favorite story:

back when repo! the genetic opera (aka a trash movie that is a gift to musicals and humanity as a whole) was auditioning actors, paris hilton apparently contacted the producers like “yo i see you need someone to play amber sweet can i audition?”

and they were like “lol no”

(apparently they thought paris hilton playing a rich, spoiled heiress was too much of a stretch???)

but paris hilton, presumably as she sat in her mansion, thought

“fuck that shit. i’m paris hilton.”

and then she showed up for the audition anyway, in a costume she put together herself. and proceeded to kick ass and get the part.

like i said, this whole movie is a gift to humanity

The Signs as My Favorite Movies Pt. 2

Aries: V for Vendetta

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Taurus: The Secret Garden 

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Gemini: Garden State

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Cancer: Moonrise Kingdom

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Leo: The Empire Strikes Back

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Virgo:  The Imitation Game

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 Libra: To Kill a Mockingbird

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Scorpio: Alien (1979)

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Sagittarius: The Silence of The Lambs

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Capricorn: The Color Purple

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Aquarius: Repo! The Genetic Opera

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Pisces: Mr. Nobody

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