For those that don’t know this is what Willow Smith did. She appropriated Hindu culture. This is ignorant, horrible, and hurtful to all Hindus. Willow needs to apologize and learn from this mistake. HOWEVER: THERE IS NO NEED TO DRAG HER OVER THIS. SHE IS A CHILD. How many of you were aware of damaging effects of cultural appropriation, white supremacy, racism, police brutality, and all of that at the ripe age of 14? I know I wasn’t. Stop expecting black children to come out the womb socially conscious of everything. Do NOT compare this to K*lie (who is older and should fucking know better) or claim Willow is now not “woke” enough for you. SHE. IS. A. CHILD. LET HER LEARN FROM THIS MISTAKE.

Red Coat is a Jealous Bitch

Geez, I sure am feeling inspired today. 

Here’s another one for you guys:

I just made a connection after having some conversations with the fandom on Reddit. After making my Red Coat Appearances post, something clicked in my head about Wren & the girls he likes to kiss.

*As a reference point, this entire post is based on the theory that Wren is A/Charles DiLaurentis and Red Coat is his “woman”   ;-)

Let’s look back at Season 3 in particular:



Back in 3x08, at the request of Wren, Hanna presents herself to the board at Radley to speak on Mona’s behalf about their plan to transfer her to another facility in New York. Ever since Hanna started visiting Mona in Radley, she saw a whole lot more of Wren, and the two began to bond. When she gets the news that it worked, and she pleaded Mona’s case successfully, she gets so happy that in her lovable Hanna-Marin-way, she impulsively grabs Wren & kisses him. 

(Episode Title: Stolen Kisses)

In 3x10, after Hanna recently gets back together with Caleb, Wren crushes on her hard. We all know that the more unavailable/forbidden a girl is, the more Wren seems to be turned on. Hanna tells him that she’s back with Caleb, and he says “If you change your mind, you know where to find me.” 

That very day, Hanna & Emily head to Noel Kahn’s cabin to scope out the scene and investigate where Maya was hiding out before she was killed. They get attacked by “A” and Hanna cuts her leg on some glass. 

When they finally escape, they see this “A” message:

Then later (literally), this happens:

In our faces much?

Wren continues to pursue Hanna in 3x11, and Spencer makes a comment when she sees her ignoring his phone call, “I mean I know that he can be persuasive. The dimples, the accent. You are not the first girl to fall for Downtown Grabby.” And you won’t be the last, Han.

So getting to the point, what happens to Hanna after all of these events unfold, you ask?




If it weren’t for Alison also being at the lodge fire that night, then Hanna might have died (and btw, Ali definitely was there because in 4x24 she admitted to saving Hanna from the fire, but said that the other Liars had already been pulled out. So I guess there really were 2 Red Coats there?)



In 3x20, Wren shows up to The Brew & flirts with Spencer. He uses that British charm of his and says “A part of me thought that with Toby out of the picture, that I finally stood a chance.” Ugh! This guy never stops! Spencer decides to have dinner with him anyways, and on their walk home they kiss. But guess who’s watching from across the street? 


Spencer comes home, smelling of Wren and Melissa says “No company is better than bad company… I bought Wren that cologne.” 

Hmm again. 

Afterwards, Spencer decides to sit in the sauna for some relaxation. (Whoa, and btw, this sauna is super high tech and very expensive-looking. The Hastings are definitely loaded.) Spencer sits down and shuts her eyes but as soon as she does so, we see a black hoodie enter the bathroom. Although this may not be Red Coat herself, we know that she’s the one who was spying on Spencer & Wren’s kiss in downtown Rosewood, so she is probably the one responsible for what happens next. She could have easily had a change in wardrobe as well… or maybe, if Wren really is “A”, then he was in the black hoodie in the Hastings bathroom, “making it up” to his jealous girlfriend by doing the following:

When Spencer tries to leave the sauna, she goes to turn the heat down but the temperature rises instead. It goes from 92 to 95. She hits the down button again, but it shoots up to 102 degrees. She tries to open the door and get out, but it has been locked by none other than a friggin’ plunger! She looks up and sees a message on the mirror:

If it weren’t for Spencer texting Aria right before she got in the sauna, resulting in Aria’s arrival just in the nick of time, Spencer might have died.


So let me get this straight: The two Liars that were targeted the most this season & who were both almost killed in separate attacks, were the two Liars that kissed Wren Kingston.

Based on Wren being A, and Red Coat being his jealous lady-friend:

I guess?

Yay, that theory was fun :) Hope you like it.


      - J

You'll Grow Into Your Skin - crossroadswrite - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

“So funny story,” Stiles winces, “Remember when I joked you couldn’t get me pregnant?” Derek nods his head. He remembers pretty much everything from that day. “Right,” Stiles bobs his head, stops himself and does a little ta-da gesture towards Jacy, “Surprise?”


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Here’s the translation guys, I tried my best.

“When the Sun and the Moon met for the first time, they fell in love hopelessly, and started to experience a big love. God said when the earth was created, the Sun would brighten the day and the Moon the night , that way they had to be separated. They both grieved a lot, because they knew they were not gonna see each other again and they would be forced to live apart. Even though they tried to be strong apart, and the Sun manage to hold on, the moon couldn’t. So the Sun asked for someone to accompany the moon, because she couldn’t handle being alone anymore, and the stars appeared. And that’s how they lived, the Sun faking to be happy, and the moon unable to hide his sadness. The Sun burns with passion for her, and the moon lives in the darkness of his pain. A lot of men’s have tried to conquer the moon, but none of them have succeeded, they always came back alone. It happens that God decided that no love is impossible, not even the Moons and the Suns, so one day, he created the eclipse.
Today, the Sun and the Moon live waiting for that moment, that moment when they can be together and love each other regardless of anything else.
When you look at the sky and you see that the Sun covers the Moon, is because she reclines on her and they start loving each other. It is, in that act of love, that the name eclipse was given.” Anawanky

And Camila’s reply to the tweet was : this fascinates me.