindset of like ‘Bruce didn’t avenge me, he didn’t love me, no one loves me.’ kind of stuff. 

Being forgiven of sin and being free from sin are two different things, although, they both come from the love of Christ.

Being forgiven comes by receiving the beauty of God’s forgiveness through the blood of Jesus and seeing yourself right with Him because of it.

Being free from sin is when you see that you’ve been baptized with Christ into His death, so you have died with Him, and that by receiving the gift of the grace of God through faith, have risen with Him into a new and living way.

(Ref: Romans 6)

“For if we have been united together in the likeness of His death, certainly we also shall be in the likeness of His resurrection, knowing this, that our old man was crucified with Him, that the body of sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves of sin. For he who has died has been freed from sin.”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭6

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i'm not even gonna tell you my favourite author. you know. You Know.


slavic deity: Perun | Lada | Vesna | Morena | Yarilo | Belobog | Živa | Zorya

city: Moscow | Petersburg | Prague | Skopje | Kiev | Ljubljana | Krakow | Zagreb | Belgrade | Minsk

russian artist: Andrei Rublev | Ivan Aivazovsky | Ivan Bilibin | Ilya Repin | Karl Bryullov | Marc Chagall | Feofan the Greek | Ivan Kramskoy | Viktor Vasnetsov | Isaak Levitan | Konstantin Makovsky | Mikhail Nesterov | Zinaida Serebriakova | Natalia Goncharova | Andrey Remnev

orthodox cathedral: saint basil’s cathedral (moscow) | alexander nevsky cathedral (tallinn) | church of the resurrection of jesus christ (st. petersburg) | smolny cathedral (st. petersburg) | trinity cathedral (st. petersburg) | naval cathedral (kronstadt) | cathedral of christ the savior (moscow) | church of the ascension (kolomenskoe) | st. isaac’s cathedral (st. petersburg) | prince vladimir cathedral (st. petersburg) | naval cathedral of st. nicholas (st. petersburg) | alexander nevsky cathedral (sofia) | the assumption cathedral (yaroslavl)

russian fairytale: the death of koshei the immortal | vasilissa the beautiful | the princess who never smiled | the feather of finist the falcon | tsarevich ivan, the firebird and the grey wolf

russian intellectual love/hate relationship: dostoevsky + turgenev | pushkin + gogol | mayakovsky + yesenin | ilf + petrov | chekhov + gorky | bunin + nabokov  

a poem: The Stranger by Alexander Blok

slavic dish (this is optional and i decided to add it bc i love slavic cuisine with every atom of my being. it maybe won’t match your tastes but hey these meals have really fancy names) : bliny | kulebiaka | borscht | korovai | pierogi (varenyky) | easter bread (paska) | racuchy | ukha | bryndzové halušky | pickled cucumbers | | pljeskavica | salo | sauerkraut 

aesthetic blogrates (slavic edition)

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So I was playing a werewolf on skyrim, and I found out that if you eat the heart of a humanoid, and then go back and resurrect them, you get the points for the heart again

Oooooh, that’s a useful bit of info.

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In honor of the new Gotham episode, how do you think the CP(who was with Jerome) and the clown family react to his resurrection, as well as the cult, his even more crazy insanity, and his beautiful face 😂😏

I actually am about 6 episodes behind in Gotham at the moment so I have no idea what any of that means, forgive me if my answer isn’t quite detailed im sorry!

If the dceu joker and harley were in the gotham universe, I think they would be happy that jerome was dead and gone. So there was less competition from a ‘younger generation’ taking over and a new ‘joker’ is you will stealing his spotlight. Once he came back Joker would immediately jump into action to squash him and the people he works with, to kind of mark his territory again

I’m in the small minority of my dislike of Resurrection F. That’s fine and all, but trying to excuse the faults of the movie doesn’t make them any better.

i have this oc named rupert alastair. i literally just picked. the most british sounding name and he really is absolutely fucking british. who unironically says shit like “tallyho” anymore? rupert. rupert does. he’s a hunter in cheese’s verse, but the two don’t actually have any connections with each other. he’s an orphan and legally blind, and he died once. technically. but angels resurrected him for being so “good hearted”. and he is truly good hearted, very goofy and sweet, but a lot of his past innocence and purity has been ripped from him. whatever. he drinks tea and listens to tchaikovsky while cleaning his guns. reads way too much byron. pretentious fuck. a nice pretentious fuck tho, at least.

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What are your top 3 castle episodes in each season?

Season 1: Flowers for Your Grave, Hell Hath No Fury, A Death in the Family
Season 2: The Fifth Bullet; Tick, Tick, Tick..; Boom!
Season 3: 3XK, Knockdown, Knockout
Season 4: (I hate you for making me pick just 3 here) Cops & Robbers, Killshot, Undead Again
Season 5: Secret’s Safe with Me, Reality Star Struck, The Lives of Others (and Still…shhh)
Season 6: Disciple, In the Belly of the Beast, Veritas
Season 7: The Time of Our Lives, Resurrection, Reckoning  
Season 8: *dying whale noise*, *pterodactyl screech*, *Tina Belcher’s ‘ugggghhh’*. 

Rapunzel was Raised to Not Show Physical Affection

We’ve all seen that Gothel makes Rapunzel come to her for hugs, but today I realized it goes deeper than that. Gothel doesn’t want Rapunzel showing physical affection unless she has been given specific permission. Opening her arms is that unspoken permission.

For example, towards the beginning, when she’s reminding Gothel that it’s her birthday tomorrow, she grabs her arm in exuberance. Gothel is put out and then pries Rapunzel’s hands off her arm, all the while pretending she doesn’t remember (or care) that her birthday - something Rapunzel is extremely excited about - is fast approaching.

She also uses Rapunzel’s need for physical affection, deliberately taunting and “teaching” her with it by pretending to offer it, then taking it away immediately.

The first bazzilionty times I saw this movie, I always assumed Rapunzel was relieved to see Gothel towards the end of Mother Knows Best just because she was scared.

But now I realize it’s not only because she’s scared, but because Gothel is now giving Rapunzel permission to seek the creature comfort of physical contact that she so desperately needs after the gamut of fear she’s run.

Eugene, on the other hand, starts showing physical affection as soon as he starts feeling any affection for Rapunzel at all. He uses it as a comfort. Yet Rapunzel keeps her hands to herself.

It continues when he gives her the little flag, touching the small of her back in an affectionate way. But her hands (and attention) are full at this moment.

In fact, the first time she realizes she’s touching him, and he’s touching her, and there’s affection and enjoyment buzzing between them, she’s the first to pull away.

She’s alarmed at first, then apologetic and sheepish. Sorry I was touching you, Eugene. And he politely takes a step back, tuned in to her discomfort and giving her a little more space.

But that is why the moment on the boat is so important, and why Rapunzel has the reaction she does.

In taking Rapunzel’s hand, out of the blue (as far as she can tell), it’s sending her a clear message that he feels the same about her that she does about him, and that physical affection is both alright and wanted. That he will seek out her attention in a way Gothel never has. And from this moment on, she touches him often, holding hands for the rest of the song, brushing his hair from his face as he lay dying, and never letting go of his head, even after he’d died in her arms. Not to mention kissing him when he lives again, holding hands on the balcony while they wait for her parents and end-of-movie smooching.