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I’m a preschool teacher, and I’m calling you in because your child keeps hiding my prosthetic whenever I take it off and I’m this close from strangling them with it.


“how is the most recent video offensive?? all of you need to calm down!!”

im sorry i dont find sexism and transmisogyny funny like a lot of you apparently do?? but since some of you are like, genuinely confused about why it was a offensive, i’ll explain.

before i start, though, i need a lot of yall to understand that just because You do not find something offensive doesn’t make it inoffensive to everyone else as well. saying “well IM a girl, and I didnt find it offensive” is so unnecessary because youre trying to silence people who were actually hurt by what they did, you are trying to invalidate the feelings of others, and thats not cool.

the whole song and dance of cis men dressing up ‘as women’ as a joke has never been funny. its typical transmisogyny. it mocks trans women. this is something the creatures have done in the past, so maybe i shouldnt be entirely surprised/disappointed by it, but this whole situation feels a lot more. mocking. a lot more in your face about it.

on top of mocking girls who don’t shave, which is just plain old sexism, i shouldnt have to spell that out for people, it just looks. really bad. it IS really bad, i dont understand the humor in this video at all.

“oh but its a parody, its lighthearted!!” like. listen. parodies are, more often than not, offensive and shitty, so thats not some excuse thats gonna make all the people this video hurt feel better.

I’ve worn G before, several times in fact. I haven’t figured out tandem wrapping, but I never hesitated to hold the toddler twosome close to me if they needed it when I had my Tula carriers.

I have always asked first; “Do you want to go up?” and he’ll answer. But he had never asked me if I would carry him.

Until today. When he walked into the kitchen with as much of our pavotextiles wrap bundled in his little arms as he could carry and asked “I go up?”

Usually when I wear him, I’m just trying to stave the fussies away. Whereas T is worn far more often and for a multitude of reasons, G only goes up when he’s feeling bleh and is willing - he’s not a very “touchy feely” kind of child, so I counted those times as lucky ones and took advantage of the moment, always making sure to talk to him, to dance with him, to sing to him, the same way I do, and did, with the others.

I didn’t even think for a moment that it was something he would ask for, or want to do, or even remembered really, since it happens so sporadically. I guess I was wrong. And I’m so glad I was.