San Francisco and Bay area help needed!

Anyone knows people renting out a room and willing to help two awesome people who have money only for one month of rent to move in? Need to stay at least one month. Please ask around!

Contact me and I’ll give you more details.

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You can rent guinea pigs in Switzerland. Because social animals are legally required to have a friend at all times, Swiss owners are technically breaking the law if they have only two guinea pigs and one of them dies- so there are people who offer a rental service for those who don’t want to permanently acquire a new one. Source Source 2

So I asked my friend what she thought these musicals were about based on their names...
  • <Spring Awakening>An inspirational story about a woman finding herself after her long lasting relationship has ended. Or it's about a cute bunny.
  • <RENT>A guy becomes a stripper to pay his rent money that's due in two days and he ends up loving his job.
  • <In the Heights>Lots of drugs and tall buildings.
  • <Waitress>A waitress lady who works at a five star restaurant who also does little favors (wink wonk wink wonk wink wonk) for special people, but loses her job.
  • <Next to Normal>This fukin cray girl who's an outcast has these even more cray telekinesis powers and idek shes cray like Carrie.
  • <Cabaret>Half naked people dancing while a man says cabaret in a French accent.
  • <Pippin>A young and possibly sexually confused child.