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Some of you asked me to post the GIFS, there are two of them (the line and the result), the colored version size is too big to be uploaded but you can see it on the the video below on my blog =)

I just let it there for your pleasure, it’s just a little repost so if you already liked the video you don’t need to put a fav again or rebblog, no worries. 

Soon new animations and video will come !

Tiger : “let me pee !!

Pigeons : “He noticed us :D !”

Fox : “that’s so cute !”

Kiwi : “I want a tail !”

Bread : “Me too.”


AHH, the Stars Above tour is over, so here are some photos from some of the stops :D @ms-digne was in WA, @kat-adara (me) and @empyrean-rain (left) were in OR, @aceofstars16 was in TX, @mf-islands was in OH, @avidreader821 and @thelunar-ckswctwj were in PA and @prncesselene was in FL! This turned out so fantastic, that I might do something like this again, either for TLC or other fandoms ;) If so I’ll most likely post info on twitter @fanartcollab 

Thank you everyone, for helping make this collaboration work and a special thanks to those who delivered the squares!! Oh, and thank you to Marissa Meyer too (duh)! 

Go here for all of the colored squares and a copy of the Blank Coloring sheet :D

Plus links to AWESOME videos from the events!





Coloring Credits by square # (from upper left to lower right):

#1: @velvetblush  #2: @prncesselene  #3: @thelunar-ckswctwj  

#4: @artemisianfire  #5: @kat-adara  #6: @ms-digne  #7: @avidreader821  

#8: @aceofstars16  #9: @bookaddictsguide  #10: Litwick3002  

#11: @mf-islands #12: @heilo4298  #13: @mf-islands  #14: @ana-dante  

#15: @7-t  #16: @cactyss  #17: @famouswriter101  #18: @lovelunarchron   

#19: @cassia-azure   #20: @niennaart   #21: @kat-adara  #23: @babitty-rabitty  

#24: @allfortheloveofabook  #25: @silentfansilentdream  

#26: @toinfinityandbeyond277  #27: @bunniesaur

#28: @epicromancesdontjusthappen