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Not sure if anyone has pointed this out yet, but this moment right here:

Others have pointed out how this scene outlines Kylo’s mistake. He realizes that he screwed up by abducting the girl, rather than the droid as Hux points out. However, there is something I’ve noticed from the first time I saw the movie that I haven’t seen anyone else point out yet.

At first, Kylo looks surprised. He whips around, not expecting to see Hux there. As soon as he turns back around, he looks down as if trying to hide his face. Then he seems to accept Hux’s presence, lifts his chin and sturdies himself.

To me, it seems as if he’s regretting having left his mask in the interrogation room. Snoke has known Kylo Ren from when he was young, back when he was still training with Luke to become a Jedi (as Leia points out in the novelization), so Kylo probably feels comfortable showing his face to Snoke. However, for all we know, this could be Hux’s first time seeing Kylo’s face at all. 

His reaction to being seen without his mask here is much different from the way he acted just several moments before:

The writers made an effort to underline the subtext that Kylo Ren removing his mask was an intimate moment. It’s not something he does often. Even when we see him sitting in his room, monologuing to Darth Vader’s helmet, he’s wearing it.

So I think it’s interesting that he appeared so confident in revealing his face to Rey, and yet the moment Hux sees his face, he’s regretting himself.

Just a subtlety I thought I’d point out.

Snoke’s Puppet

“Snoke is using you for your power. When he gets what he wants, he’ll crush you. You know it’s true.”

“It’s too late…”

Idk. I had this idea. I’ll probably redo it in the future when I’m not such a bad painter. :P

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Ren Hang

I finally went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and it has RUINED ME.  Just when I thought I was done with fanart, I found myself shipping Reylo SO HARD that I just. couldn’t. resist.  And don’t even talk to me about fanfics - I’m reading them all the damn time!!

So yeah, here’s a mock-up of something I’m playing with right now…

“I can show the ways of the Force!”

You know when I said “Don’t be afraid, I feel it too” was the weirdest thing Kylo said to Rey?

I lied. I didn’t realise I was lying, but I lied.

Upon reflection, I’ve realised that the strangest thing he says to her in the whole film is also the last thing he says to her: “I can show you the ways of the Force!” This line is significant for three key reasons:

1. Kylo positions himself as Rey’s teacher, even though he himself is still an apprentice.

2. Kylo says he will teach Rey the Force, not the Dark side.

3. Snoke is completely out of the equation.

Kylo could have easily said “Give yourself to the Dark Side. It is the only way you can save your friends” as Vader did in Return of the Jedi, but he does not - and his choice of words betrays his faltering loyalty to Snoke and the Dark side itself, the culmination of the doubt manifest on his painfully open face during his confrontation with his father. Kylo himself may not even be conscious of his own betrayal, of how deep his disregard for his allegiances runs, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t guilty of it. 

Kylo offers Rey what is blatantly an unworkable scenario. If Rey were to receive teaching, it would be in one element of the Force and one element only - the Dark side. And Snoke himself has already told Kylo to bring Rey to him, and in the novelisation he is explicitly sinister when he says he plans to use her to show Kylo the Dark side. Whatever fate Snoke has in mind for Rey, it doesn’t seem good and it certainly doesn’t seem to involve her being given to Kylo as an apprentice.

In short, the offer Kylo makes to Rey is a straight-up fantasy. It is an offer that he could not possibly fulfil, but I don’t think he was ever trying to trick Rey - as is so common with him, I think he was only trying to deceive himself. In that moment on the precipice, with Rey seemingly helpless but to submit to him, they are essentially the only two people in the world. There is no Snoke, just as there is no Finn or no Han Solo - and that’s the way Kylo wants it. Throughout the film he has been all about isolating Rey and keeping her from others - he carries her himself, he interrogates her alone, and he expresses jealousy and scorn for her friends. And at the end of the film, as the world is crumbling around them, the two of them have never been more isolated. And that’s the moment Kylo chooses to express his deepest wish for them, his desire for them to move forward together as master and student. And do you know why it’s the moment he chooses? The answer is simple - it’s because there no one else there to stop him. 

The forest - a natural environment beyond the artificial confines of the command centre of Starkiller Base - is the closest thing the planet has to a neutral and secret space. And forests, it’s important to remember, are places of transformation, places where the normal rules and conventions of society are bypassed and transformed - little girls get seduced away from the path in woods, just as men transform into beasts in them. And you can absolutely see Kylo transform when he steps into the forest. He is never more human than he is as he faces Finn and Rey - as much as he grasps at the tatters of his pride and vanity, he bears a gaping wound and bleeds onto the snow. He plays with Finn out of pure malice and spite, his face lit with sadistic pleasure as he causes his enemy pain. He gazes at Rey with open awe and reverence, because there is no one else present to observe or restrain him - he is in an environment where the normal pressures and restrictions that control him are suspended, and the fragile, emotional and traitorous self he tells his father is dead is openly on display.

As much as the duel shows Rey reaching an epiphany, a moment of transcendent self-realisation, it also shows Kylo disintegrating. For Kylo is transformed literally as well as figuratively - when he leaves the forest, his face bears a scar that wasn’t present when he entered it. My real question, then, is what is Kylo going to be reminded of when he looks at the scar in the mirror? Is he going to be reminded of the offer he made? Of the girl he’s obsessed with? Of his terrible, terrible choices? 

Or, worst of all, of his humaneness?