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Oooooooo ZEN in Attack on Titan :3333

This is really fun to do!!! Zen looks good in anything~~

//Pick an MM character(only ONE) and any anime/cartoon/show or character and I’ll draw the crossover! It’s going to be in this style!(sketch+limited colors)//

Batch Request: Polyamory P3

“I can’t take any of you anywhere. You’re so embarrassing.” 

“My hands are cold. You need to warm them up for me.”

“This sweater is not big enough for all of us.”

“Stop fighting over date nights. We made a schedule for a reason.”

“Everyone needs to do their own dishes. I mean, look at the pile. I refuse to do them all.”

“If I let you adopt one animal, the others are going to want to as well.”

“Can you two just pick the movie already?”

“Can’t we just send a normal family portrait to my parents this year? Just this once?”

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I could totally see Yoosung in Haikyu lolololol

Same! Volleyball uniform suits him! hehe(number 12 because it’s his birthday~)

//Pick an MM character(only ONE) and any anime/cartoon/show or character and I’ll draw the crossover! It’s going to be in this style!(sketch+limited colors)//

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Kagami and a female friend stranded in a small lodging after being caught in a thunderstorm. Both are soaked and the sexual tension is thick (it ALWAYS is whenever they are together). Hot and passionate sex please, really heavy smut although kagami is still a gentleman ;p

First Kuroko no Basuke piece on my Ao3! Hope you guys enjoy!

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke | Kuroko’s Basketball
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kagami Taiga/Reader
Characters: Kagami Taiga, Reader
Additional Tags: NSFW, Thunderstorms, Shower Sex, Sexual Tension, Masturbation, Wet Clothing, Teasing, Strip Tease, Fluff, Smut, Fluff and Smut

His abs. There were actually six, and even without touching them you could tell they were hard. Kagami’s chest was so big. You wanted to press your hands against them while you were on top of him. Those were normal thoughts about your friends right? His short sleeves looked like they were going to rip apart from his muscles. Kagami was too sexy for his own good.

“Do you want to shower first?” Kagami voiced again. Your eyes shot up to him as you came back from your intoxicated thoughts. This wasn’t the first time you were captivated from Kagami’s body. But it was definitely one of the worst times. He was so… Tempting.

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oh goodness someone should do a fic when it's the soul mates au where your soul mates name comes in like a tattoo on your wrist. and lydia obvs gets stile's name doesn't know it's stile's bc it's his real name. so she like goes up to stile's about it and he has a minor freak out. idk bro long but this has been in my mind for like ever so thanks sm!!!!

Here you go. [x]

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Hi!! If you don't mind (and have the time) could u make a dark purple-ish Bucky icon? If so thanks!! If not, also thanks!! K have a nice day bye ✌️

hi! and of course!! here’s a few, and i used your request to try my hand at changing clothing colors, so i hope it looks nice! +2 with plain purple gradients backgrounds under the cut!

✨ requests are open ✨

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  • What he says: I'm not sure if I like the Star Dresses.
  • What he means: The Star Dresses are a good concept. They're a step up from Lucy's basic summoning in that they allow her a greater amount of power, flexibility with that power, and allow her to truly fight alongside her spirits instead of pointing and aiming them, so to speak. That said, for Lucy's first next-tier upgrade since the Second Origin, they still fail to correct an issue which has long since presented itself, and that's that Lucy still needs her keys in order to use the Star Dresses. And by extension, Lucy is still utterly helpless if robbed of her keys, Star Dress or no Star Dress. I would've liked for this upgrade to remove that weakness at the very least. It would've made her more on the level of Erza, which the Dresses are reminiscent of--Erza relies on her weapons and armors and both can be removed from her, but she can always requip another if she loses the current one. Such is the boon of her magic working through a pocket dimension, rather than a physical item that OPENS another dimension. I can't help but think that a lot of Lucy's problems could be solved with a small, short-range teleport spell for instance.