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11, 20 and 29 and congrats on the 1.4k darling! You really deserve it xxxx ;)

11. describe your ideal day.
Literally not getting out of bed, surrounded by cats and dogs, binge-watching Parks & Rec (for the 10th time lol I literally just watch that show over and over again). Oh, and @secretschuylersister is there for cuddles. And probably to make me tea. And because I love her. 

20. would you rather be in Middle Earth, Narnia, Hogwarts, or somewhere else?
Wonderland! My answer to this question will always be Wonderland. 

29. three songs that you connect with right now.
3 AM by Matchbox Twenty, Bulletproof Picasso by Train, and the entire soundtrack to Rent

EDIT: Also, THANK YOU!! I’m the worst lol 

finally got my stuff moved in after a week of living with just bare essentials at my new place!! i’ll take some nice photos tomorrow. only got the place for 4 months (unless they let me stay there over the summer, which i’m hoping for), but it’s better than where i was before so i can’t complain ;;


Marksandrec’s Super Dooper Popcorn Party #229

(Most dialogue from Happy New Year, Charlie Brown. Dan’s is from Rent, though, haha.) (Best wishes for 2017, guys!)

musical theatre songs that i will literally stop my entire life to sing along to
  • ring of keys (fun home)
  • waving through a window (dear evan hansen)
  • non-stop (hamilton) 
  • la vie boheme (rent) 
  • spooky mormon hell dream (book of mormon)
  • come to the fun home (fun home) 
  • yorktown (hamilton) 
  • defying gravity (wicked)
  • 96,000 (in the heights)
  • satisfied (hamilton) 
  • take me or leave me (rent) 
  • dancing through life (wicked) 
  • king of new york (newsies)
  • revolting children (matilda) 
  • letters (natasha, pierre, and the great comet of 1812)
  • hasa diga eebowai (book of mormon) 
  • blackout (in the heights)
  • i’m alive (next to normal)
  • the schuyler sisters (hamilton)
  • carnaval del barrio (in the heights)
  • man up (book of mormon)
  • what is this feeling? (wicked) 
  • sincerely, me (dear evan hansen)
  • your fault (into the woods) 
  • we both reached for the gun (chicago)
  • one day more (les miserables) 
  • bad idea (waitress)
  • so much better (legally blonde)