But what about an ereri au where Eren follows in his dad’s footsteps and becomes a doctor and starts a non profit clinic and Levi is part of some deep underground mafia and one day he gets banged up and ends up having to go to the clinic because it is the only one that doesn’t require any identification (in order to serve the poor who do not have insurance) only to get seen by Eren Jaeger who is so concerned because ‘wHY DID YOU NOT GO TO THE ER OMG YOU’VE BEEN SHOT’ but Levi’s too concerned with trying to win Eren over with these terrible pickup lines ‘did you fart because you’re blowing me away’ and Eren is just trying to make sure Levi doesn’t bled out and finally Levi is able to be sent home only to return the next day with another injury and Eren just cannot believe because- ‘JESUS CHRIST IS THAT A FUCKING GUN IN YOUR PANTS????’ and Levi can finally use the line: ‘no I’m just happy to see you’ (but spoiler there is really a gun in his pants)


*shakes head for 1432 years*

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I’m not sure what kills me more, caminah’s harmonies or Camila’s little back walk she does