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In a stroke of irony fit for fiction, an effort by two Idaho parents to clean up their daughter’s books has dredged up a fairly messy controversy. Clean Reader — an e-reader app designed to ferret out, and block, profanity in novels and nonfiction — drew significant pushback from some authors amid its recent launch.

In the face of that criticism, the folks behind Clean Reader have now backed down, announcing their intentions to stop selling books directly through the e-reading platform.

"Many authors do not want their books being sold in connection with Clean Reader," reads a statement this week on the app’s Facebook page. “We have therefore taken immediate action to remove all books from our catalogue.”

App That Aims To Make Books ‘Squeaky Clean’ Draws Ire From Edited Writers

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Dancing in the Moonlight
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Dancing in the Moonlight | Darren Criss ft. Vulfpeck

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dprssion asked:

How are the signs with little kids?

Aries: can be very playful with children, can keep up with their energy, but can be highly impatient and short-tempered with kids.

Taurus: they can be patient with little kids, might have a nurturing side, and might have a tendency to spoil them. Some Taurus can have a hard time with kids that are very different from them.

Gemini: is highly energetic and playful with kids, can get down on their level, might treat them like little adults, and knows how to bring out the intellectual potential in children.

Cancer: is a natural at dealing with young children, is protective, nurturing, and supportive towards them.

Leo: they are playful and warm with kids, highly encouraging, and they can sometimes adore children and will be very proud of their own.

Virgo: has a patient side with kids, can be good at teaching them things, watches out for their health and well-being but can be highly critical and lack understanding with children.

Libra: tries to be understanding and fair with kids, they highly value education for children, but has a inconsistent side with kids.

Scorpio: they are protective and giving with small children but might be controlling and has issues letting go of their own kids.

Sagittarius: is playful, treats children with respect and understanding, might spoil them at times, but needs to watch out for their irresponsible trait when around children.

Capricorn: they can teach children a lot, does what they think is best for them, but can be strict, might lack understanding, and can have a controlling side with children.

Aquarius: they encourage originality and independence in children, can relate to them, but might encourage too much rebellion or be too emotionally unavailable.

Pisces: they sacrifice a lot for children especially their own, is nurturing, protective, and creative with ideas and activities for little kids.